Extraordinary Genius Chapter 615

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 615 – The Dismal Li Zekai

Feng Yu was excited when he got the answer he wanted from Professor Liang. Professor Liang would be part of his team in 1997. Will the Hong Kong Government have a replacement for Professor Liang?

But this should not be a problem as Feng Yu's funds are also targeting Quantum Funds. It is the same as what the Hong Kong Government will be doing. Maybe Feng Yu might even become the consultant for the Hong Kong Government.

Feng Yu attended lessons every day, and when he has free time, he went to the movies or go fis.h.i.+ng. It was a peaceful life for Feng Yu, but not for Fu Guangzheng and Li Zekai. They were very busy.

Fu Guangzheng was still able to cope. His father was helping him to manage his businesses in Hong Kong. He does not need to worry. Li Zekai was different. He needs to manage his Pacific Century Group and also set up the Tai Hua Supermarket in China.

Just happen Pacific Century Group had some matters for Li Zekai to attend and he had to return to Hong Kong. After settling his work at Pacific Century Group, he took a break for 2 days and asked Feng Yu out for dinner.


“This is the restaurant you are talking about? I had come here before, and although the food is not bad, it is still not considered delicious. I remembered this restaurant was sold to the Fu Family before Lunar New Year.” Li Zekai had wanted to dine at the Peninsula Hotel, but Feng Yu insisted on coming to this restaurant instead.

“Do you see that? The name of this restaurant is still the same. But there are 3 new characters in the front, Quanjude!” Feng Yu pointed to the signboard outside.

“Quanjude? I have heard of this before. Isn't this a famous restaurant in Beijing? I think it sells roast ducks. The Fu Family bought this restaurant to sell ducks?” Li Zekai asked curiously.

Feng Yu wanted to laugh. If Fu Guangzheng heard what Li Zekai said, they would surely fight. (See notes.)

“Chain restaurants. The original chefs are still around, and a few new specialty dishes are added to the menu.” Feng Yu explained.

The door boy opened the door for them to enter. The restaurant floor manager saw Feng Yu and ran over: “Manager Feng, Master Li, your table is on the second floor. I will show you the way.”

Li Zekai looked at the floor manager and then at Feng Yu. It was usual for people to recognize him as he appeared on Hong Kong papers quite frequently. But how did that floor manager recognize Feng Yu? Did they know Feng Yu because he frequents this restaurant?

When both just sat down at their table, Li Zekai saw a waiter pus.h.i.+ng a trolley over before he could see the menu. He looked at Feng Yu. Did Feng Yu order the food before they arrived?

Usually, when two people, especially friends, have dinner together, they would not order the food in advance. They would let the other party order something they like. Feng Yu was not the type that would do something like this. Li Zekai thought if this was some recommended dishes Feng Yu wanted to show him?

Duck. Roasted ducks!

Li Zekai had eaten Quanjude's roast ducks before. He had been to Beijing, and with his status, all the meals were at the top restaurants.

Feng Yu chose this restaurant to recommend this roast duck to him?

The past few months, Li Zekai had been busy with his work and did not notice about China's top food charts which were reported on the papers. Li Zekai does not really like to eat roast ducks. He felt Quanjude's roast ducks were not to his taste.

“Brother Kai, this roast duck recipe is altered to suit Hong Kongers' taste. Try it.”

Li Zekai took a bite, and his eyes opened wide. This roast duck tastes better than what he ate in China! This was a restaurant the right choice.

“Brother Feng, are you a regular at this restaurant?” Li Zekai asked.

“I have only been here for a few times. Are you curious about why the floor manager know me? It is because I own the shares of this restaurant.” Feng Yu smiled.

“This restaurant is opened by you and the Fu Family?” Li Zekai was surprised. Feng Yu had opened a restaurant with the Fu Family?

No matter if it was Feng Yu or the Fu Family, all of them could afford to open restaurants by themselves. Each of them could even open 10 restaurants at once. Why would they need to collaborate? Also, were restaurants very profitable? Yet if this restaurant has a specialty roast duck and an increase of customers, how much more money can they make? The funds used to open this restaurant can be put to better use.

“Not only this restaurant. Fu Guangzheng and I are partners, and we asked the Fu Family to help us acquire some restaurants to form a company. We merge this company with Quanjude to form Quanjude Group. We will be using the Quanjude brand to create the largest restaurant chain in Asia. I had asked you here today is to help me taste the roast duck. What do you think of this roast duck and it's special sauce?”

Quanjude Group? Asia's biggest restaurant chain?

A restaurant might not be profitable if there was only one restaurant. But if a restaurant chain was different. It will be extremely profitable. If the group was listed in the future, the share prices might not shoot up. But it will not be affected by other forces.

Li Zekai thought about this for a while and felt this was a good investment.

“The duck taste good. When did this investment start?” Li Zekai asked casually.

“About 1 month ago.”

Li Zekai was a bit disappointed. He had known Feng Yu for quite some time, and Feng Yu asked Fu Guangzheng to invest instead of him. Seems like Feng Yu was still closer to Fu Guangzheng and Li Zekai could not compare to him.

“The plan started last year, and the Fu family had started to acquire restaurants then. Many people still laughed at them. But after all the restaurants were merged with Quanjude, their value rose. Also, after the restaurants joined the Quanjude Group, all of their sales had increased. The best restaurant's monthly sales increased by 50%! Although the invested amount is higher, it should be recovered in 2 to 3 years. We felt this was still a good deal.”

Li Zekai was thinking in his heart. This was a f.u.c.king good deal! The restaurants' sales increased, that means their profits will also increase. The invested amount will be recovered in 2 to 3 years, and after that, it will be pure profits. At that time, the company should be listed, and they will earn a big sum again. Why was I not included for such good investment?

But Li Zekai thought for a while. If Feng Yu had invited him to join in this venture, he might not be able to take part too. A restaurant this big, including the business, etc. will cost at least tens of millions. He had also heard about the restaurants bought by the Fu Family. If he took part in this venture, what could he do with his measly funds?

Unless Li Zekai continued to ask for money from his father, then it would be possible. But his father had just given him a sum of money to invest in the supermarkets and will he still provide him with money? If only he met Feng Yu a few years earlier.

If he knew Feng Yu a few years earlier, Feng Yu would surely choose him as his partner. He was the second son of Superman Li, and Fu Guangzheng was only the second son of Fu Rongjing!

“Brother Feng, you must call me along if you have any investment opportunities in the future.” Li Zekai said gloomily.

“Sure…… sure…… Oh, I still have something to discuss with you. Can you invite your father for the opening ceremony for our supermarkets?”

Translator's notes:

Ducks in Mandarin had the same meaning as Gigolos. 

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 615

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