Extraordinary Genius Chapter 616

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 616 – Superman Li is impressed

“You want my father to be at the opening ceremony?” Li Zekai looked as if he had seen an alien. Li Zhekai had never seen his father attending any opening ceremony in his life!

“What's wrong with that? He also owns the shares of this Tai Hua Supermarket. Shouldn't he be present for the opening ceremony?” Feng Yu smiled and asked.

“It's hard to invite him. My father does not like to attend these types of events. He had shunned the limelight for several years and left most of these matters to my elder brother and his a.s.sistant.”

“You still have not asked him, how do you know he is not willing to go? Don't forget what country he will be going.”

Li Zekai frowned. What country he will be going? That's right. He will be going to Beijing, capital of China!

“I will ask him when I get home. But don't keep your hopes high.”

Li Zekai also wanted his father to be present at the opening ceremony. This will be his father's support for him. But his father did not even appear for the opening of his Pacific Century Group, will he even attend the opening of Tai Hua Supermarket?

That evening, Li Zekai returned home for dinner. During dinner, he tried to speak but stopped on second thoughts.

Superman Li ate slowly, and he could tell that Li Zekai wanted to say to him something. He finished his dinner and told Li Zekai: “If you have anything to say to me, come to my study room.”

“Dad, Tai Hua Supermarket should be opening at the end of July or early August. Feng Yu wants to invite all the shareholders to the opening ceremony. He asked me to invite you.”

“Didn't you tell him that I do not like to attend these events?” Superman Li looked at his younger son.

“I told him that. But he says you might be interested as the location is in Beijing.”

Superman Li's eyes sparkled. Beijing? This Feng Yu is an interesting fellow.

“Invite Feng Yu over for dinner tomorrow. Come to say, I still have not met him yet.” Superman Li suddenly said.

Li Zekai's eyes opened wide. His father invited Feng Yu over to his house for dinner? It's been years since his father asked someone over to their home.

“Ok. I will tell him to come over tomorrow.”


“Your father is inviting me over for dinner? Ok. I will be there.”

Feng Yu was not surprised by Superman Li's invitation. He had been invited by Fu Rongqi in the past, and Superman Li should be aware of it. In Feng Yu's previous life, he heard that Superman Li will watch the news and read newspapers from all over the world. He should have read China, j.a.pan, and US newspapers. Maybe Superman Li had an estimate of his real wealth.

Who would not be curious about a miraculous young man? Superman Li is also human, and he should be curious about him.

Feng Yu arrived at the Li family's villa precisely at 6.30 pm. He remembered a newspaper article that Superman Li waked up at 6am and got off work at 6 pm. The was his habit for years. Since he finishes work at 6 pm, then arriving at 6.30pm should be just right on time.

Feng Yu brought a bottle of wine as usual. Superman Li loves to play golf and was good at it. But Feng Yu did not know anything about golf and did not even know where to buy golf clubs. Wine is still more convenient.

Li Zekai opened the door for Feng Yu personally and his elder brother, Li Zeju was also there to welcome him. Superman Li did not walk out and remain seated on the sofa.

Superman Li only stood up when Feng Yu entered the living room. “Nephew Feng, come over and have a chat. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Nephew again? Why does Hong Kongers like to address others as a nephew? But Feng Yu thought about his relations.h.i.+p with Li Zekai. This way of addressing him was not wrong. Feng Yu and Li Zekai were quite close like brothers.

“Uncle Li, I have known Brother Kai for quite some time but did not visit you. I hope you are not angry.”

“Hahaha. It is me who invited you late. Nephew Feng is so capable, and I should have invited you over earlier.” Superman Li was quite friendly unlike the rumors about him. Of course, it might have something to do with Feng Yu's status. Superman Li positioned Feng Yu quite high. He might even place Feng Yu as someone his equal.

Everyone said some pleasantries and the chef came out to inform them dinner was ready.

During dinner, Superman Li also chatted with Feng Yu and Feng Yu noticed there were lots of Northeast dishes on the dining table. These were specially cooked for him.

After dinner, Superman Li invited Feng Yu to his study for some tea. Feng Yu knew that Superman Li wants to talk business with him.

No matter whether it was Hong Kong's tyc.o.o.ns or China tyc.o.o.ns, all of them likes to talk business in a quiet place. Hong Kongers preferred study rooms. Many of the books in the study might be for decorations, and most of the tyc.o.o.ns had never touched them. Also, most tyc.o.o.ns in Hong Kong live in large villas and had lots of helpers.

In Feng Yu's previous life, he heard that Superman Li was a careful person. He does not trust others quickly even if it was his own helpers. This was because if what he said was to spread, he might lose some opportunities.

That's why Superman Li would discuss with his guests about trivial matters in the living and dining rooms. But for important issues, he would talk in his study. Once the door of the study was closed, no one could hear a thing outside.

Feng Yu looked around the study when he entered. He noticed that it was a novel on the table. He had heard that Superman Li have a habit of reading every night. He might have read all the books on the shelves.

“What would you like?” Li Zekai asked.

“Green tea will do.”

The helper brought a cup of green tea into the room and left, closing the door behind her.

“Nephew Feng, I heard from Zekai that you are inviting me to the opening ceremony of Tai Hua Supermarket?”

“Yes. I intend to create a hype for the opening and let CCTV report it in their news. This way, it will increase Tai Hua Supermarket awareness in the shortest time.”

“CCTV will report about the opening in their news is because I am present. I am only a minor shareholder, and I should not have any obligations to attend the opening ceremony, right?” Superman Li jokingly asked. He knew that the opening ceremony would be on the news only if he were attending.

“Uncle Li should have plans to visit China soon, right? Don't you want to have a chat with China's top leaders about the issue of Hong Kong's return? Or maybe you would like to see the changes in China and help your company's investments in China to make more money?” Feng Yu asked him back.

Currently, Superman Li's investments were mainly in Hong Kong, followed by China. Canada's investments were only ranked third. If there were any political changes in China, his businesses would be affected.

“Why should I be a concern with these?”

“Because you had set your sights on China's developments and believe that China will develop rapidly in the next 20 years. Also, your main investments should be in China, right?”

Li Zekai knew his father was optimistic about China's developments. But how did Feng Yu find out about this? Also, what Feng Yu said was precisely what his father was thinking. Both felt China's economy will be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, in the next 20 years!

Superman Li looked hard at Feng Yu and gasped. “You can predict this. Just this point alone, both my sons cannot be compared to you.”

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 616

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