Lost Temple Chapter 16

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This chapter is freaking long, but i enjoyed the battle scene.


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The first place in the team compet.i.tion is already a won by the Bobcat team, the team that competes with them for the champions.h.i.+p is far weaker in strength than the Killing G.o.d, the whole game is simply a ma.s.sacre by the Bobcats team. Black Mark is boring holding the harp and occasionally playing a few songs, happily adding the blood to the person who lack of blood, Falling To The Silence and An Tong boring to simply give up the stealth sneak attack, directly slas.h.i.+ng people with a knife! The battle was resolved in less than five minutes, and the visibility of the normal champions.h.i.+p runner-up was far less than the semi-final.

The team compet.i.tion has been settled. Originally the S-cla.s.s mercenary group was not known to have a reputation of thousands of people, but after this battle, the Bobcat team was like a black horse which suddenly shot into the eyes of the bosses of various guilds. Many guilds started to think in their hearts, going to find a way to get these five wild cats out of here after the  the end of the individual game.

Aside from everything else, it can said that they have put the warm atmosphere of the World First Martial Arts compet.i.tion to the top individual compet.i.tion. Except An Tong who lost by Six-Ways of Reincarnation in the qualification match, the other four of the Bobcat team are in the top eight. At the same time, the other four people who were squeezed into the top eight were Killing G.o.d team's the dragon-gun knights Drunken Evil Of The Throne, the sorcerer Perfect Storm, the a.s.sa.s.sin archer Six-Ways of Reincarnation and the guild Dragon War Four Boundaries' boss Flying Dragon In The Sky. It is said that this Dragon War Four Boundaries guild is also really bad luck. Their vice leader Hidden Dragon was also a good player in the game. Unfortunately, he was directly defeated by Falling To The Silence in the qualification match, stunned by this ghostly G.o.d, forbearing the thorn directly sent back to the resurrection point.

At the first round of the lottery, unfortunately Six-Ways of Reincarnations won the first prize, the top killing machine that everyone's afraid of —— Falling To The Silence. The Killing G.o.d members did not say anything on the surface, but in their hearts began to secretly mourn for his teammates —— younger brother, hope that you will do the good job through the stone road, unless many of us will try out a few tricks for him.

Falling To The Silence stands in the middle of the ring, his body was wrapped in a gray cloak with a black mask on his face that almost became his personal sign. Six-Ways of Reincarnation stood opposite him, holding a longbow in his hand: “Although the person I want to fight the most is the Archer Black Mark, but if the opponent is you, can also return the fare.”

“You are not an opponent.” Falling To The Silence  coldly said. A cl.u.s.ter of fireworks marking the beginning of the game rose to the sky, both of them move at the same time, Falling To The Silence doesn't like to drag the mud with water, he launched the strongest attack moves from the beginning, in order to kill the opponent in the shortest time possible. Familiar with Six-Ways of Reincarnation's fighting ideas, naturally he won't be stupid enough to straighten his front, and immediately make the a.s.sa.s.sin's stealth moves, hide his body figure, wait for the other party to lose patience then lift up the stealth.

During the time he stayed in the Mirror Forest, he has learned from Black Mark about the position and situation of opponents without relying on the visuals – although hasn't practiced with Black Mark, shooting with great precision, but only to determine the position of the opponent it can still be done. However, he does not want to expose too much strength too early, the road behind it is still very long, as an a.s.sa.s.sin once the opponent has mastered the cards, it is equivalent to putting the fatal weakness into the opponent's hands.

Think about it, Falling To The Silence lifted the stealth state and greatly stood on the ring. Six-Ways of Reincarnation felt joy in his heart, sure as he thought the other person is a man with no patience. The a.s.sa.s.sin is different from the warrior with high blood and high defense, they are also inferior to the sorcerer who has various elements of s.h.i.+eld guards, not even like the archer who has advantage over the attack distance. They rely on the a.s.sa.s.sination's stealth to make up for the defects. As an a.s.sa.s.sin, once you lose the opportunity, it means that you have lost half of it.

Six-Ways of Reincarnation make a prompt decision, and  put the arrows on the bow, “shoot, shoot, shoot” three arrows in a row, this is his proud move —— the chain of arrows, although not comparable to Black Mark's horrible tricks of the five arrows, but it also has its own advantage ——  that is, the opponent can not predict the trajectory of the second arrow that comes one after another.

Just after his three arrows were shot, Falling To The Silence at the front was suddenly disappeared again. Six-Ways of Reincarnation who is also an a.s.sa.s.sin very puzzled. Stealth skills require at least a few minutes of CD (cool-down skill) after being used. Why can the other party ignore the CD and quickly sneak stealth again? ? ?

