Extraordinary Genius Chapter 207

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Chapter 207 - Major Shareholder of Machinery Company

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With Feng Yu's insistence, Fu Guangzheng agreed to contact Johnny Depp and Macaulay Culkin. Johnny Depp was currently still considered a TV star, even though he was not that famous. But who the h.e.l.l was Macaulay Culkin? How does Feng Yu know that a 6-7 year's old kid will be famous?

Feng Yu swore that it would be worthwhile if they sign these 2 actors! They can offer Johnny Depp a 1 to 2 years contract and a 3 to 4 years contract to Macaulay Culkin. It would not be worthwhile if the contract period were longer than this. The endors.e.m.e.nt fees for these 2 actors would not cost more than 1 million USD a year since these two were still considered unknown now.

Fu Guangzheng could only agree to go along with Feng Yu's suggestions, but he was curious about how Feng Yu came to this conclusion that these two actors would be famous in future.

Wait until year end, Fu Guangzheng and the Fu family would be in awe of how accurate Feng Yu's prediction.


It was April, and Feng Yu changed the commercial for the primetime slot at CCTV. He changed the commercial to the Wind and Rain Bladeless fans. Even the slots on CCTV 2 were changes. The advertising campaign had started!

Before the effects of the campaign can be seen, Li Mingde came to Feng Yu!

The Machinery Company had paid a high price for the primetime advertising slots. How come it was changed to Bladeless fans?

Feng Yu showed a helpless expression. He offered to refund Li Mingde, but Li Mingde does not accept since Feng Yu had to pay back the Machinery Company if the sales did not hit 130,000 units. How can Feng Yu change the commercial?

Feng Yu positioned himself lower and said that he could return more advertising fees. If Li Mingde agrees to him changing the commercials during primetime, then he would refund 5 million RMB! Feng Yu would also think of ways to get 2 more slots for Songjiang Motorcycles.

Li Mingde was tempted. 5 million RMB. If he could get it, he could claim credit with the City's leader. But he was still not satisfied. He told Feng Yu that he would not be responsible if the motorcycle sales declined. If Feng Yu does not hit the sale target, he still would have to pay back all the advertising fees!

Feng Yu agreed. Both signed a simple agreement, and on the agreement, it stated that Tai Hua Trading refunded 5 million RMB advertising fees to the Machinery Company!

Li Mingde left smiling, with the check in his hands. The sales target was already hard to achieve, and now Feng Yu changed the commercial? He was digging his own grave!

Meanwhile, Feng Yu was holding to the agreement, laughing. He had used the Machinery Company's 5 million RMB for a few months and had just returned. He even got a doc.u.mented prove. In future, even if Li Mingde knew that Feng Yu had tricked him, he could not do anything. I had returned the money to you, and you had accepted it. That means that you are not going to pursue this. This agreement is the prove!

Although returning this 5 million RMB, would use up most of the available funds in Tai Hua Trading's account, but it was still okay. Tai Hua Trading does not need a lot of money to operate. There will be profits coming in every month from the humidifiers, Songjiang Motorcycles, Tai Hua Processed Food Factory, etc. These profits were enough for Tai Hua Trading to operate. The things Tai Hua trading needs to pay was only some deposits, down payments for goods. The Tai Hua Electric Appliances Factory also does not require a lot of money as the cost of production was not high. A few million RMB would be enough for Feng Yu to manage the cash flows of these businesses!

The last loophole was covered up before the transfer of the Machinery Company's shares from the Aviation Factory to Feng Yu. Li Mingde still did not know that Feng Yu would be the major shareholder of the Machinery Company in a few days!

The high-powered electric furnace had finished installation and was in the calibration stage. Current, Hou Haitao was still happy with this deal. After the furnace was calibrated, he would transfer the shares to Feng Yu. This way, the Aviation Factory would get the Machinery Company's dividends too!

This period of time, Hou Haitao seldom visit the Machinery Company, and Feng Yu does not check the Machinery Company's accounts. This made Li Mingde very pleased.

He thought that Feng Yu was bowing his head to him and was afraid that he would remove Feng Yu's position as the temporary Factory Directory of the Motorcycle factory. Feng Yu staying low resulted in Li Mingde and his loyal followers becoming more arrogant. They even started to interfere with the Motorcycle Factory operations and Feng Yu did not object.

Li Mingde was still not satisfied with Feng Yu giving in to him. He wants to control the production and sales of the Motorcycle Factory. He wants to stop the motorcycle sales, making the total sales to be less than 130,000 units. If there were lots of orders, he would push the December sales figures to next January. He would do whatever it takes to stop Feng Yu from achieving the sales target.

Li Mingde wants to be the motorcycle factory's director. If the leaders from the City Government does not allow, he would also want to push one of his loyal followers to take on that position.

But Li Mingde never expected that before he could realize his dreams, a groundbreaking news shocked the whole Bing City!

The Aviation Factory sold the Machinery Company's shares to Feng Yu!

Li Mingde was shocked when he heard the news! He immediately called the City Government to verify and found out that Feng Yu and Hou Haitao had just signed the paperwork at the Trade and Industry Bureau!

Is Hou Haitao stupid? The Machinery Company is making profits now, and he sold the shares?

He immediately calls Hou Haitao and questions him loudly. Why did he sell the Machinery Company's shares? Did the city government agree?

Hou Haitao calmly replied that the Aviation Factory is under the jurisdiction of the military and ministries. The City Government have no right to interfere with any decisions made by the factory. The Aviation Factory needed an advanced high powered electric furnace to complete the orders given by the military. Even the military leaders praised him for getting the furnace!

Hou Haitao also had a “reasonable” explanation for selling the Machinery Company's shares to Feng Yu. Firstly, the Aviation Factory does not have enough cash to buy the furnace. Secondly, the Aviation Factory did not sell the shares to any random buyers. Feng Yu was also a shareholder. Lastly, Feng Yu offered a high price for the shares!

All these had become a reality. Li Mingde or even the City Government could not do anything! Hou Haitao was called over by the City's leaders for a talk, but it was only talking. The Aviation Factory's directory was not appointed by the City Government, and there was no way the City Government could stop this sale.

Li Mingde just realized that this period of time, it was not Feng Yu giving in to him. Feng Yu and the Aviation Factory had planned this long time ago.

After this transfer of shares, the Feng family had a total of 44% shares of the Machinery Company. This was more than the City Government, making the Feng family the major shareholders!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 207

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