Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 458

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The Trembling Long Tian Yun

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Great Ravager in Ling Chen's hand slightly bobbed up and down, tapping the Unsetting Sun's guild sign each time. This caused Yamamoto Michio's heart rise to his throat, and he almost kneeled down to Ling Chen. Ling Chen pretended to be in deep thought, then slowly said, "Your Unsetting Sun is the largest guild in j.a.pan. If I really destroyed this guild sign… hmm, I'll probably be completely hated by every single j.a.panese player. There isn't much benefit to me in that and is rather quite disadvantageous."

Ling Chen's words caused Yamamoto Michio to inwardly rejoice. He furiously nodded, "Yes, yes, yes, yes! There's no benefit to you at all in destroying that guild sign; it'll just bring you disaster… if you don't destroy that guild sign and leave us alone, we'll be extremely thankful and view you as one of our closest friends. If you ever need our help, we won't even frown… this is the best course of action for you to take. Wasn't there a saying along the lines of 'having an extra friend is always better than having an extra enemy'?"

Yamamoto Michio spoke extremely respectfully, in order to save the guild sign. He didn't dare to show even a bit of haughtiness or fury in his tone, and instead repeatedly begged Ling Chen to let it go. If this guild sign was destroyed, everything would be finished. Even if they could rebuild the Unsetting Sun, it would never be as powerful or glorious.

Ling Chen laughed, "Hmm, Mr Yamamoto, you're quite right. It's just that… you all tried to hunt me down, forcing me to come here, and now you want me to forgive you… if I just left like this, everyone would think that I'm afraid of your Unsetting Sun. This isn't too good for my reputation. You need to give me a good enough reason." To be able to lead j.a.pan's number 1 guild, Yamamoto Michio definitely wasn't an idiot. He understood the meaning in Ling Chen's words and let out a breath of relief inwardly. It seemed that the Unsetting Sun could be saved. He took a step forwards as he tentatively said, "The fault is mine, so Ling Tian, tell me what conditions you have. As long as we can meet them, we'll make sure you're 120% satisfied."

"That's good," Ling Chen nodded in satisfaction. He then tilted his head back as he casually said, "To be frank with you, there's nothing in your guild that caught my eye. Your best equipment and items are just trash to me. Hmm… let's be practical. I'll give you 3 minutes to give me 1.5 billion gold. Once I receive the money, I'll immediately leave. If I don't receive it, this guild sign will be obliterated."

"3… 3 minutes?"

"That's right, 3 minutes, starting from now. What, is there a problem?" Ling Chen asked as the Great Ravager in his hand gently tapped the guild sign again.

"No, no, no! Not a problem at all! Not at all!" Yamamoto Michio hurriedly waved his hands as a wave of pain rolled through his heart. Not too long ago, he had mysteriously lost 2 billion gold, and now he was going to lose another 1.5 billion gold! Of course, for the Unsetting Sun to be so powerful, they had quite a lot of funds. However, even to a large guild, 1.5 billion gold was a huge figure! Nevertheless, he had no other choice.

"What are you all waiting for? Didn't you hear Ling Tian? Immediately exchange 1.5 billion gold! Hurry up! If you all can't prepare 1.5 billion gold within 3 minutes, don't expect to see the sun rise tomorrow!"

"Ah, yes, yes!" Hearing Yamamoto Michio's roar, his aides behind him hurriedly picked up their communication devices and ran off.

Two and a half minutes later, one of the aides came running back with sweat all over his forehead, yelling from the distance, "Alliance master, the gold has been prepared!"

"Don't give it to me, give it to Ling Tian! Hurry up!!"

Above that person's head was the name 'Yamamoto 17'. Evidently, he was related to Yamamoto Michio in some way, seeing as he was in charge of the Unsetting Sun's finances. He ran to Ling Chen, but when he was 5 steps away, his legs started to shake. With great effort, he finally made it to 3 steps away from Ling Chen. He opened his mouth, but couldn't say anything.

Ling Chen smirked and took a step forwards with the Great Ravager still on the guild sign. He calmly said, "Transfer the 1.5 billion."

 "Okay, okay," Yamamoto 17 mechanically nodded, then opened his gold window. When he looked at the amount of gold he had, his entire body trembled as his eyes became as round as saucers and he felt as if the world was spinning…

This was because the amount of gold his gold window displayed… was a 0!!

"Eh? Hurry up and take it out, you don't have much time left," Ling Chen frowned as he told Yamamoto 17 to hurry up.

"What are you waiting for? Immediately transfer to him the money. Hurry up!!" Seeing that Yamamoto 17 was standing there in a daze, Yamamoto Michio couldn't help but roar out in panic.

