Extraordinary Genius Chapter 514

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Chapter 514 – Fu Mengying's resentment

Once the car moved out of Fu Rongbing's villa, Fu Mengying immediately s.h.i.+fted away from Feng Yu. She wants to get as far as possible from Feng Yu. But the s.p.a.ce in the rear pa.s.senger seats of a Mercedes was only so big. Where can she run?

Feng Yu purposely moved closer to Fu Mengying: “Sister Mengying, are you still feeling unwell?”

“Get away from me!” Fu Mengying screamed.

“Sister Mengying, can't you tell what your father's intention? I had said I have a girlfriend and he still tries to matchmake both of us. He was implying that he does not mind you to be my mistress.” Feng Yu purposely said this.


Feng Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at Fu Mengying in surprised: “You are so vulgar? Does Uncle Fu know about this?”

“Feng Yu, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Don't you dare to have dirty thoughts about me? If not, I will not let you off!” Fu Mengying shouted.

Fu Mengying had never met such a shameless person in her life. In Hong Kong, all she needs to do was to mention the Fu Family and who dares to bully her? All the while, she was the one who does the bullying!

Feng Yu had a bigger smile on his face: “Dirty thoughts? Save it. Look at yourself in the mirror. You do not have a pretty face and hot body. Why would I have dirty thoughts about you? If you are not from the Fu Family, I would have kick you off the car just now. Fine. I will drop you at a bus stop.”

Fu Mengying's eyes grew wide: “You want to drop me at a bus stop in such a secluded place?” Also, I am not good enough? When I wear men's clothing, I had attracted so many women!

“Why? You really think I am sending you to see a doctor? You do not have money for the bus ride? Old Chen, do you have a small change? Change 200 HKD and give it to Miss. Fu.” Feng Yu took out a 500 HKD and pa.s.s it to the driver in front.

Fu Mengying was going crazy. What does Feng Yu mean by that? I do not have the money to take the bus? What I meant was, since when do I need to use the public bus?

From Fu Mengying's memories, she had only sat in Taxi with her mother before. After she stayed with her father, she had drivers to send her where ever she wants to go. Now, she had a driving license, and her father had bought her a car. She had never taken public buses, subway before. Feng Yu does not know about this?

Furthermore, you want me to take a public bus in this dress? The most frustrating part was Feng Yu's driver really pa.s.sed Feng Yu 200 HKD, and Feng Yu threw the 200 HKD at Fu Mengying. It was just like the HK dramas' hooligans throwing money at a hooker after they had finished the deed. 

Here. I am giving you money. Pick it up…….

Feng Yu saw Fu Mengying suddenly lowered her head and buried her face on her laps. Her shoulders were shaking and could hear her crying.

s.h.i.+t. This girl cries so easily?

“Hey, hey, are you really crying?” Feng Yu poked Fu Mengying's shoulder with his finger.

Feng Yu looked up and saw his driver, Old Chen, peeping at him through the rear-view mirror. WTF was wrong with this driver? Don't you know it was the driver's responsibility to pretend not to see what your pa.s.sengers are doing at the back?

“Fine, fine……. You win. Where are you going later? I will ask Old Chen to send you there.” Feng Yu said.

“I want to buy something.”

Feng Yu's lips twitched. He was almost fooled by this girl. The voice of someone who was crying will tremble.

“What do you want to buy? Men's apparel? And then go and meet women?”

Fu Mengying did not continue her act and raise her head to stare at Feng Yu: “You…… How do you know I am…… I am……”

“You are what? Say it out!” Feng Yu looked at Fu Mengying happily and then looked towards his driver.

Fu Mengying also secretly looked at Old Chen. She does not want too many people to know about her secret.

“You know what I am talking about! How did you find out? Even my parents do not know.”

Feng Yu could not tell her that he knew she was a lesbian because this was reported on Hong Kong's entertainment news in his previous life. If he had not watched the news, he would also not tell she was a lesbian. He had also not met many lesbians in both his lifetimes.

But Feng Yu pretended to by mysterious: “I could tell from your actions with those two girls that night.”

Fu Mengying screamed: “Liar! They are not lesbians. How could you tell by looking at us?!”

Huh? Those two girls were not lesbians? Wait, from Fu Mengying's eyes, she was lying again!

“It's up to you whether if you want to believe me. Where are you getting down? I still have problems later.” Feng Yu turned towards the window and starts to whistle.

“Can you do me a favour……”

“No!” Before Fu Mengying could finish her sentence, Feng Yu rejected her. If this girl was not from the Fu Family and just lookalikes like Fu Mengying and a lesbian, Feng Yu would be attracted to her. It was a challenge for him to change the s.e.xual orientation of a lesbian!

But Feng Yu's rational told him that he must not get involved with Fu Mengying!

Feng Yu had lots of cooperation with the Fu Family. To a certain extent, Feng Yu still had the upper hand. Also, he still has plans to make the Fu Family a part of his financial empire under him in the future.

If he got involved with Fu Mengying, then he would lose his advantage, and this will not be good for his plans.

Feng Yu was not someone who was that desperate.

Fu Mengying shouted: “I still have not finished what I wanted to say!” What kind of person is this? You do not even know what help I wanted from you, and you rejected me!

“I do not need to listen to you. First, do you think we are friends? I don't think so. Do we have any relations.h.i.+p? No. Have you ever wished for me to be knocked down by a car and die? Or I fall out of the windows, or I got choke to death?”

Fu Mengying opened her eyes wide. How did this person know what she was thinking?

“Your eyes had told me that. Since you wanted me to die so badly, why should I help you?” Feng Yu asked.

If it were him, who was exposed by someone else, he would also wish for that person to die!

Furthermore, what favor does Fu Mengying need? The Fu Family was so powerful and influential in Hong Kong. She does not need anything, except for someone to cover up her secret!

Feng Yu was clear about this. Even if he had guessed wrongly, and needed a favour for something else, he would also not agree to it. Fu Mengying had so many cousins to help her and what else does she need? If he helped her, Fu Rongbing would misunderstand him further. If this matter could not be told to your cousins, then it must not be something good. The more Feng Yu should stay away from her!

“Stop the car, now!” Fu Mengying screamed. But Old Chen continued to drive and looked at Feng Yu through the rear-view mirror.

Feng Yu nodded: “Old Chen, stop the car.” Hah, this was my driver, and I pay his salary. Do you think he will listen to your orders?

“You better talk to your family and tell them you like me. This would be better than me telling them that I do not like you.” Feng Yu said as Fu Mengying was getting out of the vehicle.

Feng Yu must stop this from progressing any further. It would be better for Fu Mengying to speak to her family. This was why Feng Yu agreed to send her to the doctors.


Fu Mengying slammed the door and stormed off in her high heels.

I heard that there's an old lady who was an expert in villain hitting. Hmph! Die Feng Yu!!

Translator's note: I don't understand why Feng Yu was so mean to Fu Mengying. She had done nothing to offend him.

Villain hitting was a form of Hong Kong's culture. I had only seen it in Hong Kong movies. If you visit Hong Kong, you can go and take a look.


Extraordinary Genius Chapter 514

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