Extraordinary Genius Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – Brother Ki's future business

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Feng Yu was feeling weird when Kirilenko asked him this question. He knew Kirilenko well. Kirilenko was not a decisive person, but he had his own future goals. Feng Yu did not expect that Kirilenko would seek his advice.

Feng Yu was glad to offer Kirilenko advice or even be his mentor. Just don't blame him when something happens.

“Brother Ki, didn't you mention that you do not want to be a politician and does not want to be in the military? You should continue to be a businessman.”

“I will definitely be doing business and earning money. Being a soldier was too tough, and politics are boring. I still like my current lifestyle. But didn't you say that the Soviet Union will disintegrate? If what you said was true, then our business will be greatly affected.”

Feng Yu understand that Kirilenko was scared of the current political situation. Kirilenko's biggest income now was from the sales of industrial machinery and technologies. Once the Soviet Union was disintegrated, then the countries would need to build up their industries, and it would not be easy for him to get those machines and technologies.

Although he can still trade with China, the income cannot be compared to the machines and technologies sales. His income would drop from a few million Rubles to slightly over a million every month. The difference was too big.

“Brother Ki, remember I had told you before? Now it is the time for you to acc.u.mulate your wealth. The disintegration of the Soviet Union will take place at least 1 year from now. Your best bet now is to buy minerals. For instance, iron ores, crude oil, rare metals, etc. Any developing country needs these natural resources, and as technology evolves, the demand for these resources would be greater. You might even be one of the richest men in the world.”

Many mining barons were appearing before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and these people all had close relations.h.i.+ps with the military or politicians. They made use of their connections to buy those state-owned mines from the government at low prices.

The value of those minerals rose after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Every one of them became wealthy, but later, they were taken care of by Putin.

“Buy minerals? You sure this will make money in future? But even if it can make money, the price of mine is not low. Coal mines are still fine, but iron mines or crude oil are very expensive.”

Feng Yu said mysteriously: “What if the prices of crude oil prices plummet early next year?”

“What? Oil prices will fall? How can it be? Crude oil is the most important natural resources, and now Iraq owes a lot of debt. It is said that Iraq will be lowering the supply of crude oil with Kuwait to increase the oil prices.”

Feng Yu couldn't help but think highly of Kirilenko. He never expects Kirilenko to know all these. Looking at Feng Yu's surprised look, Kirilenko felt proud.

“Early next year. Oil prices will drop drastically, and it will be a good chance for us. If you trust me, then trade oil futures with me. I guaranteed that we will get several folds profits within a month!”

“Several folds profits in a month? How can it be possible?” Kirilenko could not believe what Feng Yu had said. Even if he uses leverage, the profits could not reach several folds. Unless the oil prices drop by more than 10%.

International oil prices were starting to increase slowly. Even the Soviet Union economist forecast the oil prices would reach 30 USD a barrel. Yet Feng Yu says that oil prices will fall?

“Fine, Brother Ki. If you don't believe me, there's nothing I can do. I can teach you another trick. What determines how much ores are left in a mine? Technology? Wrong! It's humans! You can buy those mines with depleting minerals but you are lucky, and the mine turns out to be full of minerals later!”

Kirilenko slapped his thighs. How come he did not think of this? If he were to buy a depleted mine, it would not cost much. He was also familiar with asking people to change data.

“Then do we still continue to trade industrial machinery?”

“Normal Soviet Union's machinery was not selling well in China, and conventional industrial technologies were no longer popular. Remember the business I mentioned to you?”

Kirilenko's eyes widen: “You want me to sell arms?”

He had thought of this before. If he were to sell firearms, he would be more advantageous than others. His father oversaw military supplies, and those military factories were like his own backyard. He could enter freely.

After Feng Yu had mentioned to him about this previously, he also asked around. A few 2nd generation fellows were doing this business. Those fellows dare to do this was because their families gave them permission. Since others are already doing it, why not him?

But his father was supporting Yeltsin now, and he got to arm Yeltsin's armies. Even if he wants to sell firearms, he could not hinder his father's opportunity to promote.

As long as his father gets promoted, his status would not be the same. But if his father fails, no matter how rich he was, he could only be a wealthy businessman. If he was unlucky, he might not even be a millionaire and have to hide in West Europe.

Feng Yu waved his hands to calm Kirilenko down.

“Brother Ki, military products do not necessary means firearms. It can also be something else. I am referring to military-related products. For example, I know your country has an aircraft manufacturing plant which produces many aircraft. It is a military installation, but there is an overproduction of aircraft. China's aviation industry is also developing rapidly and needs some pa.s.senger planes. You understand now?”

“You want me to sell you those military pa.s.senger aircraft as civilian aircraft?”

Feng Yu nodded and said: “That's right, many products from military factories can be used for civilian purposes. You can use this as a test and see if the higher-ups are strict about this. If it is strict, you are only trying to sell some pa.s.senger planes. What can they do to you? If it is not strict, then you can even sell me missiles like fireworks!”


Kirilenko drew in a deep breath.

Sell missiles as fireworks?

It was not Feng Yu talking nonsense. In his previous life, there were indeed crazy Soviets selling missiles as fireworks.

Bullets were sold as copper sc.r.a.ps and guns were sc.r.a.p metal. These were sold by weight. Missiles and landmines were sold as industrial explosives, and Feng Yu read on the internet that someone claims that his leader had asked him to label missiles as fireworks and export overseas.

The Soviet Union's tanks had the barrels removes and sold as tractor crawlers. China had also bought some to dismantle and study the interior components.

These people did crazy things for money. Feng Yu asked Kirilenko to start by selling aircraft, and it was the same as his previous life.

Canned foods exchanging for an aircraft was real.

An aircraft full of canned foods can be exchanged for 4 big pa.s.senger planes, but the aircraft with the canned foods was worth only one pa.s.senger plane.

If other people could do this, why not Feng Yu, especially with his relations.h.i.+p with Kirilenko.

Of course, Feng Yu was targeting not only 4 pa.s.senger planes. Since he was going to do this, he wants to do something big. A big pa.s.senger aircraft. This was something China needs.

In China, many airlines were being set up, and there was a demand for big pa.s.senger aircraft for international flights. Feng Yu was confident that he could sell at least more than 5 planes to Sichuan Airlines alone. Bing City, Yang City, and Shanghai also needed big pa.s.senger aircraft.

Feng Yu believed that if his planes were priced low, he would be able to compete with those European aircraft manufacturers. Feng Yu does not only want to buy aircraft. He wants to get the technologies and production lines……

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 219

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