Hail the King Chapter 923

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Chapter 923: The Turn in the Situation (Part One)

Now, the situation made a strange turn.

"Are demi-G.o.ds like cabbage that can be seen everywhere?" After laying low for many years, Emperor Ya.s.sin finally pa.s.sed nature's challenge and advanced to the Demi-G.o.d Realm with D'Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov helping him bear a portion of the pressure. Right now, he was still resting in the Royal Palace of Zenit, trying to firm up his realm.

"How come this young Reus is also a demi-G.o.d? Isn't it said that demi-G.o.ds haven't appeared on the continent for many years?" Fei was confused by what he was seeing. The information that he obtained was contradicting what he previously thought he knew.

Of course, there were a few things that Fei didn't know. Although Reus looked like he was younger than 30 years old, it was due to his mighty strength and prolonged life span. After all, powerful strength could help people maintain their youth. In reality, Reus was more than 50 years old; he was in the same generation as Emperor Ya.s.sin.

Fei was able to see through his opponents' ages before since they were all weaker than him. Now that Reus was much stronger, the king couldn't tell.

None of this presented any real issue.

The issue was how he could deal with the current situation.

Although Fei never had battled a demi-G.o.d before, and he didn't have any direct understanding of their power, he was sure of one thing; he was no match for a true demi-G.o.d.

On the other side of the sky, streaks of green light mist gradually dispersed around Reus, and the greenness quickly replaced the original blue color of the sky. Although the green light was as fancy as the northern lights, and it didn't carry any pressure or murderous spirit, Fei sensed extreme danger.

Fei quickly dashed back, avoiding being engulfed by the green light.

Fortunately, the coverage of the green light was only a bit less than 1,000 meters around Reus.

"Oh! This is his realm!" At this moment, it suddenly dawned on Fei that the area covered by the calm and gentle green light was Reus' unique realm. Inside the realms of demi-G.o.ds, they could create and alter everything as they pleased; they were like real G.o.ds in their realms. Any of their opponents who fell into their realms would be like puppets that were controlled by them, having no way of fighting back.

"Now, this game should really be over." Reus' voice resonated in the sky.

Without the prior mockery and disdain, he sounded like an emotionless robot. Also, he looked like a bright sun with his entire body engulfed by the eye-piercing green light.

While he spoke, Reus suddenly appeared less than 100 meters away from Fei without any prior indication.

Fei was instantly engulfed by Reus' Green Light Realm without having the chance to dodge.

The king's heart raced. That wasn't traveling at a fast speed, and it wasn't s.p.a.ce-travel. At that moment, time seemed to have stopped around the king, and Reus already appeared in front of him when everything became normal again.

"Is this the unique power of Reus' realm? According to Physics that I learned in my previous life, when an object's speed surpa.s.ses the speed of light to a certain degree, time could be reversed. Reus is a wind-elemental energy cultivator. After becoming a demi-G.o.d, even though he could master all elements, he should still have the highest proficiency with wind-elements which excel in speed. Therefore, his speed should surpa.s.s the speed of light in his realm. Then…" While Fei thought to himself, he tried to dodge instinctively; it was the automatic reflex of a master.

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Chapter 923: The Turn in the Situation (Part Two)

However, it was useless.

"Exterminate!" Reus' voice sounded emotionless like the judgment of a G.o.d.

It seemed like the Grim Reaper was sneering viciously and trying to kiss Fei on the cheek.

This time, Reus didn't throw a punch, and no warrior energy was used. In fact, there was no contact.

Fei couldn't feel anything attacking him, but the process of death already greeted him. Fei felt like he was a porcelain doll that was struck by an iron hammer, quickly shattering and breaking apart. Like a sand sculpture that was being blown into a cloud of sand by a gale, each cell in the king's body was disintegrating. The Grim Reaper had never been closer.

Without thinking, Fei tried to communicate with the mysterious stone pillar in his body.

Right now, only the mysterious stone pillar named the [Scepter of Creation] could defend the terrifying power of a realm. If not, the king could only end his trip to the Azeroth Continent in regret like this. Demi-G.o.ds were beyond the level of mortals; human warriors couldn't battle them.

Just like when Fei was in every other desperate situation, the [Scepter of Creation] that stayed in Fei's body and treated it like a cozy home reacted to this. Sensing that Fei's body was close to disintegrating into nothingness, this pillar reacted aggressively as if someone were trying to demolish its house by force.

A streak of faint-silver light flashed on the stone pillar, and it was divided into many smaller light dots. Like small fireflies, these light dots scattered inside Fei's body that was breaking apart and disappearing. Then, Fei detected a strange sensation, and the disintegration started to reverse. The cells that collapsed begun to reform, and the broken bones began to combine and heal themselves.

It looked like a magical hand lightly pushed back on the hand of the clock, making time reverse for a little bit.


Reus' face had lost all human emotions, but he suddenly looked surprised under the illumination of the green light. Although he only made a quiet sound, it was enough to show this demi-G.o.d's shock.

Reus could detect even the most minuscule changes in his Green Light Realm.

Now, there was a force that he couldn't control in his realm! This was his first time experiencing such a thing ever since he became a demi-G.o.d.

Usually, there was only one explanation for this according to the iron martial laws of Azeroth; such a thing would only occur if the opponent in his realm were someone who was at least a demi-G.o.d and stronger than him. However, Reus was sure that the King of Chambord wasn't a demi-G.o.d right now.

"Could it be that there is a secret treasure on him?"

Just as Reus was wondering to himself and uncontrollably froze, Fei did something that shocked him even further.

After the king's body was repaired, instead of fleeing this extremely dangerous Green Light Realm, he dashed toward Reus like a moth to the flame! Since the two were close to begin with, Fei dashed within ten meters of Reus while the latter froze for the split second.

"Arrogance! How dare you challenge a demi-G.o.d?"

Reus was instantly enraged by Fei's provocative decision. Ever since he became a demi-G.o.d, he started to suppress and remove his human emotions. The power of a 'G.o.d' could only be fully used when it wasn't affected by emotions. But now, Reus had been angered by Fei multiple times.

"Exterminate!" Reus chanted this law again, unleas.h.i.+ng the power of his realm.

But this time, the scene where the King of Chambord got shattered didn't occur. Instead, something even stranger happened.

Reus's vision suddenly blacked out. Then, he felt like the air around him became thick like flowing blood, and strange pressure fell on him like a giant mountain, making his expression change dramatically.

Everything around him changed.

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Hail the King Chapter 923

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