Lost Temple Chapter 14

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The design of the compet.i.tion is very retro, combined with the name of the “World's First Martial Arts Compet.i.tion”, it is easy to think of someone in the designers team is the hardcore FANS of “Dragon Ball X”*.

(*Dragon Ball: j.a.panese anime/cartoon)

The captains of the two team Cold Wave  and Drunken Evil Of The Throne represent their respective players to salute each other first, they can reach the semi-finals at the same time with unbeaten record, it's only shows that both sides are strong, and the strong ones will compete each other, of course there is also awkward feelings. After Cold wave crossed the sword on the chestand made a standard swordsmans.h.i.+p, he said something that made Drunken Evil Of The Throne's eyes twitch. “Friends.h.i.+p is second, compet.i.tion first.”
As the fireworks that represented the start of the game rise to the sky, unbeatable powerful grudges and magical fluctuations erupt in the square's platform. As expected, 80% of the firepower was immediately concentrated on Fusu. Seeing the elf sorcerer folding the fan ‘pa' without any color change, he put the fan on the lips and whispered a spell. An hexagonal ice cube rose from the ground and wrapped the sorcerer in the middle, with this ice barrier, Fusu resisted all attacks for nearly thirty seconds.
In these thirty seconds, Falling To The Silence's figure disappeared into the air, and the next second came to the back of the Rose of Versailles with lightning speed, without hesitation use the double knives to kill the priest who has a weak ability to protect himself. Followed by the shape of a flash he came to the back of the a.s.sa.s.sin A Ghost Dragging Knife, the machete flashed with a cold light swinging straight down, A Ghost Dragging Knife was deserved to be called an a.s.sa.s.sin, his keen instinct made him subconsciously evade to the side, and escaped Falling To The Silence's first knife, before he had time to make further reaction, the second knife has already coming, facing this inevitable knife, he only has time to get to the side and let the crucial point escape the fatal blow. The knife cut on the shoulder, although the pain in the game is only 30%, but the serious injury that hurts his flesh is still painful, he rollover, quickly avoids the opponent's range of attack, A Ghost Dragging Knife took a bottle of blood potion from the bag and pour it down. Since Rose of Versailles was being seconds killed, they've lost their backup support, can only rely on the potion to make up the blood.
The wound has basically healed under the blood potion, when he pulled out his dagger and was about to fight back, he suddenly feels that the whole body is numb, his limbs like having the current pa.s.sing through generally do not listening, even it's less than ten seconds, but in the moment of life and death, ten seconds can always do a lot of things. Hence A Ghost Dragging Knife did not even slash a knife, Falling To The Silence's machete cut his throat. Do not make any stop, Falling To The Silence turn his wrist, the double knife go straight to the nearest Unparallaled Warrior.
At this time, the sorcerer Snowy Days Memories were successfully turned into a white light and flew bcak to the resurrection point by An Tong's dagger.
“Alright, I can't hold it.” said Fusu shouting in the process, and the hexagonal ice barrier became a fragment. At the moment when the ice barrier broke, Fusu moves at the fastest speed in the direction of Black Mark and simultaneously makes the frozen technique, and the four summoned beasts that the summoner does not live without madness become ice sculptures.
His action was fast enough, the fireball that the sorcerer Perfect Storm launched is still hit him hard, but fortunately Black Mark reaction is fast enough, a sound of the strings, and the warm light shrouds Fusu's body, although the bard's healing can't be compared to that of a professional pastor or priest, but it is no less than a timely rain on the battlefield. Fusu gave a thumbs up to Black Mark, and at the same time took out a bottle of blood potion from the bag and poured it down, he raised a huge ice cone and fly to the Perfect Storm.
Successfully saved Fusu's small life, Black Mark doesn't leave the string, a piece of music flowed from the white harp, the song of courage to improve the attack power, the song of the earth to improve the defense power, the whisper of the wind that increases the speed of movement, with three BUFFs (support magic) add up, the Bobcats' combat power suddenly increased.
Drunken Evil Of The Throne who was entangled by Cold Wave, see the opening less than 30 seconds have lost four people on his side, the summoner's summoned beast is completely controlled, can't play any role, the advantage of the number of people in one moment is disintegrated by the other party. “No! Let's focus on killing their bard first!” As the saying goes, hurting his five fingers is worse than breaking one finger, the Persimmon wants to pick up the soft pinch, he mistook Black Mark as an ordinary minstrel without the power to fight back. However, he did't think that he had miscalculated the wishful thinking.
He instructed, in addition to Perfect storm who entangled by Fusu and Drunken Evil Of The Throne that entangled by Cold Wave, the other players are almost full of firepower, a barrage of magical attacks shot on Black Mark.
“Can't hit! All of them are MISS (Dodge)!” The thief Extreme Elements who has chopped all three knives has been mad.
“d.a.m.n it, is this a bard? he's faster than a rabbit!” The Swordsman Steel City chased breathless, even his clothes were not touched.
The summoner who was completely lost at this time was not mad but he was also cut off by An Tong, and An Tong was accidentally thrown by the a.s.sa.s.sin Six-Ways of Reincarnations who suddenly appeared behind him, the two of them turned into white light and flew out of the ring.
A melee has just started less than two minutes, and the battle between the two sides has been heated up. Now, there are still Drunken Evil Of The Throne, Six-Ways of Reincarnations, Perfect Storms, Extreme Elements and Steel City remain on the field. The Bobcat team have just hanged because of An Tong, leaving Cold Wave, Fusu, and Falling To The Silence and Black Mark. The advantages of both sides seem to have returned to the original point.

