Extraordinary Genius Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 – Continue to Raise Money

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The Loan process was very smooth, and Feng Yu heaved a sigh of relieve. Manager Zhu was still very reliable.

Can he be unreliable? Manager Zhu depended on this loan for his promotion. The part of loan amount was under the Provincial ICBC, and this made his leaders there happy. The leaders also promised him that after the Deputy Provincial Bank Manager retires at the end of the year, he would be taking over that position.

Feng Yu brought his men to Ji City to buy the shares, and Li s.h.i.+qiang also went back to Shen City with some men. They have to buy up all the available shares in the market within the shortest period of time.

Feng Yu guessed that no one bought shares as aggressive as him in his previous life, and the stock market bull run started at the end of the year. With Feng Yu aggressively acquiring shares in large quant.i.ties now, the market boom might be brought forward. Although his current funds might not be enough for him to be considered a big player, it will definitely have some impact on the market.

After 3 days of hard work, Feng Yu and his staffs returned to Bing City. They had spent all their money, and all the staffs, including Wen Dongjun, had chosen the stocks they wanted. Basically, they were hinted by Feng Yu to pick the famous stocks in his previous life. These stocks were the earliest to be on the market and unquestionably will be profitable stocks.

All of them were confident of Feng Yu. Was there a need to doubt the words of someone who had become wealthy and set up a profitable business in such a short time? Anyway, they had already purchased the shares and had no other choices. Furthermore, Feng Yu had promised them that he will cover the losses if any.

Everyone was satisfied, and when they thought that Feng Yu would be taking a break, Feng Yu went to look for Li s.h.i.+you and Hou Haitao.

“Borrow money? Manager Feng, your Tai Hua Trading is getting the bigger share, and you are earning more than the both of us combined. You want to borrow money from us?” Hou Haitao asked puzzledly. Tai Hua Trading need money?

“Recently I have an investment, and I am short of money. I will return the money to you at the end of the year.” 

Li s.h.i.+you shook his head: “Manager Feng, our factories are different with Tai Hua Trading. We are state-owned enterprises and even though, with my signature, I can withdraw the money, I still need to answer to the government. This is the government’s money, not ours. That’s why I cannot agree to lend you the money.”

Hou Haitao immediately said that his factory also can’t lend Feng Yu money. He said that his factory was not doing well and even asked Feng Yu to give him more R&D funds. The funds were running low.

Feng Yu sighed. Borrowing money from state-owned enterprises were too difficult. Furthermore, Feng Yu was investing in the financial market and not some physical businesses. It would be hard to convince them also.

Looks like he can only try the last person.


“Manager Feng, I thought you had encountered some big problems when calling me here. How come your company is short of funds?” Fu Guangzheng does not understand. The profits of the humidifiers had been transferred every month, and Tai Hua Trading was making huge profits. How come Feng Yu is short of funds?

Feng Yu laughed: “It’s not Tai Hua Trading needs money. I am the one that needs money. Recently I noticed a profitable business and I need to borrow some money. Maybe you can introduce some Hong Kong banks to me. I need to get a loan.”

Fu Guangzeng’s eyes widen: “What profitable business? Can you let me in?”

Fu Guangzheng had discovered that after knowing Feng Yu, his luck had turned for the better. Recently, he had bought some antiques, and none of the antiques were fake. Also, the second-hand luxury cars business were doing well, and he had made lots of profits from there. He even got praised by his father.

When he invested in the Machinery Company with Feng Yu, he did not expect to make any profits from it. But the bonuses and dividends from last year, and according to the sales orders, he might get back his invested amount in another year. He estimated that there will still be 5 years of high dividends. This investment was giving him high returns!

Investing in the Machinery Company made the Fu family noticed Fu Guangzheng. However, it was the getting the overseas dealers.h.i.+p of the humidifiers that made him stand out in the Fu family.

