Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 457

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Light of Destruction

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Lunar Scourge's light shot into the air and reached the new moon in an instant. The originally dim new moon became incredibly bright, covering everything in bright silver light.

Moonlight was something that was normally gentle and beautiful. Looking up at the night sky while being bathed by moonlight was one of the best things in life, and one could even feel their souls being cleansed by the moonlight… however, when the Lunar Scourge's moonlight covered the players, the gentle and beautiful moonlight became nightmarish, covering the 200 metres around Ling Chen…


It was impossible to describe how wretched the screams were… tens of thousands of players began to scream in pain as soon as the moonlight touched them. They felt as if their bodies and hearts had been pierced by countless of unseen arrows, riddling their bodies with holes and tearing them apart. None of them had experienced such pain before, exceeding their limits. In fact, for some, it was more painful than all the pain they had experienced in the past combined. They felt as if they had fallen into h.e.l.l, and longed for death, but all they could do was wail and howl!


Tens of thousands of red damage figures rose up from the players at the Unsetting Sun's Headquarters, forming a gigantic red fog. The beauty and horror of the scene shocked even Ling Chen. It was like the players were screaming and howling within a sea of blood.

The Scorpio Orb's effects applied to 'any attack' from Ling Chen- no matter if it was Physical, Magic or even attacks from items. As long as the attack came from Ling Chen, it would ignore any pain reduction and increase pain by 300%. With [New Moon], only half of [Moon Sacrifice]'s might could be displayed. However, even with 50% of its power, it was more than enough to kill these weak players more than 10 times over. Even with 50% of its range, it still covered more than 120,000m2. In order to protect the headquarters, the Unsetting Sun players had all quickly returned. As such, they were gathered incredibly densely, and a single [Moon Sacrifice] covered over 50,000 Unsetting Sun players!

Under the bright moonlight, the 50,000 Unsetting Sun players screamed like demons and were all executed.

Just like the other lunar skills, [Moon Sacrifice] could be instantly cast, and didn't last for very long. The bright moonlight shone for an instant before the new moon in the sky became dim again, and the nightmarish light soon disappeared. Below, the 'blood fog' began to disappear, and the ground was littered with corpses. The mountain of corpses extended as far as the eye could see. In this ma.s.sive area, apart from Ling Chen, not a single player was left standing… not only that, the beautiful marble floor was now cracked and shattered. The 30 or so buildings within [Moon Sacrifice]'s range had all been ravaged, and even the players who had not partic.i.p.ated and hid inside the buildings to watch the action had died without even knowing what had happened. At a glance, all that could be seen were corpses and ruins. It was a completely h.e.l.lish scene. In that moment, it was as if the entire world had fallen silent…

Forgotten Continent, Yan Huang Alliance's Headquarters.

Long Tian Yun's body swayed, and his cold face became incredibly pale. Large drops of sweat began to form on his forehead, and slowly dripped down. He stared fixatedly at the screen, which showed the scene of Ling Chen destroying the Unsetting Sun.

"Young… Young master, are you alright?

The scene that appeared on the screen caused Flame Shadow to baulk, and Long Tian Yun's reaction was even more intense. An instant… it had been an instant! Countless players had fallen amidst the screaming, and nearly one third of the Unsetting Sun's Headquarters had been turned into ruins.

He had personally seen a scene that he thought could only be seen in sci-fi movies. And now, it had become a reality within the virtual world. What's more, the wielder of this power was Long Tian Yun's greatest enemy, Ling Tian! All of Ling Tian's enemies, even the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance, Long Tian Yun, shuddered upon seeing this scene, and felt fear and dread spread throughout their bodies.

"Young master, please… please don't worry," Flame Shadow deeply gulped and tried to find a reason to rea.s.sure Long Tian Yun and himself, "Ling Tian evidently used some sort of item. For that item to be so powerful, it's impossible for there to be many of those items. Perhaps… Perhaps Ling Tian only has that 1 item! Moreover, our Yan Huang Alliance represents all of China and is the heart of China. If Ling Tian dares to attack our Yan Huang Alliance, he'll be making an enemy out of all of China. Plus, even if… even if Ling Tian has more of those heaven-defying items, we don't need to worry. How can our Yan Huang Alliance be compared to the Unsetting Sun? Even if Ling Tian can destroy the Unsetting Sun, there's no way he could destroy our Yan Huang Alliance, which has extremely firm foundations. The only thing he'll receive is death."

