Lost Temple Chapter 13

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“Hey, What do you think they would've been doing for the next three days?” An Tong climbed out of the group tent and stretched out to look at Black Mark's small tent that was not far from their tent. “Were they doing something like □?” The obvious jealousy and the desire to monopoly that Falling To The Silence had previously shown in his eyes were so big that makes him also felt that something was wrong. Moreover, after that, the tent was set up in a state that forbids outsiders to enter, it's hard for him not to think about it.
“Today, the world's first martial arts compet.i.tion in the world is about to start. At least they will send food out if they don't partic.i.p.ate…” Cold Wave that climbed out to the sun also squinted his eyes stared at the tent, and said along.
“Don't you both know, the friends.h.i.+p which not exceed ten thousand* can't make intimate contact? We have been together for so long, their friends.h.i.+p is only over two thousand!” Fusu came out to stop the boring delusion of the two people.
“Wow~ Little Susu is amazing.”
“Wow~ Little Susu is good and wise.” The two tacitly do dog-legged…

(狗腿: dog legged, is also translated as henchman, hired thug, lackey.  Someone who kiss up with the other and/or those who follow the villain)

…… “You two guys quickly get me some stuff and get ready to go to the town!!!” The tip of the wand is dangerously condensed the snowflakes and icicle, knowing that this is the omen to the sorcerer's temper outburst, An Tong and Cold Wave look at each other and quickly flash into the tent to pack things.
The system requires all partic.i.p.ants must be in the top 10  in their respective main city to enter the next round of compet.i.tion. Bobcat team have been blessed as the S-cla.s.s mercenary adventure group, saved everyone from fighting against each others, go straight to Rubedo city to qualify for the tournament. The compet.i.tion is divided into two parts, the team compet.i.tion and the individual compet.i.tion. Today, the team compet.i.tion begins. The team compet.i.tion is based on a team of ten or less people, and that the team will fight until one party admits defeat or all team members die.
The game pattern was drawn by the team leader, Cold Wave smas.h.i.+ng the box, the imposing hand reached into the lottery box and grabbed a slip of paper with the words “Group B, Thirteen”
… “b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”
“You're dead!”
In an instant the knives and swords, lightning and thunder, when Black Mark doesn't understand what's going on, the Bobcat team as the team leader of the event being attack again, Cold Wave whose badly beaten face was swollen were dragged by the medical team of the organizing committee to go to the infirmary for treatment.
“This is, what happened?” Black Mark that witnessed the whole b.l.o.o.d.y process closed his jaw that was about to dislocated, and he asked softly.
“he has drawn such a sign, it's already cheap not to kill him.” Shaking the paper on his hand, An Tong said indignantly.
“Why? The opponent is very strong?” Was they kicked into the iron plate at the beginning and met an invincible opponent?
“No, look at this number, thirteen, gee~ how unlucky!!”
… just because it is unlucky? “That.. it's superst.i.tious*?” Black Mark began to have some sympathy for Cold Wave.

(T/N : *have a blind faith in something)