His status was climbing up, not only in the Fu family but also in Hong Kong’s 2nd generations circles. Fu Guangzheng was now very famous in that circle. He was no longer labeled as the useless Fu family generation.

“This profitable business is stocks!”

Stocks? Fu Guangzheng’s face changed color. He knows about the situation of the stock market now and investing in stocks now can earn money? This is also considered a good business?

“Manager Feng, are you joking with me?”


“Not joking.”

Fu Guangzheng looked at Feng Yu puzzledly. Could it be Feng Yu had gotten some insider information and knows that a particular stock will rise? But it can’t be. Tai Hua Trading should have at least tens of million RMB of a.s.sets. Feng Yu still need to borrow money?

“Then Manager Feng intends to buy what stocks?”

“China stocks. I am buying every single China stocks!” Feng Yu smilingly said.

“China stocks? There is a stock exchange in China?” Fu Guangzheng asked in surprised.

It was normal for him to be surprised. Now, China still does not have any stock exchanges. Hong Kong’s stock exchanges existed for a long time and in 1986, four exchanges closed and set up a unified stock exchange. The unified stock exchange even allowed the trading of international bonds.

Fu Guangzheng thought that Feng Yu had wanted to buy the stocks listed on Hong Kong stock exchange, but it turned out that Feng Yu wanted to buy China stocks. But there were no stock exchanges in China, and there was no way for the shares to trade. Without trading, how can the value rise? Wait for the year-end financial report? How many profits can these Chinese companies make and how much dividends can they give? 

“There’s still no stock exchange in China. The stocks were mainly bought over the counter in the banks, and they are still in the form of paper certificates. But the Chinese Government had started to stimulate the economy. Before the end of the year, there should be news of setting up a stock exchange. When that happens, the first few companies that were listed will be taken care by the government, and everybody will be buying the shares of those few companies. We are sure to make money.”

“Don’t tell me that you had invested all of Tai Hua Trading’s a.s.sets into these China stocks?” Fu Guangzheng was shocked. Feng Yu was crazy.

The Chinese stock market can be considered in the starting phase. There were also no signs of it picking up. Feng Yu dares to take such a big gamble? Tai Hua Trading’s a.s.sets were worth at least tens of millions, and he invested everything into the stock market?

Feng Yu nodded: “That’s right. I also wanted to borrow money to continue to invest. I can give you interest. 3 years. How about every year 10% interest? I meant compounding interest!”

Fu Guangzheng doesn’t understand why Feng Yu was so confident. Yearly 10 % compounding interest was much higher than the banks. Why was he confident that the China stocks will rise and he was still buying every stock?

Fu Guangzheng felt that Feng Yu was playing with fire. If he was not careful, he might burn himself.

“This, I need to discuss with my family first.” Fu Guangzheng paused for a while and said. In his heart, he was thinking of how to reject Feng Yu without hurting their relations.h.i.+ps. There was no way for him to lend Feng Yu money. But if he were to help Feng Yu get a loan, he needs to discuss with his family first. Someone from the Fu family will have to be a guarantor and getting a loan because of this, his father would never agree.

Hearing his reply and from his expression, Feng Yu knew that Fu Guangzheng does not want to lend him money. He even does not want to be his guarantor. Seems like Feng Yu got to increase the chips.

“Does your Fu family dabble with Forex or do you all have any investment in j.a.pan?”

“My first uncle deals in Forex and my second uncle had some properties in j.a.pan. Why? Are you looking at investing in j.a.pan too?

Feng Yu tapped the table with his fingers and said: “I will tell you 2 things which I heard from the leaders. Firstly, all properties in j.a.pan got to be sold off as soon as possible. Even if the value is low now, it must also be sold. If not, there won’t be any chance for the properties to sell. Secondly, j.a.panese Yen will continue to appreciate for the next few years. So, never bet on the depreciation of Yen as it will be easy to lose money!”

“You sure?”

“Very sure!”

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 158

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