Limits. Limits 238 Memories

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As we approached the house, I heard "SULY! SULYYYYY!". It was Lazar, and he must've returned not too long ago. I grabbed Suly, and ran at full speed towards the house. I almost crashed into Lazar, who was about to leave the house. He was surprised when he saw me, and asked "You?". He then noticed a small Lizard in my arms. At first, he didn't recognise his own daughter, but then realised something, and asked "Suly?". Before a bigger commotion erupted, I grabbed Lazar, and entered the house.

Suly said "Daddy, it's me!". He was flabbergasted to be sure, and didn't know what to say. I helped him out, and said "Don't worry, I just painted her with red paint. It will come off, after you wash her". He hugged his daughter, then looked at me with anger. I said "Your daughter never went outside, so I took her around the village, before you returned. There is nothing to be mad about, she was with me at all times, and I wouldn't let anyone harm her". He was still angry, and said "That is not the point", he then looked at Suly, and said "I told you to not go out! Why...".

I interrupted him, by saying "Don't shout at her. I will tell you why I did it. Come with me". He looked at his daughter, and then at me, "Fine. Suly stay home now" he said. She nodded her head, and became very sad. Lazar followed me outside, and said "Why would you even do this? Who goes to someone else's house, and takes their daughters?". I replied "Don't get all excited. She was much more safe with me, than she could ever be with you".

He was stunned, while I continued "Your daughter… She reminds me of my past self. People are usually blind, to what they have, and should cherish. You love your daughter no doubt, but have you ever spend time with her?". He became confused, and said "I always spend time with her, when I return home". I asked "Is it really? Your daughter is lonely, and I can see that. You didn't even think of a simple solution, such as painting her red, in order to go out together. You come back home tired, and tell me you spend time with her? Stop lying to yourself".

He didn't know what to say at that point, so I asked "You know why I did this?". He shook his head, and said "No". I replied "Because something bad may happen. You cut her off, from the rest of the world. She sits at home all day. She has no friends, who will play with her, or talk with her. I offered her that chance, to experience something else, other than the four walls that surround her".

He replied "But that doesn't mean, you could just take her like that!". I said "I did it on a whim. Only because I saw myself in her a bit. She agreed by the way, I never forced her to do it. This alone proves my point". He started thinking about what I said, so I gave him advice "I'm no parent, but I lost my parents, and I've been through some s.h.i.+tty experiences in my life. I know what loneliness means. I know how it feels, when you have no one to turn to, no one to talk with. I will tell you this as a friend. Take better care of her, and spend more time with her. She needs your attention, not your presence. Stop focusing on running errands so much, and start caring for your daughter more".

He sighted, and said "You are right. I can lie to you and others, but I can't really lie to myself. I still don't approve of what you did, but I understand your intentions. I'm alright now. Let's go back, I want to talk with my daughter". I nodded, and followed him back to the house. Suly was sitting in the corner, playing with her toys. When we came back, she looked at Lazar, and said with tears in her eyes "Daddy, I'm sorry, I will not do it again". Lazar realised his mistake, and shook his head. He then said "It's fine, he is much stronger than me. What he said is true, you were much safer with him, than you can ever be with me. You don't have to apologize, I should be the one doing it".

He walked over to his daughter, picked her up, and said "I'm sorry, that I neglected you. It seems daddy is the stupid one. From now on, we will spend more time together. Alright?". Her tears disappeared, while smiled appeared on her face, and she nodded her head. I said "Stay with your daughter today. I will return tomorrow, and we will go to Harlin. He probably wants to speak with me". As I was about to exit his house, Lazar said "Thank you". I didn't turn around, and simply waved my hand, then replied "Don't mention it, just take good care of your daughter".

I left towards the tavern, and ordered some drinks. 'This reminds me of my own family. My parents that died, and my grandfather, who wants to hunt me down. I wish I had a normal family I could come back to, and talk with freely' I thought, and drank quite heavily that day. I woke up the next day, with a huge headache. 'I shouldn't have drank so much yesterday' I thought to myself, and left the room.

I drank, till I was barely able to walk. Fortunately, people around here knew me, so no one created any problems for me. I went over to the counter, and asked "You have anything for hangover?". The Lizard behind the counter replied "We usually take this". She poured something into the gla.s.s, and placed it in front of me. I drank it, and almost vomited it the next moment. 'What a disgusting thing that is. This could easily be used as a weapon' I thought, then said "Thanks, how much do I own you?". She replied "It's on the house. You've spend a lot of money here in overall, so there will always be a place for you here". I nodded and thanked her, then left.

I headed straight towards Lazar's house. When I got there, and knocked on the doors, Lazar opened up. He looked a bit tired. "You alright?" I asked. Lazar replied "You look like s.h.i.+t yourself, thank you". I smiled, and said "I drank a lot yesterday, I don't think you did the same though". He said "I played with Suly, until she fell asleep. She was so happy, I've never seen her like this. You were right, I need to spend more time with her".

I nodded my head, and asked "Can we go now?". He replied "There is no need. Harlin is already waiting inside". I nodded, and entered the house. Harlin was sitting on one of the chairs, while Suly probably slept in her room. Harlin said "Have a seat first". I did just that, and took a seat on one of the chairs. Harlin looked at me seriously, and said "You stepped into big s.h.i.+t this time. I guess, this isn't the first time though".

Limits. Limits 238 Memories

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