The Bible in Spain Volume II Part 31

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JORGE, dimin. JORGITO. _Span._ George.

JOROBADO. _Span._ A hunchback. The verb _jorobar_ means "to worry."

JUEZ. _Span._ A judge.

JUMAL. _Arab._ Friday. More correctly, _jum_'_a_.

JUNTA. _Span._ and _Port._ An a.s.sembly, meeting, council, governing body.

JUNTUNo. _Rom._ A listener, spy, sneak. From _junar_, _junelar_, to listen. P. ii. 221; Pp. 497; M. viii. 75.

JUSTICIA. _Span._ A legal tribunal, or the magistrate or magistrates who const.i.tute it. _Absol_, justice.

KAFIR. _Arab._ Not a Moslem.

KANDRISA. According to Borrow, Turkish trousers. Possibly the same as the African Arabic _?an dura_ = long s.h.i.+rt, _toga talaris_.

KAPUL UDBAGH. According to Borrow = "There is no G.o.d but one."

KAUK. _Hebr._ The furred cap of Jerusalem, according to Borrow. We may perhaps compare _?u?a_, stated by Redhouse in his _Turkish Diet_, to be a peculiar plumed head-dress worn by field-officers of the Janissaries.

KAWAR. _Arab._ An uncommon word, meaning, no doubt, a cemetery, being a corrupt form of _?abr_, a tomb.

KEBIR. _Arab._ Great.

KER, QUER. _Rom._ A house. P. ii. 153; Pp. 279; M. vii. 79; G. i. 178.

KERMOUS DEL INDE. _Arab._ A fruit; the p.r.i.c.kly pear.

KISTUR, KESTER. _Rom._ To ride. P. ii. 122; SC. refer to _uklisto_, Pp. 560; A. 14; M. viii. 89. Borrow derives it from the Wallachian _keleri_. Perhaps from the Grk. ?????.

KJaeMPE. _Scand._ A champion. Cf. "Kempion the kingis son" in the ballad that bears his name.

KNAW. _Rom._ Now. P. ii. 124; Pp. 130; M. vii. 5.

KOSKO, KOOSHTO. _Rom._ Good. P. ii. 157. This is an Eng. Rom. word.

Continental gypsies use _latcho_, _mishto_.

KYRIE. Grk. ????e, sir, my lord.

LABRADOR. _Span._ Cultivator, rustic, peasant. _Labrar_, to till the ground.

LaCHA. _Rom._ Maidenhead, virginity. Z. ii. 7; P. ii. 331; Pp. 325; M.

viii. 4.

LACHIPe. _Rom._ Silk. I cannot explain this word, unless it is connected with the following.

LACHo, fem. LACHi. _Rom._ Good. P. ii. 329; A. 49; Pp. 328; M. viii.


LADRES. _Port._ Plur. of _ladro_, a thief. Lat. _latro_.

LALORe. _Rom._ The Portuguese. LALORo, the red land. Eng. Rom.

_Lotto_ (cf. _Jackanapes_, p. 28). P. i. 54, ii. 338; Pp. 328, 339; M.

viii. 8.

LAPURRAC. _Basque_. The thieves.

LARGO. _Port._ A square, or public place in a town.

LECTURA. _Span._ Reading.

LEN. _Rom._ A river. _Len baro_, the great river; _Wady al Kebir_, the Guadalquivir. P. ii. 336; Pp. 333; M. viii. 6.

LEVANTa.r.s.e. _Span._ and _Port._ To raise one's self, rise.

LE. _Span._ To him.

LI, LIL. _Rom._ Paper; a letter,, book. P. ii. 329, 339; A.

48; Pp. 334; M. viii. 7.

LIB. _Hebr._ Heart. More correctly, _leb_.

LICEO. _Span._ School, college.

LILIPENDI. _Rom._ A simpleton. Akin to LILo, _q.v._

LILo, fem. LILi. _Rom._ Foolish, mad. P. ii. 340.

LIMOSNA, dimin. LIMOSNITA. _Span._ Alms, charity.

LINDO. _Span._ and _Port._ Beautiful, pretty.

LIRI. _Rom._ Law. P. ii. 340.

LLAVERO. _Span._ Turnkey.

LOCO. _Span._ Mad.

LOMBO. _Port._ Loin.

LONDONe. _Rom._ An Englishman; lit. a Londoner. So B., but it is probably plural. P. i. 54.

LONGANIZERO. _Span._ Sausage-maker.

The Bible in Spain Volume II Part 31

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