Long Tian Yun did not say anything as his eyes shone with ruthlessness and stared at the screen. The sweat gathering on his forehead did not stop for even an instant.

"Heheh…" After the new moon was recalled by Ling Chen, seeing the h.e.l.lish scene around him, he began to laugh in delight. A single [Moon Sacrifice] had killed 50,000 j.a.panese players, including Yamamoto Michio. This had caused Ling Chen's EXP bar to rocket upwards. The final defensive door had also been destroyed, and the area within 200 metres of him had been completely devastated… even if the Unsetting Sun could survive this disaster, they'd have to spend an astronomical fortune in repairs.

Ling Chen's gaze fell on a building that had been half destroyed. A vicious look flashed in his eyes and he started to rush over to it as he ran over the corpses. His surroundings began to flash with white light, which indicated that the players killed by [Moon Sacrifice] were about to be revived. However, more than half of the players s.h.i.+vered at the revival point, not daring to return to where Ling Chen was. The pain they had felt before their deaths would leave a scar on their souls for the rest of their lives.

The surviving players' faces all paled as they stared at Ling Chen with wide eyes. Seeing Ling Chen move like an otherworldly demonic G.o.d, not a single one of them dared to stop him. At this moment, Yamamoto Michio revived, and stared at the ruins for a few seconds before his face darkened and almost became purple. The muscles in his face twisted as he looked around for Ling Tian. By the time he had found him, he found that Ling Tian was charging towards a half-destroyed building, and was now only 10 steps away. Yamamoto Michio's head buzzed, and almost fainted as he hollered in a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Stop him!!! Stop him!!!!!"

It was a pity that they were much too late. Moreover, even if all of the surviving players rushed at Ling Chen, they simply wouldn't be able to stop him. All the players in Ling Chen's way were swept away like leaves as he rushed into the building. He immediately saw gigantic sign inlaid with gold… the words 'Unsetting Sun' were carved in large golden letters. Ling Chen walked over, raised the Great Ravager, and tapped it on the sign.

If a guild's guild sign was destroyed, the guild would issue an announcement that the guild had been destroyed. Guild signs had high HP has well, and it was impossible for normal players to destroy them within a short period of time. However, with the Scorpio Orb, Ling Chen could easily smash it with a casual swing of his weapons.

Yamamoto Michio had never run so fast in his life before. As soon as he reached the entrance, he saw that Ling Chen had already placed his weapon on the guild sign. His face instantly fell and his heart rushed to his throat. He stopped running and cried out, "No!! Please don't!! L-L-Ling Tian, please… please put down your weapon. Let's talk this out. Please, please, no matter what… don't…"

Yamamoto Michio's voice began to tremble. If it was any other person who had their weapon on the guild sign, Yamamoto Michio wouldn't have felt so frightened. Instead, he would have immediately ordered people to surround them and kill them. However, he had seen Ling Tian destroy a LV5 defensive door in just 2 hits. Destroying a guild sign would be like cutting tofu to him.

Ling Chen's hand did not move, and he smirked under the Evil G.o.d's Mask, "Yamamoto Michio, I actually didn't want to take such extreme measures. If I wanted to make life difficult for you, I could have done so from my very first day in the East Ocean Continent. However, you've pushed me too far. You all sent countless people to chase after me, which is simply unacceptable. Although I'm a kind person, but even kind people can become angry, right?"

You? A kind person? Wouldn't everyone be angels then?! Since the life or death of the Unsetting Sun was in Ling Chen's hands, Yamamoto Michio didn't dare to refute him. Seeing that Ling Chen hadn't destroyed the guild sign yet, he inwardly sighed in relief and furiously nodded, "Yes, yes, that's right. It's me who was in the wrong. I'm sorry for what I've done; I'll even kneel to apologise for my mistakes. Ling Tian, you… you're the number 1 expert in China- no, the world. Please, there's no need for a mighty figure like you to bicker with normal people like us. As long as you have mercy on our Unsetting Sun this time, I… I promise that I'll never offend you again. And… and if anyone else dares to cause trouble for you in the East Ocean Continent, we definitely won't let them off lightly." Currently, Yamamoto Michio was completely and utterly filled with regret. He had long since heard of how powerful China's Ling Tian was, but he had never put much thought to it. Why would the leader of j.a.pan's number 1 guild care about a lone wolf? However, Ling Tian's power had unimaginably surpa.s.sed anything he had experienced. He now realised that he had not offended a player, but a demon!

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 457

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