Extraordinary Genius Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 – Song Xiaofeng


When Kirilenko learned that Feng Yu had sold all 30 cars in less than a month, he was shocked. He was still in the process of acquiring the second batch of cars. There were not a lot of British luxury cars around Moscow.

According to Kirilenko, the most he can acquire was another 100 cars and this was still under the name of the Soviet Union army. Otherwise, he might not even acquire so many cars.

Feng Yu was not satisfied. He wanted to earn a billion RMB with this used car business. Now, it seems that after deducting the cost, taxes, etc., the most he can earn was 10 million RMB.

If others knew what Feng Yu was thinking, they would have vomit blood. 10 million RMB was still considered little? Now, there was not even a lot of millionaires in China!

There was also good news. Kirilenko and his partners must had made a lot of money. This month, they wanted 1 million Rubles worth of goods. Feng Yu had already asked Li s.h.i.+qiang to contact the suppliers. With Li s.h.i.+qiang around, Feng Yu can just throw all these tasks to him.

However, this good mood did not last and trouble came knocking on Feng Yu’s doors.

At first, Feng Yu thought it was from the Government officials. Could it be the government does not allow him to do second-hand car business? But after listening to his staffs, he got the whole story. There were some people who wanted to buy their cars but all their cars were sold.

Why bother him with these small matters? Just tell these people that the cars were sold out and they have to wait for a month.

Although Feng Yu was grumbling in his heart, he still drove to the company. He wanted to see who this arrogant customer was. He wanted to show his staff how he handles this type of customer.

At the company, he noticed somethings were off. How come there were so many people and his staffs were so scared?

His staffs were children of the workers in the Motor Factory. Since young, they had been causing troubles and fighting. What were they frighten off?

“Wu Zhigang, what's going on?” Feng Yu asked

“So, you are their boss? Feng Yu?” An arrogant voice came out.

Feng Yu turned and saw the one who spoke was sitting looked on a chair.

This is too arrogant! My people were all standing and you are seated on a chair? You think you own this place?

“You are?” Feng Yu asked.

“You don’t even know Master Song and you dare to do business here in Bing City?” A man standing behind the chair shouted. His tone sounded like there was no one in Bing City who didn’t hear about Master Song.

Feng Yu really do not know who is this Master Song. He had asked about all the leaders in Bing City and the province. He never heard of anyone with the surname Song.

Wu Zhigang moved to Feng Yu side and whispered: “Manager Feng, this is Song Xiaofeng. He is the nephew of Song Laosi. People called this Master Song as Longjiang number one young master. You should have heard of Song Laosi.”

Song Laosi?

Feng Yu was surprised!

Song Laosi was a resounding figure in Bing City. He was one of the top ten triad bosses in recent history. Many years after he was shot, there were still stories about him.

Song Laosi was a common bricklayer and later, he did only demolition works. Using his violent methods to evict and demolished buildings, he quickly gathered a group of followers. He now monopolized all demolition works and even constructions projects also needed his approval. If he does not approve, no buildings can be built!

The most famous rumor about Song Laosi was that when he began to do demolition, the residents are unwilling to relocate. Song Laosi gathered those residents together and in front of them, chopped off his own little finger! He then told the residents, if any of them was able to do what he just did, they do not need to relocate. The residents were shocked. No one muttered a single word and the relocation and demolition works were quickly completed.

Song Laosi’s reputation quickly spread. Relying on his men and ruthless ways of doing things, he chased many demolition companies away. During every fight, Song Laosi was always at the front and he was detained multiple times. But every time he was released, he became more popular and arrogant. Later on, he hooked up some connections with the City’s government officials and from then, no one dares to provoke him.

After Song Laosi got rich, he had a second legend about him.

“Tearing down old houses every day and being a groom every night!”

Rumors said that Song Laosi was a lecher. When he saw a woman, he fancied on the streets, he would directly pull that woman into his car and rape her on the spot. After the deed was done, he would throw the woman and a stack of money off his car.

A lot of women dare not to speak up. But there were some women who report to the police and the outcome was always insufficient evidence or someone taking the rap for Song Laosi. Those that reported him ended up with broken bones and their families were not spared too.

There were many other rumors about Song Laosi. For example, some said that his followers dare to shoot people and Song Laosi owned more than 100 hunting rifles.

Although these rumors were a bit exaggerated, Song Laosi was no doubt the biggest boss of the Northeast provinces.

This Song Xiaofeng was Song Laosi’s only nephew. Song Laosi also does not have any sons and he will be pa.s.sing his territory to him in future. No wonder this Song Xiaofeng was so arrogant!

Feng Yu suddenly smiled and warmly walked over to Song Xiaofeng. He held Song Xiaofeng’s hand and said: “I humbly welcome Master Song. If you need anything, you can just pa.s.s a message. You don’t need to come down in person.”

It was not Feng Yu eating the humbly pie. If he remembered correctly, in another two months’ time, there will be a gang clash between Song Laosi and another Bing City gang. Song Laosi did not die from this clash but his nephew pa.s.sed away in the clash. With someone about to die, Feng Yu don’t mind being humble.

Song Xiaofeng nodded his head. Everyone in Bing City had to give him face. He had come down to this small trading company and waited for half an hour. But since this kid was so humble, he decided to let it go.

“I heard your company are selling sports cars? I want the one which the logo is a leopard.” Song Xiaofeng asked.

“That brand is called Jaguar. British manufactured and was the favorite with the British royalties. You like that car? But all my cars were second-hand!” Feng Yu replied and deliberately stressed that he was selling used cars. With Song Laosi’s status, Song Xiaofeng still need to buy second-hand cars?

“What second-hand or first hand? You think I care about this? New cars need to book and will take a few months before the car is delivered. You give me a second-hand Jaguar now. Don’t worry, I will pay you!” Song Xiaofeng said.

“Master Song can’t wait? But all my cars were sold out. The earliest I can get you the car is about two weeks later.” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu doesn’t care who the cars were sold to. If he had any cars in hand, he will definitely sell to this short-lived Master Song. Feng Yu was not ready to confront Song Laosi. There will be someone else to deal with him. Two years later, Song Laosi will be caught and sentenced to death by the firing squad. Feng Yu just want to keep a low profile and build his own empire.

But the biggest problem Feng Yu faced was that he had no car now. If this Master Song had said so earlier, he would have kept a good car for him.

“I come to you for the car and you must give me the car I want!” Song Xiaofeng shouted.


Extraordinary Genius Chapter 53

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