Extraordinary Genius Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – Increasing the brand recognition

“Xiao Yu, you are finally back. What is the selling price of these cars? There are several people asking about the price of the cars.” Li s.h.i.+qiang said.

“Have they left their contact details?” Feng Yu asked.

“Yes, but why you don’t allow us to sell? Won’t the value of the cars depreciate if we hold on to them?” Li s.h.i.+qiang asked.

Feng Yu glanced at Li s.h.i.+qiang and said: “Who said that? Didn’t those people offer a price for those cars? Are the prices they offered very high? I guarantee that the prices will be even higher within three days!”

According to Feng Yu's request, every model of the cars must have one that was refurbished. Feng Yu wants to push the selling price of these cars up!

What were the luxury cars in China now? Two brands, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, had just gained some popularity in China. Toyota’s popularity was also increased from the south to the north. The most popular model is the Toyota Crown.

The brand recognition of other automobile brands in China was still relatively low. Although there were some luxury cars in China, there were not many people who knew about them. For example, other than Rolls-Royce which was still a bit well-known, the other British luxury cars which Feng Yu imported, were still relatively not known to many.

Majority of the rich people in China now were newly rich tyc.o.o.ns who had not much education and like to compare and show off extravagantly.

But there were only a small number of imported cars in China. Many times, they can’t even get their hands on one imported cars even if they had the money. Furthermore, there were a large number of those “half” tyc.o.o.ns who were just rich but not particularly rich.

These people desperately need a good car to show off their status and they can’t afford imported new cars. This is the market segment which Feng Yu wants to target.

“Those who know how to drive come over. Your job for the next few days will be stationed outside of those big hotels and companies. Go there and brag!” Feng Yu said.

Everyone was stunned. What type of work is this?


Today, two very special cars appeared at the entrance of the Bing City Hotel. The cars were very eye-catching and very low. One blue and one red. Everyone that walked past, couldn’t help but take a second look at them.

The two drivers got down from the car and got into an argument?

“How you drive? Do you know how to drive? My car is worth more than one million RMB. Jaguar! Have you ever heard of Jaguar? Can you afford it?” A young man wearing big sungla.s.ses came down from the blue car and pushed the young man from the red car. The young man had deliberately mentioned “Jaguar” twice loudly.

“You think you are the only one who drives a good car? My car is also more than a million RMB. Lotus! Lotus sports car! Do you know about Lotus?” The red car's driver retorted loudly.

“Mine is a sports car. If I step on the accelerator, you can only see my taillight!” The Jaguar driver said.

“Lies, you carry on lying. I still have not seen any cars that can outrun my car on the streets of Bing City. Not happy? How about a race?” The Lotus driver said.

“Sure. You think I am scared of you?” The Jaguar driver replied.

These two drivers turned, got into their cars and started their engines at the same time. Swish and suddenly they were gone!

Wow ~ ~ ~ ~

The onlookers gasped in shock. These cars were really fast. No wonder it cost more than a million. But, none of them noticed that neither of the cars had any license plate.

Buy a car for more than 1 million RMB? If one had so much money, he can deposit in the bank and interest alone can allow him to last his whole lifetime.

Just then, a big boss came out of the hotel, pointed to the direction of those two cars and asked his followers: “What cars are those? Quite fast. Even faster than my Volga!”

“Boss, I don't know too. I will go and ask.” His follower replied.

The follower came back after a while and told his boss the name of those two cars. Jaguar and Lotus. Both are sports cars!

“Sports cars? Sounds like the cars are fast! Go and find out where can I buy one and how much are they selling.” The boss said.

The same thing happened at many high-end places. The cars were cars which were not heard or seen before. But these cars were very beautiful. Some looked elegant, some looked prestigious, some luxurious and some were domineering.

And these cars were not seen before in Bing City. But from the arguments between the drivers, they learned that these cars were all imported luxury cars and very expensive.

There were some who like to show off, sent people to ask around. They wanted to know who owns these cars and where to buy them. If they were the ones who drove these cars around, others will know that they were rich!

For three consecutive days, Feng Yu sent his staff out in the afternoons and evenings to promote his cars. On the third night, someone finally “accidentally” mentioned that Tai Hua Trading company was selling these cars!

Tai Hua Trading Company?

All the people who wanted to buy these cars were looking for Tai Hua Trading. News in their circles spread. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are nothing. These are British cars. You know the Queen? The Queen who had sat face to face and argued with the great one? She also sits in this car!


“Is this Tai Hua Trading?"

“Who are you looking for?” Wu Zhigang asked.

“I am the general manager of Din Tai Garment Factory, Zhao Dintai. This is my business card.” Zhao Dintai said.

“Clothing factory? We don't buy clothes.” Wu Zhigang said and tried to show Zhao Dintai out.

“Eh eh, I'm not here to sell clothes. I heard that your company have British cars. Can you show me?” Zhao Dintai replied.

“How did you know? But the quant.i.ty is not many and many people are looking at them now. You got to wait for them to finish first.” Wu Zhigang said.

“Please brother. I am in a hurry to buy one. I can give cash.” Zhao Dintai said.

The day before yesterday, he had some business negotiations with a neighboring province boss and the boss took a look at his car, an FSO (Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych), and left. The boss said that Zhao Dintai cannot even afford a decent car, which also means that he was not financially stable!

That boss was only driving a domestic produced Audi 100.

Zhao Dintai had heard that Tai Hua Trading have a batch of imported, almost new second-hand luxury cars. These cars, after refurbishments, looks exactly just like new. If he bought an imported luxury second-hand car, and who will know if he did not say that the car was second-hand.

This way, when others look at the car he drove, they will know that his company is doing very well. People don't know the brand of this car? It doesn't matter, as long as he “accidentally” mentioned that the car is more than a million RMB.

Wu Zhigang brought Zhao Dintai to the Motor Factory. Feng Yu had instructed them to bring these people there at two o'clock in the afternoon sharp. Let these people know that there are many others who were interested in their cars. This was to prevent these people from bargaining.

At first, many of them, like Zhao Dintai, wanted to negotiate about the price. A used car for more than 500,000 RMB?

But Tai Hua Trading company's staff were firm. If you are not willing to buy, there will be others who are willing to pay this price. These people also test drive the cars and they themselves know the condition of the cars.

They look at the att.i.tude of Tai Hua Trading. Tai Hua Trading was being very firm with their prices and confident of the quality of these cars. Forget it. No point trying to bargaining!

These cars were still much cheaper than an imported Mercedes, and the handling was really good. Also. The exterior looks new. Who will know that these cars were second-hand?

Just like this, the eight-people gathered on the first day bought the cars. Tai Hua Trading company’s account got 4 million RMB cas.h.!.+

The next day, they sold seven cars and the third day five cars. The rest, including the several Toyota Crowns, were sold on the fourth day. However, Feng Yu kept one Land Rover for himself.

Seeing his business was so good, Feng Yu immediately called Kirilenko to ask him when can the second batch of cars arrive?

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 52

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