Extraordinary Genius Chapter 512

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Chapter 512 - Fu Rongbing's invitation

Feng Yu was still looking for a place to have lunch when he received a call from Fu Guangwei: “Brother Feng, my father asked me to invite you to my house for lunch.”

Huh? Fu Guangwei father? Then he should be the third brother of the Fu Family, Fu Rongbing. He wants to invite me to lunch? I do not have any dealings with him. If it were Fu Rongqi inviting him, he would still think that it was normal. After all, both of them were into the financial markets and had lots to talk about.

Typically, invitations were for dinners and lunch were for business talks. Feng Yu felt this a bit strange.

Wait. That Fu Mengying was Fu Rongbing's daughter. d.a.m.n, did Fu Mengying asked her father to cut me into pieces? Or Fu Rongbing knew that I knew she was a lesbian and want to silence me?

Feng Yu felt this was not a simple lunch!

But Feng Yu could not reject this invitation. Although they had some conflicts in the past, that was a long time ago, and it was solved. Now, Feng Yu still have lots of business collaborations with the Fu Family. Especially Fu Guangzheng had sent many management staffs to help out his businesses in China. Most of them were from the Fu Family businesses. The Fu Family had helped Feng Yu a lot.

When Feng Yu arrived at Hong Kong and the Fu Family did not invite him for dinners, then it would be their fault for not playing host. But if they invite Feng Yu and Feng Yu rejected their invitations, then it will be Feng Yu bearing a grudge against them. It would be harder for Feng Yu to pull the Fu Family to his side in the future.

In Hong Kong, there were some western customs. When you are going to someone's place for lunch or dinner, you are required to bring some gifts, like red wine or cigars, along. But never fruit baskets. In Hong Kong, fruit baskets were usually used when visiting someone in the hospital.

Feng Yu also followed the Hong Kong customs and bought a bottle of Latour.

The Fu Family was indeed one of the wealthiest families in Hong Kong. The four brothers were staying in Mid-levels villas. The floor areas were huge. There were rumors that the Feng Shui for that area was the best in Hong Kong.

When Feng Yu arrived at Fu Rongbing's villa, Fu Rongbing came out to receive him. His eldest brother had told him to not look down on Feng Yu. Feng Yu might not have disclosed his wealth, but his total a.s.sets should be a humongous figure. Even with the a.s.sets Feng Yu disclosed now, was enough for him to be China's top tyc.o.o.n!

Also, Feng Yu had met Premier Deng personally. His status was different!

Even Fu Rongqi treats Feng Yu with great respect, needless to say, Fu Rongbing had to do so too. Fu Rongbing's business was similar to Fu Rongjing, and their a.s.sets were worth only about one billion HKD each. These were lesser than what Feng Yu's disclosed a.s.sets. What's there for Fu Rongbing to be arrogant about?

Feng Yu was surprised to see the whole family waiting for him outside the front door when he alights from the car. It does not seem to be a Hongmen Banquet. If it were a Hongmen banquet, Fu Rongbing would not be waiting for him with his two wives outside the house.

In Hong Kong, it was common for these tyc.o.o.ns to have more than one wife. Although other than the first wife, the rest of the wives were not officially registered. Fu Mengying was the daughter of Fu Rongbing's second wife.

“Uncle Fu, why are you standing outside? Please don't stand on ceremony.” Feng Yu said hypocritically. On his way over, he was still thinking of how to teach this Fu Family third brother a lesson if he were to act arrogantly!

“Eh…. Nephew Feng Yu, this is the first time you are coming to my house. How can I not come out to welcome you? Let me do the introductions. This is my wife…… This is my daughter, Fu Mengying.” Fu Rongbing introduced his family to Feng Yu.

Nephew? Feng Yu raised his brows. You are not even a family friend of my Feng family; how can I be considered your nephew? But when Feng Yu thought about it, the was the best way for Fu Rongbing to address him. If he called Feng Yu by his name, it would be like treating him as an outsider. If he calls Feng Yu as Xiao Feng, it would sound too rude. If he calls Feng Yu as Manager Feng, there will be a distance between them. Fu Rongbing could only make use of Feng Yu's relations.h.i.+p with Fu Guangzheng and address him as nephew. This would sound closer.

