Limits. Limits 338 Roland The Prince Part 2

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I nodded, and took out some paper to draw a sketch. I wanted to draw the Moon Blade, and show it to him. As the Royalty, he might've encountered it. Finished with my drawing, I showed it to him while asking "I'm looking for this sword". He took the paper, and looked at it. After a while, Roland said "Yea, I've seen a few of them. They seem to be really popula… Hmm?". He looked at the drawing again, and exclaimed "I know this sword! I saw the exact same sword, that you just drew. The popular ones looked a bit different, but this one looks like... Why are you looking for it?".

'Jackpot' I thought, and replied "Because it belongs to me. It was stolen from me a long time ago, and I want it back. Who has it, who has my sword?". He laughed, and replied "This is good, this is very good indeed. I will tell you, who has this sword". I waited for him to continue. Roland said "Liana, she is in possession of that sword. I can guarantee that she will not give it back to you". I quickly asked "What does she look like?".

He was a bit confused, and said "Em.. She is quite tall for a woman. Large b.r.e.a.s.t.s, blonde hair, and green eyes. I guess her face is rather pleasing to look at, although I hate to admit it". I draw up something, and pa.s.sed it on to him. Roland was shocked, he said "It is her. Have you seen each other before?". I snorted, and replied "Seen?". I extended my right arm, and said "More than seen".

He asked "Did she do something to your arm?". I said "Yes, cut it off to be precise. I finally found her. This is just too good, not only did she cut off my arm, she even has my sword?". I lost control over my emotions. Without realising it, the whole house was enveloped in my Aura. I only realised what was happening, when Fox squeezed out "Stop…". I quickly stopped my Aura, and apologised.

Roland was scared, and shocked too. He said "You are much stronger than before… Did you perhaps…". I didn't answer, and said "You want out of this place? I will give you a way out. If you do something for me". He replied, "If you want me to steal the sword, I..". I stopped him, and said "No. I want you to lure her to a place, where no one will obstruct me". He asked "And how am I supposed to do this?". I replied "Your problem. I already know what I wanted to know. I will get my sword back, with or without your help".

He thought about it, and said "I wish for her death, believe me. But I will not go back there. I prefer to risk it now, and flee, rather than return there and probably die. My answer is no". I appeared next to him, and tapped on a few pressure points. He fainted, while I said "Suit yourself". Fox asked "What are you going to do with him?". I replied "Nothing. He is just asleep. His problems are his, not mine. Although he is not a coward and can think for himself, if he chose my side, his future might've been brighter. Anyway, let's go. I already know who has my sword, and I will make sure it returns to my hands".

We walked through the streets, towards Paul's smithy. Fox asked "That is how you lost your arm? Because of that woman...?". I replied, "It has to be her. At that time, she didn't have my sword. This can only mean, she got it later somehow. Not that I care, the sword belongs to me anyway". Fox said "Don't be reckless, alright? I know it's your sword and all, but think about it. You can't just go in, and kill someone. Especially in the Imperial Palace. There are people stronger than you inside".

I smiled at Fox, and said "I'm no idiot. I might've tried breaking into the Academy, but I'm not going to repeat that with the Imperial Palace. I will think of something. With Roland's help, this would've been much easier. Unfortunately, we can't count on that guy. No matter, I saved his life, and he provided me with information. Now, we go our own separate ways".

Fox nodded, and said "Good. Don't be stupid and reckless. The sword is going nowhere, there is no rush". We soon arrived at the smithy, where Paul was waiting for me already. I told him that I wanted to talk first. Paul agreed, and we went to his office. He asked "What's up?".

I replied "I found my sword". Paul was shocked, and then smiled. He said after a while "So you found it… I'm sorry Nex. I didn't want to tell you, who has that sword". I was stunned, and asked "You knew?". He nodded, and replied "Yes. I was afraid to tell you. With so much rage inside you, I could imagine what would happen if you stormed the Imperial Palace. You being here, is a good sign".

I asked "How long were you planning on keeping that from me?". He shook his head, and replied "As long as it was necessary. You might be disappointed, but I can't allow you to throw your life away". I sighed, and said "I'm not going to throw my life away. I will think of something later. For now, I will stay here and learn how to smith. Knowing where my sword is, I feel more at ease". I could tell that Paul was relieved when he heard that.
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I recalled something, and asked "Why are you so concerned about my rage, my anger? Everyone would be angry in that situation". He shook his head while replying "You are different. Your father was the same. When your father was angry, even his Aura became savage and filled with killing intent. Only thanks to your mother, Raz was able to learn how to control his anger. When we first met, I saw the same anger inside you. Who knows, maybe you also need someone to help you control it".

I was lost for words. 'So the Aura that awakens when I'm angry, is my father's? Does that mean, I inherited his Aura?' I asked myself. I wasn't sure whether it was possible to inherit Auras, or whether I coincidentally awakened the same Aura as my father. I asked "Can people inherit Auras?". Paul was confused, and replied "I never heard of anyone inheriting an Aura. It's something that every human has to learn by themselves. Why do you ask?".

I said "Because it is possible, I have the same Aura, as my father had". He was shocked, and asked "You mean, you also have an Aura when you become angry?". I nodded, then replied "Yes. I can't really control it, and it only awakens when I'm really angry. My vision changes to that of red, and I thirst for blood". I could see his expression, it already told me, that in fact it was the same Aura. The Aura my father had.

After a while, Paul finally said "This Aura is treacherous. Refrain from using it… ever. It can drive you mad, just like it would your father. I told you, if not for your mother, Raz would die a long time ago. That, or he would be a wanted man. This Aura only spells trouble". I nodded, and said "I'm kind of aware of that". Paul sighed, and said "Alright, it's time we return to our lessons. Focus on smithing, and forget about that Aura as well as the sword. You are still young". I nodded, and we left the office.

Fox was waiting outside. I asked her, "You don't have any lessons with that Lady Mirabel?". She shook her head, and replied "I have a day off. Besides, I can tailor anywhere I want. I will stay here, and keep you company. Later I'll make you some food". I nodded, and thanked her. She replied "It's nothing, you don't have to thank me", but I wasn't thanking her for the food. 'Fox, you being there with me, helped me quell my anger. Who know what stupid things I might've done, if not for you' I thought. Wasting no more time, I walked up to the workbench, and began making ingots.

Limits. Limits 338 Roland The Prince Part 2

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