Hail the King Chapter 924

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Chapter 924: The Power of the Throne of Destruction

This change was something that Reus never expected.

The blue sky, white clouds, giant and magnificent Dixie City, and close to one million people all disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by ancient stone walls written with vicissitude. The black walls looked horrifying and tragic under the illumination of the blood-red air. They were full of marks left by swords and sabers, and the black color came from layers of dried blood. The ground was full of dents and potholes, and strange liquid filled them. At the same time, dripping noises sounded frequently. Together with the roars of demons that seemed vague from where he was, this s.p.a.ce looked terrifying and vicious.

“Where am I? Where is this place? How come I suddenly appeared here?” Reus slightly frowned.

Even though he was confident in his own strength, he had to be cautious and aware while observing the surroundings since he suddenly came to this strange s.p.a.ce.

This place seemed like an underground palace or a tomb, and he didn’t know how long it had been around. Like a senior who was corroded by the pa.s.sage of life and was holding on for bare survival, everything in this place seemed aged. Some mysterious engravings could be seen on the uneven surface of the walls, but the technique used and the content were already too vague to see, making Reus feel like it was mysterious and ancient.

In the giant hall, the stone pillars were either standing or had fallen over. Streaks of wind of unknown origin blew in the hall while screaming and howling. A suppressive and cold b.l.o.o.d.y sensation permeated the air, making Reus feel like this wasn’t the mortal world but the legendary h.e.l.l!

Engulfed in the green light, Reus floated half a meter above the ground, and he was highly aware of his surroundings. While observing the area, he pondered and thought about what had caused this sudden change.

This vicious and terrifying underground stone palace wasn’t that big, and its internal structure wasn’t that complicated. Reus quickly searched through every inch of this s.p.a.ce. To his disappointment, he didn’t discover any exits. He punched the walls and tried to break them, but he was shocked to find out that his powerful energy couldn’t even leave a light mark on the walls that looked like they were going to collapse at any moment now. As if he punched the air, nothing was changing or happening.

“What is going on? Did the King of Chambord cast a spell using the help of a magic scroll and somehow threw me into a mysterious s.p.a.ce in the void?” Reus thought to himself about the potential possibilities.

Suddenly, the roar of a type of ancient creature sounded not too far away from Reus, making the entire mystical blood-color palace buzz loudly. The powerful soundwaves created a strong gale, disturbing the peace in this place. All the puddles of liquid and small stone pieces were blown into the air.

“Stupid human! You are a poor ant! How dare you barge into the [Throne of Destruction]? Are you trying to instigate a war between humans and h.e.l.l?”

After the initial wave of spiritual energy struck, heavy footsteps sounded behind Reus as if a ma.s.sive beast were running toward him.

Reus turned around and gasped uncontrollably.

By the turn of a b.l.o.o.d.y corridor, a giant monster that was more than 100 meters tall walked out. The dark-red bone-like scales tightly wrapped around this monster’s body, and it roughly had the human shape even though almost no flesh could be seen on it. Tough bones were all over its body, and it had two long horns on its forehead like a giant undead knight. Spiral bone spikes grew out of its shoulders, and a pair of enormous wings created by mysterious dark bones could be seen on its back. Its lower body was enveloped in a cloud of white mist, and terrifying screams could be heard from it as if many grieving souls were shrieking. Even though Reus was a demi-G.o.d, he couldn’t see through that layer of white mist.

“What is this? h.e.l.l? Demon?” Reus’ heart raced.

Combining the spiritual energy wave that this monster released and its appearance which was full of bones, Reus instantly thought back to [h.e.l.l] which was the death realm in the legends on the Azeroth Continent. After all, this monster that was primarily made of bones was very similar to the descriptions of demons in h.e.l.l.

While Reus was surprised, the monster let out the second roar, and a ton of ice shards and snow shot out of this monster’s mouth, creating a blizzard and occupying the entire corridor. The bone-freezing chill instantly permeated the air, and the howling wind and spinning ice blades left deep marks on the walls and stone pillars.

Reus couldn’t dodge such a ma.s.sive area attack in this limited s.p.a.ce.

Therefore, he had to unleash his full strength. He instantly opened his Green Light Realm, and the gentle green light engulfed his body. Reus was very confident in his own realm. After all, it was the power of the G.o.ds.

However, he was stunned as soon as he opened his realm.