“Boss, I can't hold it anymore!” Steel City who has already been put to death by three knives, now he is panting, if he is not a swordsman with blood and high defense, he has already turned into white light and flew away. His voice just landed, and Fusu's instant ice dagger stabbed him through the heart in an instant, he was delivered directly outside the field.

“No, let's light up the cards, or we will lose!” Six-Ways of Reincarnation on the field rushed to help Perfect Storm against Fusu, shouting at Drunken Evil Of The Throne on the team channel.
“Okay.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne also knows that he can't keep it anymore. Perfect Storm set a wall of fire on the ground, successfully isolated Cold Wave, and saw Drunken Evil Of The Throne put his hands on the  □□  replaced it with a pair of swords in his hand. At the same time, Six-Ways of Reincarnations also took out a long bow from the s.p.a.ce bag.
Seeing the other person's aiming direction, Black Mark who's originally an archer naturally knows his purpose “not good! Fusu be careful!”, he can't sit still, Black Mark throws the harp back into the void bracelet, he pulls out the longbow, the broken steel arrow put on the string, he wasn't aiming at anyone, but the feather arrow was fired at Fusu.
Six-Ways of Reincarnations slightly smiled, it is theoretically possible to calculate the ballistic trajectory intercepting feather arrows in the air, but as an archer who is more agile it is impossible to have the power to drop the feathers in the middle, it is impossible for a warrior with such a force to succeed in catching the arrows that he shoots. Anyhow, Fusu's life is mine!
The smile on his mouth has not yet bloomed, and the next second is hard to solidify in the corner of his mouth. Black Mark didn't shoot his arrow to him, but to split the arrow into two halves in the air! ! ! Immediately after Black Mark shoot, his hand stretched out and took three sticks of arrow from the quiver and placed on the bowstring. The flying fire meteor hit Six-Ways of Reincarnations. After the light, Six-Ways of Reincarnations roll to the side to dodge, he saw Perfect Storm who was behind him, secretly shouting “We're being fooled!”
A feather arrow pa.s.sed by him, and the other two were flying straight to the sorcerer Perfect Storm. It was very tacit. Falling To The Silence ghostly figure appeared behind the sorcerer, and the double knives used the magic power shattered the protective s.h.i.+eld that condenses around his body, and the two feathered arrows are unimpeded into the Perfect Storm's body.
Lost another person, Drunken Evil Of The Throne shook his head and sighed. It seems that the hope of victory is very thin. There is only himself left in Killing G.o.d team, Six-Ways of Reincarnations and three people stealth in the dark, and the other side has four ! And they are all scary guys. Anyway, he has to fight, Drunken Evil Of The Throne put the sword in his hands, gently spit out the word “madness!”
For a moment, Fusu only felt a red light flashed in front of him, and then his whole person along with the Mana s.h.i.+elds around the body was cut down to two sections. “Be careful! He is a Berserker!” Cold Wave who witnessed this scene could not save Fusu. He only loudly reminded Falling To The silence and Black Mark. Berserker, as the name suggests, it's a profession that focuses on attack power. The most horrible Berserker skill is “madness”, giving up all defenses power and attack power, moving speed and attack speed are increased four times. Completely full of life skills, unsuccessful will become a benevolence.
“It seems that we have already forced them to push to the bottom of the box!” Black Mark took out three iced arrows to put on the bowstring. Now he can only catch up with Drunken Evil Of The Throne in speed. However, he only has more than three hundred blood, and he definitely does not dare to go head-to-head with each other. In case there's no way out, heacing's f with the fate of being seconds-killed.
The thief Extreme Elements who just showed up and tried to sneak into the ambush were cut byFalling To The Silence's  paralysis□□ double knives, unable to move and were killed off the court. But the fatal blow before his death also seriously injured Cold Wave.
