Extraordinary Genius Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 – Getting loans with Brother Ki's help

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Kirilenko looked down and was deep in thoughts. He drank 2 cups of Baijiu.

When he looks up, booth his eyes were red, and it was not sure if it was because of the alcohol, or he was excited.

“Feng, I will help you contact the aircraft manufacturer when I return to the Soviet Union. How many planes do you need?”

Feng Yu happily nodded: “As many as you can get!”

This type of military pa.s.senger planes only need some modifications to convert it into commercial pa.s.senger planes. Even if Feng Yu did not modify the aircraft, the aircraft could also be sold to China's army as military cargo planes.

As for sales channels, the Aviation Factory was a military aircraft manufacturer. Now the factory was only manufacturing small aircraft and helicopters. The manufacturing of big aircraft was s.h.i.+fted to Shen City's Aviation factory.

But no matter what, the Aviation Factory still have the connections. If Feng Yu could get the aircraft, he could give Aviation Factory a small cut and Hou Haitao would help him contact the military to buy it. It will also be much cheaper than manufacturing themselves.

Although China's economic growth was fast, the air force and navy were still lacking. It was because of the lack of technology. The developed countries did not sell equipment to China as Chinese engineers were experts in reverse engineering. If they sell China two aircraft, China would be manufacturing their own after some time.

After some modifications and a fresh coat of paint, and it will be China's own aircraft model.

If Kirilenko were able to get the manufacturing technologies, Hou Haitao would be wors.h.i.+pping Feng Yu as if he was a G.o.d. The Aviation Factory might even buy the technologies and aircraft to dismantle themselves.

But these aircraft will not be as cheap as Feng Yu's previous life. Kirilenko knew Feng Yu well and understands China's economic situation better than those military officers in Feng Yu's former life. He also knew Feng Yu's buying power.

“Feng, even if the aircraft were selling cheap, the prices will still not be low. You have enough funds?”

If Kirilenko were able to get many aircraft, Feng Yu would not have sufficient funds to pay him.

Although the share prices were rising and there were talks that the stock exchange will be opening, the share prices will not rise sharply. Feng Yu would never sell his shares now.

Feng Yu would at least wait until next year before he would start to consider selling the shares and investing the profits in other areas.

Feng Yu had already thought of a way to get the money for buying the aircraft. He can get loans. He could not get any more loans in China and Hong Kong, but he could still get loans from the Soviet Union.

He can use all his a.s.sets like the Machinery Company's shares, Tai Hua Trading and Tai Hua Home appliances factory shares to get loans. With Kirilenko around, there should be no problems.

Feng Yu raises his gla.s.s and cheers with Kirilenko. Kirilenko finished the gla.s.s in one gulp, and Feng Yu only took a small sip.

“Brother Ki, I do not have sufficient funds, but I intend to get a loan from the Soviet Union. Can you introduce me to someone?”

“Loan? No problems. I know a few Bank managers in Moscow!” Kirilenko said proudly.

Feng Yu shook his head: “Brother Ki, I do not want to get loans from Moscow.”

“Why?” Kirilenko was puzzled.

Why? If you know that I will be cheating the bank using the loan, you will hate me forever if I get the loan in Moscow.

“Brother Ki, I cannot explain to you now. Can you help me get loans from Belarus, Ukraine or other Soviet Union countries banks? I have a.s.sets as collaterals, but I need your help to evaluate my a.s.sets higher.”

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, all the allied countries would become compet.i.tors. If Kirilenko found out that Feng Yu had cheated the banks from other countries, he would be clapping his hands with joy.

“This should not be a problem either. I know some people from the allied countries too.” Kirilenko said proudly. His China's commodities were not only selling around Moscow. The big cities in allied countries were also his market. This was the reason why he had worked with so many 2nd generations.

“Oh, how much loans do you intend to get?” Kirilenko asked casually.

“Can I get 100 million Rubles?” Feng Yu asked.

“How much? 100 million? You have so many a.s.sets to act as collaterals?” Kirilenko stood up from the shocked. He thought Feng Yu only wanted to get a loan of 20 or 30 million Rubles. 100 million Rubles loan? Is he crazy?

Feng Yu smiled and replied: “I do not have so many a.s.sets that's why I need your help. I think you should also get a loan before the end of the year. There will be a great opportunity early next year.”

Good opportunity? Oil futures? You are betting that the oil prices will fall?

Kirilenko was persuading himself to trust Feng Yu. After all, Feng Yu had created so many miracles, but it was impossible for crude oil prices to fall!

This was not about any single country. This will affect the world's economy!

Kirilenko does not want to get a loan with Feng Yu to bet on futures. There's still leverage too. If something happens, he might lose every single cent!

“How much is your a.s.sets worth based on China's appraisal?” Kirilenko asked.

Feng Yu counted with his fingers: “Let me count, Tai Hua Trading, Home appliances factory. Machinery Company and other shares that I owned, should be about 30 million Rubles. If I take the growth into consideration, it should be about 40 million Rubles.”

Kirilenko was shocked. This was the kid who stood outside the hotel to change Rubles illegally, and now he has so many a.s.sets?

Kirilenko can't help but ask: “Feng, did you make a lot from the industrial machinery and technologies I sold to you?”

Kirilenko felt that he was making a loss. Although he had made quite significant profits when he sold these machines to Feng Yu but compared to Feng Yu, his earnings were nothing.

“No, no, no. Brother Ki, you misunderstood me. I can guarantee that I did not make more than you for the machines and technologies. But I had kept a lot of those machines and technologies for myself.  For example, the agriculture machines production lines, the oil press, animal feed machines, motorcycle production lines. My company's humidifiers are selling all over the world, and it had brought my company over 10 million Rubles in profits. There should be more this year!”

There were indeed almost 10 million Rubles in profits from the humidifiers, but the profits got to be split between the Fu family, Motor Factory and the Aviation Factory. Feng Yu's profits were not so high. Feng Yu's most significant profit from a single deal was the high powered electric furnace he sold to the Aviation Factory!

Feng Yu's explanation calmed Kirilenko down, and he felt better. But he still thought that the loan amount was a bit too high. Using 40 million Rubles worth of a.s.sets to get a 100 million Rubles loan?

Feng Yu could tell that Kirilenko was not willing to help him and he thought for a while and said: “Brother Ki if you help me get the loan, I will give you 5 million Rubles worth of goods!”

Kirilenko's eye sparkled, and he looked at Feng Yu. This was also considered helping a friend out. Anyway, it's the banks that will be giving out the loan and not him. That'ss right. I am helping my Chinese friend.


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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 220

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