Everyone smiled and greeted Feng Yu, except for Fu Mengying, who was staring hard at him.

It was all because of this d.a.m.n guy. If not, no one in the family will know she was a lesbian. Now, not only her own family knows about this, even her cousin from her Eldest uncle called her to ask if she was really a lesbian. She still wants to introduce guys to Fu Mengying.

That Fu Guangwei had told the rest of the Fu Family about her and even encouraged her father to invite Feng Yu. What's so great about this Feng Yu? Was there a need to invite him over for lunch?

Feng Yu was only someone who had business dealings with the Fu Family, and he was closer to the 4th uncle's family. Was there a need for us to invite him over? Furthermore, didn't this Feng Yu con 4th uncle? Why didn't the Fu Family “take care” of him?

When Feng Yu saw Fu Mengying staring at him angrily, he smiled: “Ah, it's Sister Mengying. You look much prettier today compared to the last time we met!”

Fu Mengying continued to stare at Feng Yu. If her parents were not there, she would have started to curse Feng Yu. Who is your sister? Am I familiar with you? Are you trying to tell me that I am not pretty the last time we met?

But now, Fu Mengying could only say: “Thank you, brother Feng, for your compliments. Please come in.”

Fu Mengying stretched out her hand to take the bottle of red wine from Feng Yu. Hmph, when you let go of the bottle, I will retract my hand. I will make you embarra.s.s by smas.h.i.+ng your wine in front of my house!

But this little trick could not fool Feng Yu. Feng Yu ignored Fu Mengying's hand, turned towards Fu Guangwei and pa.s.sed the bottle of wine to him: “I don't know what to bring, so I bought a bottle of wine from a good year.”

“Nephew, you can come over anytime you want. There is no need to bring any gifts. Come in. Lunch is ready.” Fu Rongbing stepped aside and let Feng Yu enter his house.

Fu Mengying retracted her hand embarra.s.sedly. d.a.m.n. This Feng Yu was too irritating. He saw my hand and still pa.s.s the wine to Fu Guangwei? Am I invisible?

The most irritating part was Fu Guangwei pa.s.sed the wine to Fu Mengying. She was the youngest in the family. She really wanted to throw the bottle on the ground, but it was her brother who pa.s.ses her the bottle. If she really did that, even her mother could not protect her.

Also, Fu Mengying's mother was the second wife and had only a daughter. The was why the first wife had treated her and her mother well. In Hong Kong, if a household has a son, then the daughter will only get a small part of the inheritance.

But if Fu Mengying made Fu Guangwei embarra.s.sed, the first wife might beat her, and her mother could only keep quiet.

Wow…. This Fu Rongbing's house was really well renovated. The furniture and fittings were antique themes. Must ask who the renovation contractor was. The villas at Longyungang should also follow this theme. It will surely attract lots of buyers.

“Uncle Fu, your house is lovely.” Feng Yu said.

“Hahaha, all these are antique furniture. I had spent a lot on these and had bought these from overseas. Some of these were bought by Guangzheng from China. I like these antiques.” Fu Rongbing was very happy to hear someone praising his collections.

Feng Yu was surprised. d.a.m.n, all these were not imitations, but real antiques. All this furniture should cost a lot. That means that vases on the shelves were also antiques?

“Come, sit beside me. Let's have a good talk.” Fu Rongbing asked Feng Yu to sit beside him and arranged for Fu Mengying to be seated beside Feng Yu.

Feng Yu paused for a while. This sitting arrangement……. Why does this feel weird?

Translator's notes: Fu Guangzheng addressed Fu Mengying as the sister, but in actual fact, she was his cousin. Fu Guangwei was her brother from the first wife.

The author made it so complicated. Anyway, some Asian tyc.o.o.ns have many wives and a big family. For instance, Stanley Ho. He had 4 wives.




Hongmen Banquet


Extraordinary Genius Chapter 512

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