The question that came to mind has not enough to thought the answer, Falling To The Silence's figure seemed to move instantly, he had already come behind him, and the double-knives with the cold light waved, although he's not as weak as the Sorcerer or Pastor, but it's hard for Six-Ways of Reincarnation to get away from the double knives with the paralysis □□  and can only watch the third knife cross his throat.

“Tsk, Silence is still so ruthless~ he's the symbol of Bobcat team strength ah~” An Tong issued “tsk tsk” sound while screaming through the live broadcast on the big screen as he watch the game's situation.

“If you weren't cut out of the top eight by Six-Ways, you won't be gloat over here” Extreme Element stared at him with discontent. After the end of the team compet.i.tion, didn't know what the reason caused the two thieves had a deep friends.h.i.+p. Now it has developed to the extent of inseparability, even after the end of the game they work together to practice the skill s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g the door to pry the lock.

“Tsk ~~~~ I am a thief ah~ a thief okay? How can I compared to the four murderers? We absorbed the skills like food ah! What would the thieves do if  we are also murderer?”

“Yes! Brother you said it well!” Extreme Elements glared at An Tong's  shoulders with a confidant expression, the two men got together in the corner and don't know what they do.

The next stage is Cold Wave against Perfect Storm, the swordsman who has been abused by Fusu last day has shown the perfect anti-attack capability  —— It is hard to be close to the sorcerer with the fireb.a.l.l.s that comes one after another, then he used the big sword burning with a grudge to directly cut the other side to the ground.

“This… is the guy a ghost? Actually… doesn't you feel pain?” A Ghost Dragging Knife's eyes staring at Cold Wave on the ring who was almost burnt into the black charcoal, stuttered. Although it's only 30% of the actual pain, but the taste of being burnt is absolutely uncomfortable.

“Hehe, if you are nailed to the ground with a one-meter-long ice cone like a b.u.t.terfly more than 10 times a day, it is estimated that you will think that these fireb.a.l.l.s are nothing.” Black Mark smiled while giving explanation.

A Ghost Dragging Knife saw the latter saying the horrible words without batting an eye,  could not help but get a goose b.u.mp, and then see the looming white teeth inside the red lips under the white mask, it was even more horrible, he could not help but secretly said —— Fortunately, I didn't get into the top eight. I don't have to face this group of devils alone…

The rest of the game is not very enjoyable, except for the death knight Flying Dragon In The Sky's appearance which makes people feel a little excited, but it hasn't been a great show yet. Fusu the sorcerer is very shameless, he use the wind system spell to raise himself to the air, then using the snowstorm from the top to the bottom, and the mighty death knight was frozen into a snowman…

Black Mark look at Drunken Evil Of The Throne who's standing opposite him, the long bow  in his hand was held tightly. The powerful combat power that emerged from the double professions after the madness is absolutely terrifying for him. After politely salute to each other, the game begins.

Drunken Evil Of The Throne without hesitation to change into a double swords when he came up. He took the opportunity to make a madness skill —— he has seen Black Mark's wonderful arrow technique, in this case he would never dare to underestimate him. The colorful grudges* instantly wraps the whole person of Drunken Evil Of The Throne. The berserker is like a meteor that has been wiped through the atmosphere, and rushes to the archer holding the longbow like a fire cannonball.

(*Colorful Grudges is the name of the berserker's attack)

Black Mark took a deep breath and pulled out three Piercing Through The Clouds arrows to put on the longbow. The slow effect of the Iced Arrows seems to be very small for the already mad Warrior, so he decided to give up the other one, and directly compete the opposite with speed.

“That's amazing, it can flash a big shot of the boss' madness.” As a teammate, Steel City is very aware of the terrible attack power, attack speed and moving speed of the boss after the madness.

“The Bobcat's members are not so simple, otherwise the boss won't be so value them.” Perfect Storm is very uncomfortable. He has now fully recognized the combat power of the Bobcat team, however after losing to Cold Wave he finally failed to find a chance to fight with Fusu.

The wind element's Piercing Through The Clouds arrow is only superior in speed, but the attack power is the weakest of all the elemental arrows, so even if Drunken Evil Of The Throne completely give up the defense, these three arrows only cut half of his blood. However Black Mark were swept by his grudge. More than 300 of the blood bar were left with only ten several grid profoundly affecting.

“Is the boss' attack power too abnormal?” A Ghost Dragging Knife also looked trembled with fear under the stage. Just by the light of the grudge is almost second-killed the archer, he deserved to be called the boss ah!