In the normal world, his Green Light Realm could cover an area close to 1,000 meters around him. But now, it could barely cover the area of several hundred meters around him. Inside this mysterious s.p.a.ce where even air looked blood-red, the laws of nature and power were different from the normal world. The strange suppression in this blood-red s.p.a.ce decreased his strength by at least 30 percent.


In the next moment, the howling blizzard collided with the Green Light Realm.

The strong gale that carried snowflakes and ice blades instantly became gentle and docile once it entered the Green Light Realm, and the snow and ice started to quickly melt and disappear as if they were inside a heated oven. The blizzard that filled this entire corridor couldn’t do much to Reus’ realm. The ice storm was blazing outside the Green Light Realm, but the ice and snow quickly reduced in size inside the realm. When they ventured deeper into the realm, they completely disappeared.

Even though this was the case, it was shocking to say the least.

The realms of the demi-G.o.ds were invincible to anyone who was weaker. Reus’ realm was filled with exterminating power; the law of extermination continued to cycle and operate.

Anything that entered the realm was disintegrated into the basic elements before disappearing. However, the ice and snow still existed inside the edge of the Green Light Realm; it meant that the blizzard penetrated the power of Reus’ realm to a slight degree; it would be shocking to any demi-G.o.d!

“d.a.m.n it! This blizzard contains a trace of G.o.dly power! Only G.o.dly power can penetrate my realm. Law of Extermination!” Reus’ face changed color, and he instantly unleashed the power of the Green Light Realm without hesitation once he detected threats.

The laws inside the realm moved with Reus’ will and words. As soon as he finished, those ice and snow inside the edge of the realm completely disappeared.

Before Reus could completely relax, he suddenly sensed an unprecedented level of danger. Suddenly, his neck felt a cold sensation before he could react, and this coldness turned into pain.

In the next moment, a black shadow flashed by him in silence like a gust of smoke.

“It is you… King of Chambord?”

Reus shouted in anger as if he were a male lion that got its mating partner taken away. He instantly recognized that this black shadow was Fei. Although the outfit wasn’t the same, and that looming, ghost-like aura was different from before, Reus was 100 percent sure that this lightning-like fast shadow was King Alexander of Chambord.

When the King of Chambord flashed by him, terrifying injuries appeared on Reus’ neck.

“Hahaha! How does this strike feel?”

The familiar mocking laughter resonated in the entire blood-red s.p.a.ce.

The black lightning was Fei who switched to a.s.sa.s.sin Mode. While moving extremely fast, the king turned his head and smiled at the angry Reus, showing the ladder his white teeth.

Right now, the king was wearing a skull-like, scary helmet and a set of faint-black loricated mail. As if his body were transparent, he swiftly moved in the Green Light Realm, and he waved a strange, claw-shaped weapon on his hand to provoke Reus further. Right now, the tips of the sharp, tri-blade scissors katar still had Reus’ blood flowing on them.

This set of items were named [Natalya’s Odium] and came from Diablo World.

In the next moment, Fei merged with that terrifying ice storm like air, completely disappearing.

“d.a.m.n it! It is you! How did you do it?”

Reus roared in anger. Suddenly, three streaks of blood shot out of his neck. Under the pressure of the blood, the wounds that couldn’t be seen became visible, revealing three b.l.o.o.d.y grooves on his neck; the wounds on his flesh all blew out. These wounds were so big that it seemed like his neck was cut into three chunks, and they were about to fall off his torso.

Unfortunately for Fei, the vitality of a demi-G.o.d was way too strong. In addition, Reus was inside his Green Light Realm so that such injuries couldn’t kill him.

“Growth!” After Reus shouted this word, the flesh around the terrifying wounds started to wiggle. In the blink of an eye, only three light scars could be seen.

“Wait! That tri-blade scissors katar contains G.o.dly power! Otherwise, how come light scars would be left on my body after the growth power of my realm healed me up?”

Reus lightly caressed his neck and felt the light b.u.mps that were created by the scars, and he was shocked. Then, he quickly thought back to what took place. The King of Chambord was able to move inside his Green Light Realm freely, and the power of ‘exterminate’ didn’t damage this man.

“What is going on?” Reus couldn’t wrap his head around the entire situation.

Everything was strange and mystical like clouds of mysteries, and they slowly corroded and chipped away Reus’ confidence.

Hail the King Chapter 924

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