  ”NO~NO~NO~ The first rule of the mercenary group survival law, superst.i.tion is essential.” Elf sorcerer Fusu pushed the monocle, very seriously corrected, Today his hand does not hold the staff that never leaves his hand, but instead a white seven-fracture fan. Occasionally unfold and shake it, plus with his elegant robes, it is like the style of the family in ancient times.
“Hey, what about Fusu's wand? Is it lost or broken?” Since his short bow was broken, Black Mark listed the weapons in the same consumable category as the feather arrows.
“No, the role of the wand in Fusu's hand is not for mana increase but for mana suppression. The magic is usually used to prevent accidental killings.” An Tong kindly explain to Black Mark.
“Why don't you use it now?”
“There's an opportunity to kill openly, how can i let go!” The monocle flashed white light, and the murderous look blow on his face, Black Mark secretly fought a cold war. Never be gentle to the Elf Sorcerer, confused by the harmless appearance of humans and animals, the guy's heart is actually a ghost!!!
Team games are boring, at least in the eyes of the Bobcat team it seems to be so. Staring at the big screen of the live broadcast situation, pouring a big mouthful of juice, spit out the boredom “So weak, how could it have been playing so long….”
“It's boring, food little brother, do you have anything to eat? I am hungry~” He yawned, Cold Wave looking at the empty plate in front of him and turned his gaze to Black Mark.
“You are not allowed to eat! Otherwise, you'll be late for the game and you'll be slow because of the high food intake.”
“Ha ~ that level of opponents, Fusu alone can solve Ei~ Why do you want to use me!”
When he hasn't finished talking, he got a prop from Fusu paper fan on his head. “The second rule of the Mercenary Survival Law: Never underestimate an opponent!”
Although what Fusu said is reasonable, but their first few opponents were too weak, Black Mark, Silence and Cold Wave almost haven't shot yet, the other party who has small blood profession has been killed on the spot by Fusu's large range of magic attack, the small blood warrior profession has just survived a round of magical bombardment, but he was sent back to the resurrection point by An Tong's dagger before he could catch his breath….
Just like chop melons cut vegetables generally they're into the semi-finals, the Bobcat team finally met an opponent that attracted their attention —— Killing G.o.d team. Like the Bobcat team, they're also undefeated team. The strong opponent causes a battle that lurks deep in the blood vessels, from the morning, An Tong was restless jumping up and down, his eyes filled with excitement, Cold Wave sitting on the sidelines wiping his big sword, his weapon was very special, the whole body of the sword is b.l.o.o.d.y red, don't know what material was made of, the sword is still vaguely emitting black light, it is not an item at first glance, most likely a purple-rank epic weapon.
Falling To The Silence took out the paralysis poison made by Black Mark with the seven-leaf mandala and the witch flowerfrom the s.p.a.ce bracelet, and carefully applied to the blade of the double knife. Fusu is the most steady, but from the constant flashes of coldness on his lens, can be seen his inner eagerness.
“Okay, let's arrange the game tactics.” The white folding fan “pa” was closed in the hand, Fusu pushed the monocle and took out a stack of information and sent it to several people. “According to the previous information, the other is a powerful team of 10 consists of a Dragon Gun Knight, a Swordsman, two a.s.sa.s.sins, three Sorcerers, a Thief, a Summoner and a Priest. From the attack method, excluding the sorcerer and dragon gun knight they are double professions.”
“It looks like a perfect team ah.” Black Mark browsed the information in his hands and praised, the other person's career a.s.signment is extremely reasonable, the warrior system can attract firepower, the sorcerer and summoner remotely out, thieves and a.s.sa.s.sins has surprisingly magical weapon, the last priest guaranteed the survival of his teammates in the battle.
“Hum, look at the number of people, 10 to 5, we're at the disadvantage here.” It's deserved to be called Bobcat team's brain. Fusu's a.n.a.lytical thinking is clear, on the point. “Our advantage is that the other party is not clear about the specific strength of everyone, although the Bobcat team has a reputation, but the players have always been low-key. In the previous game, except for me and An Tong, n.o.body shot, i guess they don't even know your specific profession is. This is where we are surprisingly successful.”
Saying this, Fusu's mouth evokes a bloodthirsty radiant: “It is estimated that they will hit the firepower on me at the beginning, therefore, Silence, your and An Tong's task is to open the gap for me within ten seconds. Cold Wave entangled the dragon gun knight and swordsman. If you can't do it, just back to the resurrection point and wait.”
“Fusu rest a.s.sured.” The warrior who has been poisoned, Not in the slightest to take the sorcerer's threat to heart, and still replied with his usual lazy smile.
“What about me?” Look at the other people's orders, Black Mark put your hands up and ask questions.
“You are our secret weapon~” smiled slightly, Fusu's face was hung with the warm smile as the spring breeze. Just now the violent sorcerer simply judge the two people, “You first play as a bard, waiting for the right opportunity to kill the dragon gun knight, as to what timing is up to you.”
When they studying the other team. The members of the Killing G.o.d team also sat in their tent with a serious face holding the information.
“Boss, our opponent this time looks like a hard iron plate~” The Swordsman Steel City took the information in his hands and screamed “crackling”, there's no worries on his face, instead it's full of excitement.
“Don't worry, we don't know too much about our opponents. The lack of the number of the player indicate that they must have something extraordinary.” Dragon gun knight Drunken Evil of The Throne waving his hand, motioned to the tall swordsman who was a little bit impatient. He is also very excited, but as the leader of the team, Drunken Evil of The Throne also understands that calm a.n.a.lysis and pre-war arrangements are the key factors in winning.
“What's that, two dozen hits, bury them, bury them!” The thief Extreme Element move about his finger joints, carelessly said.