“Impossible.” Six-Ways of Reincarnation often learned the skills with the boss so he's clear about the power of Drunken Evil Of The Throne.

“If it's the problem of Black Mark himself, then his blood is too low?” Perfect Storm as a sorcerer knows the attack, even if it hits one of his own body, it's only cut one-fourth of the amount of the blood.

Black Mark who was frightened because almost second-killed by the highest speed of Drunken Evil Of The Throne pulled some distance, put on the harp and fill his own blood, and then after a full breath of BUFF (support magic) he dare to turn around and continue to fight against the other party.

Similarly the other party's skillfulness also inexplicable that Drunken Evil Of The Throne slightly thinks about it, even his own grazing attacks are almost too easy for someone to not be able to hold back, the blood bar must be surprisingly small. As long as he has the opportunity to cut him in the front, he can definitely kill the other party! Drunken Evil Of The Throne who realize this point has suddenly increased his confidence, his footsteps have turned, and he once again rushed to Black Mark.

Black Mark who was chased after the escape were extremely depressed, he blamed his own d.a.m.n ability index. If it weren't for the amount of the blood is too small, the other party can't get him down with a knife, he felt so hopelessly stupid like the street mouse, he was chased by people and did not even have the power to fight back.

He sneaked a peek at the audience's face which were undoubtedly looking forward to it. Since the opening of the game he has been suppressed by the Bobcat team, Finally, there's a hope for the Evil Spirit* today.

(This 恶气 Evil Spirit was taken from Drunken Evil Of The Throne name 醉煞江山 which has ‘Evil' word, like a shortened name, like Silence from Falling To The Silence)

Looking at his teammates, except for Falling To The Silence the rest members are motionless with the eight-wind-blown* expression, other people's faces are more or less revealing the color of worry.

(张八风: eight-wind-blown* expression, it's idiom, if anyone knew it's meaning feel free to correct me)

The previous match has consumed only three Arrow Of The Underworld arrows in his quiver, because he needs to get bleed for making it, considering that he is afraid of affecting the blood bar due to excessive blood loss, Black Mark finally decided to give up using the Arrow Of The Underworld. So he end up giving up a powerful skill, no wonder they are worry.

It seems that I have to use that one… He twitched his mouth. Black Mark take a deep breath and finally make up his mind. Touching the corner of the Shadow Cloak and make the skill Embracing The Darkness, Black Mark's figure swayed, the whole person disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this scene, except for  Falling To The Silence, all the people's jaw drop to the ground. “Are you kidding? Isn't he an archer? How can it be stealth skills? Is it a three-professions occupation?” The most excited Steel City grabbed Extreme Element's collar, shook him and yelled.

“Have you ever heard that there are three professions in the game?” Extreme Element who's about to be suffocated is rescued from the hands of the beastly Warrior, Six-Ways of Reincarnation saying coldly. Although he taught Steel City a cool-headed lesson, Six-Ways of Reincarnation's heart couldn't help but rose up and down, since the beginning of the mysterious feather arrows, to the current stealth skills, how many surprising skills does this skinny archer have hidden?

At the moment Drunken Evil Of The Throne on the field was also oozing sweat from the palm of his hand, in the last team compet.i.tion Black Mark second-killed him with his five arrows and it still feels fresh for him. At the moment the opponent is in a stealth state, if he is given the same skill at this time, he would still inevitably shot on the spot.

He is not willing to! Obviously he has already taken advantage of it at the beginning, it is clear that the victory is in sight, why did the Jedi* play the big counter-attack at the end? The grudges on his body burned more and more violently, indicating the owner's anxiety at the moment.

(Jedi is one of the characters in Star Wars, because Black Mark used shadow cloak according to Drunken Evil he look like Jedi with his hoodie)

Black Mark stay in the dark and wait for the moment, waiting for the opportunity. He's not Falling To The Silence but he entered the stealth state anytime and anywhere, the skill of Embracing the Darkness was also exerted by the Shadow Cloak. Once the target was missed, he's lost all his chances.
Five Broken Steel arrows have been placed on the bowstrings, and Black Mark slowly moved to the back of Drunken Evil Of The Throne, and he secretly prayed. The five feather arrows with a sharp sound of broken steel were shot.

Drunken Evil of The Throne who had been concentrating on guarding to the other party's sneak attack immediately reacted, he had no time to dodge, he had to condense the grudges of his whole body and fight hard with the other party. In an instant the Colorful Grudges and the five Broken Steel arrows violently collided on the ring.

Lost Temple Chapter 16

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