Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter Chapter 88 Part5

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Rebirth of the General's Granddaughter Chapter 88.5

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Yu Lanxuan hurriedly shook her head, "No, I like jiejie. I rather be friends with jiejie."

"Then you can play with us from now on." Zi You had not replied, but Ji Bingyu rushed to answer.

Zi You thought of her plan for revenge and also smiled and nodded. "Welcome, Lanxuan."

Yu Lanxuan pretended to look flatered. She went over to Zi You's side and said, "Jiejie, they keep calling you a mixed breed. What is a mixed breed?"

Xia Ruoqing, Ji Bingyu, and Liu Ruixue's faces changed. They all looked at Zi You with concern.

Zi You looked at the hidden ridicule in Yu Lanxuan's eyes and her foolish expression and knew that Yu Lanxuan was deliberately scolding her. She also wanted to provoke Zi You and Fourth Gongzhu into disagreement.

Therefore, without anger, she calmy said, "I also don't know. You should go back and ask your yiniang. The adults should understand, right? I only know that my mother was born to Indian and Great Yan parents. My father is a Great Yan citizen. If they call me a mixed breed because of that… Aiyah! Then aren't they scolding the previous Emperor? The previous Emperor's mother was Nanjiang Dali's Gongzhu."

Zi You saw Yu Lanxuan's face turned white and her heart was happy. Wench! You tried to make me angry and provoke me and Fourth Gongzhu into fighting so you could sit back and take advantage. I don't think so.

This Xiaojie is not the previous life's Mu Zi You. Only I can harm people. People won't harm me.

Yu Lanxuan saw that Zi You was not fooled and panicked. Actually, Fourth Gongzhu did not scold Zi You as a mixed breed. Because the previous Emperor's mother was from a different tribe, the most taboo words were "mixed breed" for the previous and current Emperor. When the previous Emperor was alive, he once executed lots of people for that crime. As a member of the imperial family, how could Fourth Gongzhu not know that this was an imperial taboo?

Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter Chapter 88 Part5

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