Limits. Limits 283 A Clue

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After my meal, I went straight to my room. I still had to create those drawings for the next day. I would need three tools, and a special retainer or holder. The first tool, looked like pincers, but was very thin and long. The second tool, looked like elongated scizors, also very thin. The last tool, had a hook at the end of a long and thin handle. These were the tools, I needed to carry out eye replacement.

I also needed a holder, which would open up the eye socket, as much as it was possible. It would need to retain the eyeball as well, while I worked on it. 'The drawings came out rather well. He should be able to create such tools now' I thought, and went to sleep. The next day, I went straight to the blacksmith workshop, and handed the drawings to the old Lizard. He nodded his head, and said "I can make them, but it will take a while. Do you have any materials in mind?". I replied "Use whatever you would recommend, for such tools. They can't be too flexible though, I need them to be quite precise".

He nodded his head, and said "Alright, Come back in a day or two. They should be finished by then". I nodded, and left the workshop. I went straight to Lazar's place, and knocked on the doors. Crow walked over to the doors, and asked "Nex?". I replied "Yes, it's me". He opened the doors, and let me inside. I asked "Do you want to continue the training?". Crow nodded, and said "Yes. I tried doing that on my own, and learned how to walk around this house a bit better. I'm getting used to being blind. I don't know if I should be happy, or sad though".

I replied "It's always good to learn something. Even if your eyes are back, this will still help you out". Crow nodded, and we started the training with poles again. This lasted for a few hours, and because I had nothing to do, I stayed at Lazar's place to accompany Crow. "So how exactly, are you using your skills?" I asked. Crow replied "What do you mean?". I clarified "How do you hide yourself? Are you using an Aura of some sort?".

Crow shook his head, and said "No, Shades don't have that. At least, I'm not aware of any Shade, who would possess an Aura". I asked again "So, how do you hide yourself?". Crow replied "I can show you, if you want". I said "Show me". Crow activated some sort of skill or ability, and started disappearing. I asked "How are you able to do it? Is it some sort of trait of yours?". Crow appeared, and said "No, I simply avoid the light… well it's a bit trickier than that, but this should be the best way I can explain this".

'Avoid the light…', I was lost for a while in my thoughts. When I snapped out of it, I asked "Can you teach me?". Crow replied "I don't know. I never tried teaching anyone. Not every Shade can do this. I could, since I evolved. I guess it is my trait after all". I asked "But you are doing something. Tell me, I need to know". Crow was a bit confused, and asked "Why are you so bent on knowing this? I can show you what I do, but I can't really explain it. It's not that I don't want to teach you. I just don't know how".

I said "I've been looking for an answer, for many years now. Avoid the Light, the stage my mentor and friend reached. I always tried to convince myself, that it had something to do with Auras. I was just pulling the wool over my own eyes. Nick never used an Aura, he was able to do it, without it. Now that I mastered my own Aura, I know it has nothing to do with them. I could feel it for a long time, yet I chose to be blind. That is the reason, why I want to learn it".

Crow nodded, and said "In that case, I will try my best to teach you how I do it. After all, I own you too much. Even if you wanted my arm, I would give it to you". Crow started demonstrating and explaining, how he did this. Of course, it was very hard for him to explain, as the ability to do that seemed to be born with him.

After a few hours of trying, I got some ideas, but I wasn't any closer to reaching that stage myself. At the end, I asked "Are you making any specific movements?". Crow shook his head, and said "No. I can just stay still, and do the same. As I explained, it's like I have this energy. When I ran it through my whole body, I become less visible. It kind of allows me to avoid the light. Because it doesn't matter if there is a shadow or not, I can stay hidden anyway".

Crow's last comment, light something up in my head. 'Energy. He is using his energy' I thought. If energy was concerned, I had loads of it. 'But how do I make it course through my whole body? And how will it make me disappear?' I thought. This was something, I had to try and do. Instead of contemplating about, it was always better to just try. I couldn't wait any longer, and simply started my practice.

I began from spreading the energy throughout my body, which didn't seem so hard. When I actually tried doing it, I found out how hard it was to achieve. 'When I fight, I usually spread my energy to my legs, arms and whatnot, but my whole body isn't covered by it' I thought. Then I remembered pressure points, and what different points affected in the human or any body. 'This is like pressure points, I have to spread my energy around my body, as if it flowed through every part' I thought, and tried.

This turned out to be a useful clue. Although I wasn't able to do it straight away, I knew it was possible. 'Making my energy flow through every part of my body, will not make me invisible. There must be something else there' I thought. There were benefits either way. Because the energy would flow throughout my body, every inch of it, would be stronger, tougher or more resilient. I could already control my strength, as well as my body very well. Yet, when I say body, I mostly referred to arms, legs, and balance. Balance could be kept using the hips, legs, arms and head. 'Then what about the rest of the body? Could those things be controlled?' I asked myself. I didn't know the answer, but I would surely try to find that out.

Limits. Limits 283 A Clue

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