Extraordinary Genius Chapter 157

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Chapter 157 – Getting Dad to sign

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 ICBC readily agreed to give Feng Yu a loan of 50 million RMB. But things were not so simple as Feng Yu need his father’s signature. He was now thinking of how to get his father to sign the doc.u.ments.

Feng Xingtai was even more conservative than Li s.h.i.+qiang and was contented with what he had now. He felt that the money he earned now was more than enough for him and could not finish spending in his lifetime. How could he get a loan from the bank and it was still a big amount?

“You this good-for-nothing son! Loan? That’s borrowing money, and there’s still high interest. Why did you get a loan for so much money?”

Feng Yu just finished saying, Feng Xingtai had banged hard on the table and stood up. This good-for-nothing son needs a beating. His whole body will itch if he does not get a beating every 3 days!

“Dad, dad, wait a moment. You know how important your son is now?” Feng Yu asked in an exaggerated manner.

Feng Xingtai looked at Feng Yu from top to bottom and asked: “Which part is important? What are you up to this time?”

“Dad, you know the last time I attended the International summer camp at Moscow University with Wen Dongjun and other students?” Feng Yu asked, placing particular emphasis on the words international and Moscow.

“Now you mentioned that camp. It reminds me of something. Why are you out every night while at the camp?” Feng Xingtai sneered.

“Dad, that’s the main point. Your son was on a mission. An important mission! Look, where did all the machinery from Tai Hua factory come from? It’s bought from the Soviet Union. How did we become shareholders of the Machinery Company? It was because of the technologies I bought from the Soviet Union too. Even the City Mayor knows about this!”

“What? The Mayor is finding trouble with us? Just tell him that I am the one who did all these and it had nothing to do with you!” Feng Xingtai was shocked. His first reaction was to protect his son even if he had to go to jail.

“Dad~~~ Let me finish first.” Feng Yu wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. “The Mayor knows that I am capable of getting advanced machinery and technologies from the Soviet Union. That’s why I was tasked with buying machinery and technologies from the Soviet Union for Bing City. That was the reason why I had to leave the camp every night.”

“So, nothing bad had happened? This was instructed by the Mayor?”

“Of course, I had even signed the contract. It includes the soybean oil machinery. All the machinery will be arriving in 1 to 2 months’ time. All these machineries from the Soviet Union were large-scale production machinery. How much do you think it will cost?”

“What you mean? Your loan is to buy these machines? Didn’t you say that it was the Mayor that asked you to buy these machines? Shouldn’t the City Government be paying for these machines?” Feng Xingtai was unhappy. Even if it was the Mayor, he shouldn’t be taking advantage of them. There’s no the reason for them to take a loan to purchase machinery for the government.

Feng Yu rolled his eyes and asked his father seriously: “Dad, do you think that Machinery Factory’s Li Mingde needs to be taught a lesson? We were the one who got advanced machinery and technologies for the Machinery Factory. The profits from the sales of the agriculture machines were manufactured from the technologies we provided, and you are also the a.s.sistant manager there. But did Li Mingde ever respected you?”

When Feng Yu mentioned this, Feng Xingtai was p.i.s.sed. He was also the owner of a food processing factory, and he had a few dozens of workers under him. He was also considered a leader. But every time he went to the Machinery Factory, the look on Li Mingde and his secretary was looking down on him. If it were not because of Feng Yu, he would have sold his Machinery Factory shares a long time ago.

“What do you mean? You want to beat him up?”

“Not to that extent. He is managing the factory well. But have you ever thought of becoming the boss of the Machinery Factory and Li Mingde got to report to you?” Feng Yu carried on inducing his father.

“How can that be possible? Li Mingde is considered a government servant.”

“Dad, it’s a joint stock company. The major shareholder has the final say in the company! I am confident that I can help you become the major shareholder in 3 years.  In future, you will be the General Manager, and Li Mingde can only resign or work for us!”

“What? Within 3 years become the major shareholder, and I will be the General Manager? Are you dreaming?”

“Don’t worry about the process. I can definitely achieve it. However, we need to earn more money now. With money in our hands, we can buy the Machinery Company shares. I have a way to buy the shares.”

“What’s that got to do with you getting a loan?”

Finally, it had come to this question. Feng Yu immediately replied: “I will be reselling this batch of Soviet machinery and technologies. No matter if I am selling it to the city or other company, we can make money. But first, we must have money to buy these machineries and technologies, right? The loan is to raise funds for the purchase.”

“No, no, no. The Company in Bing City had lots of money. Last month, I asked you, and you replied that there was still lots of money in that company’s account.”

“I spent it.”

“What? There should be at least 20 to 30 million. You spent it?” Feng Xingtai stood up to look for the feather duster. 20 to 30 million RMB and you spent it? This good-for-nothing son!

“I used it to buy shares. Shares are similar to Treasury Bonds. There will be interest at the end of the year, and it is better than the bank. Also, the interest is higher than the loan’s interest. We can make money. You sign on these 2 doc.u.ments, and we will have money to purchase the advanced machinery and technologies from the Soviet Union. Guaranteed to make money!” Feng Yu continued to lie.

“We can make money even if we sell to the City?”

“Yes. The profits will not be lesser than 20%!” Feng Yu did not tell his father that the profits would be at least 30% and that was even taking discount into considerations.

“Then you also don’t need so much money. It’s 40 million. How much is the interest every month?”

“The interest will not be higher than our profits. Furthermore, we still have the machinery and shares. These are also money.”

“Then when do we will we be repaying the bank?”

“End of the year. See, it is written here. Repayment at the end of the year.” Feng Yu casually pointed to the contract. He didn’t intend to even let his father read it carefully.

“This really can make money?”

“We are sure to make. We have the City Government as our backing. I had already sold all these machines and technologies. If you don’t sign, then we will not have money to buy those machines from the Soviet Union. Then your son would be breaking the law.”

Feng Yu was also thinking of getting his father to transfer the Tai Hua Trading shares to him. Getting his signature, every time was troublesome, and he still got to come up with lies.

Genius also has his own difficulties~~~

Feng Xingtai picked up the pen to sign. He signed on the places where Feng Yu pointed on the doc.u.ment. When he finished signing, he wanted to read the contract, but Feng Yu immediately took it away and kept in his bag. 

“Dad, I need to return to Bing city today. This contract needs to be delivered to the bank as soon as possible. The Soviets will only release the machines when they receive money. The City Government had chased me a few times.”

“Leave after lunch. Your mum is cooking rabbit stew at home.”

“No. I will be back in 2 days’ time.”

The contract was settled, and Feng Yu only need to wait for ICBC to release the funds. Feeling Yu was in a rush to get back to Bing City. Without funds, he could not buy more shares. He got the feeling of loss if he did not earn this money.

Feng Xingtai hanged up the phone. He was so angry until he stomped his feet. He had called his son-in-law and was told that Feng Yu wanted to get a loan from the bank was not to purchase machinery. Instead, Feng Yu planned to use the money to buy more shares.

This son even dares to lie to his father? He will break his legs when he returns!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 157

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