Limits. Limits 393 Mordars Part 2

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'I can try something, but… I don't know if it will work' I thought. The strength of the combined Mordars was exceptional, but there was also a disadvantage. They moved at a much slower pace. 'If I could get past those branches and roots, defeating them should pose no problems' I thought. I had something with me, that could help me with that. It was risky, but worth a try.

The large Mordar advanced towards me, while I backed off constantly. During the chase, I fished out a bottle full of green liquid, and drank it. The bottle contained a sort of boosting liquid. I made it from the speed enhancing liquid, that Fox gifted to me, as well as few other herbs. I wasn't sure what effects it would have on me, but there was only one way to find out.

'I don't feel any different though' I thought, while stepping backwards. Then I noticed something strange. The large Mordar chasing me seemed to stop. 'Hmmm?' I took a closer look, and quickly realised what it was. 'It didn't stop... I'm moving so fast, it seems so slow to me!' I thought. A smile appeared on my face. That speed enhancing medicine was something else indeed. It was the first time I actually tried it, and the effects were staggering.

I stopped backing off, and instead moved forwards. I have no idea what appeared in the Mordar's eyes, but its branches and roots? They were so slow, I could evade them without even trying. I didn't take me long to arrive in front of the large tree. I didn't slow down though. With my Razor Sword ready, I slashed the Mordar horizontally, then stopped a few good metres behind.

When I turned around, the branches and roots were now completely still. The top half of the large Mordar began slowly tilting to the side. I was falling slowly… until it hit the ground. "Thud!". 'This thing is amazing! Even sound takes longer to arrive. As if the whole world slowed down for me... Is that the limit of speed? Everything will slow down, if I move that fast?' I asked myself. It was unfortunate though. I only had that one bottle. 'The herbs I used were quite rare too… Finding some again will take time, and I don't have time' I thought.

This speed enhancing liquid was extraordinary. That experience opened my eyes a bit. If I were able to move that fast without any medicine, wouldn't that be the pinnacle? Where the world itself slowed down, because of my speed. I didn't linger anymore, and rushed towards Boltier. At my current speed, it would take me a day, or perhaps even less than a day to arrive.
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I didn't know how long that medicine would last for, but when the effects disappeared, I finally learned the price for such speed. "Thud". I fell face first onto the ground. I could barely move, all my muscles were vibrating. 'I… can't even… move a finger!' I thought. Pulsating pain ran through my whole body, while some sort of weird vibrations plagued my muscles. I could do nothing, but endure and lay there. Fortunately, there were no enemies around, otherwise I would be a goner.

'I need to make a mental note. Try something first, before using it in battles' I thought. At least a few hours pa.s.sed before I was able to move again. The aftereffects were very strong. I wondered whether it was due to the herbs I added, or because the medicine Fox gave me had such an effect initially. With my hands able to move, I tapped on a few of my pressure points, and the vibrations as well as the pain lessened.

After picking myself up, I walked slowly towards Boltier. I wasn't far away either. About three hours later, I reached the city. By that time I could move normally, but the weakness of my body didn't simply disappear. A group of Voltar soldiers stopped me, and demanded explanations as to my visit. I showed them the seal I received from Lazar, and added the Arangard seal on top of that. The soldiers checked them in great detail, then gave them back to me.

"We need to make sure that those who visit are genuine. Please go through that gate, you seem a bit tired". I smiled and replied "Yea… By the way. Where can I find your leader?". One of the soldiers asked "You want to speak with our General?". I nodded, and replied "Yes. I have some information to relay to him. I also want an opinion on something". He thought about it, and said "Rais here will take you to General Litral, you can relay your message there". I nodded, and followed the soldier called Rais.

The Voltar guide seemed quite young to me. 'Is he a fresh soldier?' I asked myself. Rais wasn't as stiff as soldiers usually were. He asked "You come from afar?". I nodded while replying, "Yes, to be precise from Obsidian Mountains". He exclaimed "And you made it here by yourself?!". I smiled while saying "Yea, pretty much". He whistled in amazement, then asked "How did you do it?... I didn't want to be rude, I was just curious". 'This guy is interesting' I thought.

I shook my hand, the replied "It's fine. I'm not that weak you know. Although the last stretch of my journey here was… different". He asked confused "Why so?". I replied with "There was a small forest full of Mordars. They are quite strong you know? I wasn't aware they could combine into one big Mordar. If I knew that, I would simply go around them". Rais just stared at me for a while, seemingly lost in his thoughts.

I just smiled, and didn't say anything else. It wasn't anything to brag about either. Although I could probably win without the use of that medicine, the fact that I actually used it, was no feat at all. Rais woke up from his thoughts, and asked "You are joking?". I replied "No? Why would I joke about such things?". He replied "You want to tell me, you took on the combined form of Mordars, alone… And survived?". 'Didn't I just said that? Maybe it was a feat after all?' I thought. I had no clue, the opponent was difficult, but not impossible. I was sure some Voltars would be able to do the same thing.

I replied, "You are free to go and check, it should still lay there". He just shook his hand, and said "Yea right. Jokes aside, General's quarters are there". He pointed at one of the buildings in the distance. It was of course floating. He then tapped his head lightly, and added "I forgot, only Voltars can use the transport system in the city. Let me go there, and ask someone to bring you in". I grabbed him while saying "There is no need". I crouched down, then jumped as hard as I could. "BOOOM!". The ground beneath me broke apart, while I flew through the air straight towards the building Rais pointed out.

"Swooos.h.!.+" "Tap". I landed just outside the floating building. 'Wow, I was barely able to make that jump though. I wonder how far I would be able to jump with that medicine still active' I thought. I stood there contemplating about the medicine, when Rais called out "You actually did it. I had to explain the sudden outburst to others, but WOW! You are strong indeed". I just shrugged my shoulders, and said "Let's go met with your General". He nodded, and guided me toward his General.

Limits. Limits 393 Mordars Part 2

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