( T/N : if you have other name for this player 极端分子: Extreme Element, feel free to inform me in the comment, the opponent names so hard to write..)

“Hum! That is, I'm going to fight that sorcerer, none of you are allowed to shot!” There is a kind of comparison between the peers. Perfect Storm from the beginning pays attention to the elf sorcerer named Fusu, can meet face-to-face in the game right now, this once-in-lifetime opportunity, can not be missed.
“No, this is a team compet.i.tion. If you want to play alone, you'll have to fight for the individual game!” A cold water poured down, Drunken Evil of The Throne once again look at the information in his hand, the useful information is too little, so far they still don't know their professions. “I will say it again, never underestimate the enemy. I don't want our unbeaten record to end up in their hands.”
“Boss is too cautious~” Extreme Element twitched a whisper of complained. The a.s.sa.s.sin stealthy pulling knife standing next to him also nodded silently and agreed.
Drunken Evil of The Throne helplessly look at his teammates, these few people are undoubtedly the elite of the elite, but they have been too proud to have been undefeated for so long, he is afraid that their team is not lost in the hands of the opponent, but lost to their own arrogance.
“I think Drunken Evil of The Throne boss is make sense.” Six-Way of Reincarnation who stood in the corner silently listening to their bickering suddenly said: “We know so little about them, race, occupation, skills were not known. You see, we don't even know the real face of the two of them.” Six-Way of Reincarnation reaches out his hand refers to the picture on the data, Falling To The Silence and Black Mark with the mask.
“Wow ~ these two is good match ~” grabbed the data from the Six-Way of Reincarnations hands, the sorcerer Unparalleled Warrior first uttered an exclamation~
“Right, right~ This is simply the perfect match of the iceberg Gong and the queen Shou.” The pink-rose heart appeared in front of the priest Versailles' eyes. “Six-Way, can you give this data with the photos to me?”

(T/N : Gong is Seme, Shou is Uke)

“You don't have?” Six-Way of Reincarnations is completely helpless to the two creatures known as “fellow women.”
“The photos on the people's data are black and white, but yours is colored printing ~~~~”
……… “Take it if you want”…
“Yeah!!! Thank you~~~~”
“Wow ~ Xiao Gong is really good ! Absolutely Cool gong!!~”
“I think he is Qiang Gong! These two are clearly beauty combination!”

(T/n : Qiang Gong means Strong seme)
“You don't think the temperament of the Xiao Gong is similar to Six-Way?”
“what~~~ Right, right~~~ Through this compet.i.tion the three people will be able to rub out the spark of love, broke out in a shocking m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic love~~~~~~” Unparalleled Warrior has been completely immersed in infinity imagination.
“Yeah~ Three people must be XO after OX and then XXOO and then OOXX finally develop into a sweet 3P~~~~~”
Listening to the conversation between the two people off-line, Drunken Evil of The Throne's veins on his head rise one after another, and couldn't bear to burst out: “The meeting is over.” Bounce everyone out of their tent.
It was supposed to be a very serious tactical discussion session yet ended in the YY where two girls flirted with pink bubbles…

(T/N : YY is chatting apps)

Lost Temple Chapter 13

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