“Let's sacrifice.” Cold Wave make a wink at Falling To The Silence, he did not sneak, but directly rus.h.i.+ng to the Drunken Evil Of The Throne who still in madness state, although his current speed can not keep up with attack power, attack speed, and movement speed which all have been rise by four times-fold, but the previous hot moves, the abnormal attack power and the ghostly shape have already caused a lot of psychological pressure on the other side. The figure was slightly paused, and the blood-red sword that burned with anger was already cut by Cold Wave. For a moment, Drunken Evil Of The Throne was surrounded by two people and lost the advantage of the movement speed.
“Take the advantage now!” Cold Wave that had been seriously injured was shot down to the ground by a Six-Ways of Reincarnation standing in the distance, shouting at Falling To The Silence, a slightly shorter figure Black Mark put five Cloud Arrows on the longbows and spurting out, tied in the body of Drunken Evil Of The Throne, the mad warrior who has completely given up the defensive power can not hold the five arrows, fell to the ground, but at this moment his sword cut Falling To The Silence from the shoulders to the front chest, cut the a.s.sa.s.sin to the ground.
“Awesome!” Falling To The Silence's voice is ringing in the team channel, but Black Mark's heart very tasteless. He knows that Cold Wave and Silence are deliberately sacrificing themselves in exchange for the chance to kill the Drunken Evil Of The Throne. otherwise by Falling To The Silence's skill, even if he can't beat it, he's more than enough to escape smoothly.
There is only him and Six-Ways of Reincarnations left on the field, a match between a traveler bow (a bard and archer) and an a.s.sa.s.sinate bow (an a.s.sa.s.sin and archer).
Taking a deep breath, Black Mark took three sticks of The Arrow Of The Underworld from the quiver and put them on the bowstring. This is all he has. Because every time he makes this arrow, he has to use a large amount of blood, so he only prepared three sticks.
Six-Ways of Reincarnations retracted the longbow into the s.p.a.ce bag and put the dagger back in the hand. From when Black Mark intercepted the arrow that he shot at Fusu, it can be seen that the opponent's combat power in the bow and arrow is definitely better than himself. He's not going to do what he's doing with his own short attack. Fortunately, his other profession is an a.s.sa.s.sin, so just hope that the sneak attack is successful.
Black Mark look at the other's body disappearing into the air, and the corner of his mouth evokes a confident smile. He has been partner withFalling To The Silence for so long. The attack pattern of the a.s.sa.s.sin is familiar and can no longer be familiar. Lift his left hand and put the bezel of the Oak Mask's eye on the face, and Black Mark show out the stunt of his hard work in the Mirror Forest – blind shot.
The thief a.s.sa.s.sin and the ninja stealth, invisible, shadow skills are nothing more than hiding their own body shape, but the human body will not disappear, it's not much different in theory from the visual illusion of the Mirror Forest, Black Mark completely abandons the function of the eye, and uses the ear to sense the other's position.
The longbow with the Arrow of The Underworld hangs on the side of his body, Black Mark stood still in the center of the ring, silently perceive the other's position. They are all professions with less blood and low attack, and the same is unsuccessful will become a benevolence.
There is a very weird feeling in Six-Ways of Reincarnations' heart, as if his actions are within the expectations of the other party. Does the mask on his face come with the ability to detect invisibility? No way, the official has clearly promised that there will be no such items that affect the balance of the game! Time pa.s.ses by, there was only less than 20 yards between him and Black Mark. All of a sudden Black Mark's hand were lifted up, and the three Arrow Of The Underworld arrows went away from the string. It was aimed at Six-Ways of Reincarnations' position right now. He has seen the power of this three-shot move, and Six-Ways of Reincarnations doesn't dare to straighten out his front, but if he misses this excellent attack opportunity he will lose too many advantages, tilt his body sharply to the right. Fighting with the shoulders hardly stabbed by the other's arrows, the body shape is straight forward, the dagger in his right hand has been aimed at the other's throats vigorously.
At this moment, he was horrified to find a purple flame on his arm, and the flame was spreading to the whole body at an incredible speed, the skin where the flame went was quickly blackened and dry, and Six-Ways of Reincarnations' whole body fell on the ring like a burnt dead wood.

Lost Temple Chapter 14

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