Every inch of Yamamoto 17's body was trembling, and his face was as pale as a corpse. He turned around, crying out to Yamamoto Michio, "Gone… gone… all of the gold… I definitely exchanged 1.5 billion gold… but it's gone…"

"W-What?! What did you say?!" Yamamoto Michio nearly coughed up blood. However, he suddenly realised something. He turned to look at Ling Chen as his expression became one of hatred and despair, "Ling Tian, you…"

Gold definitely wouldn't disappear for no reason. The 2 billion gold that disappeared that day was definitely because of something Ling Tian did. And now, the exact same thing had happened! Yamamoto Michio knew that Yamamoto 17 was a careful person who would not be tempted by greed. That was why he was in charge of the Unsetting Sun's finances. As such, it definitely couldn't have been Yamamoto Michio who did something. Even if he was an idiot, Yamamoto Michio would be able to realise that Ling Tian had some way to steal money from other people. However, before Yamamoto Michio could say anything, Ling Tian started to shout in anger and disappointment, "Yamamoto Michio! I gave you face and a chance to save your guild, but you dared to toy around with me! In that case, I won't show any mercy… time to destroy this Unsetting Sun!!"

Ling Chen raised up the Great Ravager and smashed it down. Ling Chen attacked incredibly quickly, and before Yamamoto Michio and the others could even react or shout, the Great Ravager hit the guild sign. With the strong [Destruction] effect from the Scorpio Orb, a loud explosion sounded out as the guild sign flew into the air and split into more than 10 fragments…

"Ding… j.a.pan Region Announcement!  The number 1 guild, Unsetting Sun's guild sign has been destroyed, and the guild has been disbanded. The Guild Rankings have now been updated. Please view the Guild Rankings for the updated rankings."

The moment the guild sign was destroyed, a system announcement rang out across all of the East Ocean Continent, sounding like thunder in every player's ears.


The cup in Long Tian Yun's hand fell to the ground and shattered as he trembled and stumbled backwards. Seeing that Long Tian Yun was about to fall backwards, Flame Shadow hurriedly went to support him, fearfully asking, "Young master, are… are you alright?"

Long Tian Yun elbowed Flame Shadow away as he stared at the screen. Suddenly, he began to yell as if he was mad, "Immediately… Immediately lodge a complaint to the Cosmos Corporation! There's definitely a problem with guilds' defence systems! How can someone destroy a LV5 defensive door in just 1 or 2 hits? This is definitely a bug!! It's definitely a bug!! Immediately lodge a complaint! And… And that AOE destructive item that Ling Tian used… no player should have that sort of item. It would destroy all balance in the game and destroy the game!! Immediately complain… contact everyone possible, including the 10 biggest guilds in j.a.pan, and get them to lodge complaints as well!!"

"Young master, please calm down…"

"Hurry up and do it!!!!!"

"Yes, yes, yes…" Flame Shadow didn't dare to say anything else, and he hurriedly left.

Long Tian Yun tightly gripped his hands into his fists, inducing cracking sounds, and his handsome face became incredibly savage. That nightmarish night had left a shadow in his heart relating to Ling Chen, and even now he still had nightmares. And now, the fear in his heart had become much greater… he had personally witnessed Ling Chen effortlessly destroy j.a.pan's number 1 guild! Normal players were just like ants to him, and even a ma.s.sive army couldn't withstand a single attack from him. He could also destroy a guild's strongest s.h.i.+elds, the defensive doors, in just a few hits… in that case, if he wanted to destroy the Yan Huang Alliance's defensive doors, it would be just as easy. He had easily destroyed everything around him in a large area, causing the deaths of tens of thousands of players. If he wanted to destroy the Yan Huang Alliance… it would not be impossible at all. In fact, it would not even be difficult.

The destruction of the Yan Huang Alliance was not something Long Tian Yun had even considered before. After all, he did not believe there was something that could threaten the Yan Huang Alliance. However, he now found that this could soon become a reality. Ling Tian… had singlehandedly destroyed j.a.pan's number 1 guild, and he was his greatest enemy, the only person who had ever left such a shadow on him. As for Ling Tian, he also hated the Yan Huang Alliance with every fibre of his being. Moreover, he was a madman! He was someone who did as he pleased. He didn't care at all about the consequences of destroying j.a.pan's number 1 guild, so he probably held no reservations about destroying China's number 1 guild either…

 It was entirely possible that as soon as he came back from the East Ocean Continent, he would come to take out his anger on the Yan Huang Alliance.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 458

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