Lost Temple Chapter 17

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Next chapter would be so long~ i don't think i could survive Y.Y


Facing the grudges with pocker face, Black Mark has to be forced to lift the bow, unfortunately the green-rank long bow can no longer withstand the full force of the Drunken Evil Of The Throne, immediately breaks away from the middle and the weapon lost the resistance, Black Mark's whole body was smashed out by the strong Grudges, and fell straight to the outside of the ring. At the same time the five Broken Steel arrows also penetrated the Grudges obstacles and nailed the other party to death on the ring.

“This, is this a draw?” An Tong's eyes widened, and couldn't believe the scene in front of him.

Falling To The Silence rushed to the ring with a fast and unimaginable speed, and holding the person who fell on the ground, “Are you okay?”

“I'm okay…” The impact of this smashes makes the bones of his body were almost shattered, Rose of Versailles rushed forward, raised the Bible in her hand and silently recited a few spells, the golden light surrounds Black Mark's entire body and instantly healed all the wounds on his body.

Falling To The Silence unprecendentedly wants to thank to the other party, he took Black Mark who has painful limbs stood up with her help, he turned his head to Rose of Versailles with a grateful smile: “Thank you.”

…… Seeing the petrified expression of the Human race female priest for a moment, Black Mark confused and looked at Falling To The Silence who was holding him, after a moment Falling To The Silence knowing the problem, and without any explanation the hood of the Shadow Cloak was covered on Black Mark's face, he lifted up the latter by the waist and flew into the compet.i.tion's infirmary room.

Wait until the two people went far, Rose of Versailles came back and turned to hug Unparalleled Warrior with a shockingly screaming: “Big beauty!!!!!! I saw the big beauty!!!!!!”

Seeing no response around for a long time, she looked up, Unparalleled Warrior who was also in petrified state straightened her right arm forward, motionlessly pointing to the big screen which broadcasted the game situation. In order to determine the final winner of the game, the original system had to use the slow motion to play back the final scene. Now the scene on the screen was exactly the scene when Black Mark was smashed out by Drunken Evil Of The Throne's Grudges.

The figure with the mask on the face of Black Mark flying back to the air and smashed by the Grudge, the whole mask slipped off, revealing a beautiful face, because of the pain of the impact, his eyebrows slightly frowned and he bite the red lips, paired with the silver hair flying by the wind, it's more sympathetic than that Xis.h.i.+ clasps at her heart*.

(E/N: *简直比西子捧心还要惹人怜爱 is an idiom which meant Xis.h.i.+(woman)'s lovely looks despite the pangs of illness. Xis.h.i.+ is a beautiful female character from a chinese story)

The audience under the ring was attracted by the stunning face, couldn't hold their breath stare at him, until they heard the system prompt: Because Black Mark was smashed out of the ring first, the winner of the game was Drunken Evil Of The Throne.

In a moment all the resentment eyes fell on the Warrior who had just climbed out of the resurrection point, the Warrior that still palely white, dizzy, and weak limbs, almost had to poked out of a big hole on his body.
“What's wrong?” The baffled Human race Warrior confusedly ask a few different teammates around him.

“Boss, you will definitely be a hero! Faced with such a beautiful person you can look at it without any softness!* What else can't be done? Boss, i will follow you!” The swordsman Steel City roared out first.

(T/N: without any softness means not getting weak by the beauty, sarcasm that he was ruthless)

“555~~~ Boss, you've let us down so much.”

“Yes, tyrant, it is simply a tyrant!” The resentment of Rose of Versailles and Unparalleled Warrior incomparable tears made Drunken Evil Of The Throne baffled.

Not to mention a circle of people around him pointing at him, and said something like that “cruel”, “darn” “destroy humanity” and the like.

“Boss, you look at that.” Perfect Storm pointed to the big screen, not surprisingly see Drunken Evil Of The Throne's gaze when it landed to the frozen picture, his face gloomy in a instant.

“What is the result of the game?”

“You won.” Separate from the crowd, Flying Dragon In The Sky who's standing in front of Drunken Evil Of The Throne coldly say, satisfied to see the other's face is a bit ugly: “Victory is not match!*”

(T/N: Victory is not match is Chinese idiom means: to win over the other party by illegitimate means; figurative means: to fight a one-sided battle, to have an unfair advantage in a contest)

…… “I know.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne is very clear in his heart, if it were not for Black mark's long bow was broken at the last, the loser must be him.

“As an opponent, I hope that in the city war, you can show the strength that makes me think of you as an opponent. ” Leave such a word, Flying Dragon In The Sky turned away without hesitation with Hidden Dragon trailing behind him.

“Boss, the final is about to begin, are you going to prepare?” The summoner Not Crazy Not Survive kindly reminding.

“I surrender.”

“What?” Not Crazy Not Survive thinking that there's a problem with his ears, it takes a lot of hard work to reach the final, and he's going to be defeated without fighting?

“Right now I have no strength to fight in the final.” With gloomy face, Drunken Evil Of The Throne dropping this sentence whilst turned and left.

Staying in the lounge with Black Mark, Falling To The Silence heard that Drunken Evil Of The Throne gave up the game, he was silent for a while when he became a champion directly. He squeezed out a word from the hay of his teeth: “it's cheaper for him.”

Standing by the side An Tong was frightened by this sentence and a layer of cold sweat pouring on his back, deeply aware of Falling To The Silence character, if he was not Drunken Evil Of The Throne voluntarily gave up the game, then the human race fighter in the final will definitely be gloomy character, extremely short-cut and endure to be cut into a piece of meat…

The awards ceremony of the contest was also forcibly cancelled under the insistence of the crown, the second and the third place, the three people just got their prizes at the NPC, especially Drunken Evil Of The Throne, appear like running fire* took the thing and went away without a stop. Black Mark did not care, instead he was curious about what prizes were chosen by Falling To The Silence. After all, it is the legendary artifact of the Orange Order. It's a fake to say not envious.

(T/N: 风风火火 fengfenghuohuo means bustling, doing something in a hurry)

According to the rules of the compet.i.tion, the champion can get three crystal coins and a legendary weapon of the Orange Order, the runner up can get two crystal coins and a purple-rank epic-level armor outfit, and the third prize is a crystal coin and a purple-rank epic-level accessory.

The curiosity-filled Black Mark who was stalked Silence and asked him to quickly take out the orange-strength weapon he had won, Silence was only mysteriously laughed with no words, only took his hand and walked in the direction of the tent.

As soon as they entered the door, the small tent was crowded with people. Not only the Bobcat team but also two more uninvited guests — Killing G.o.d's members Perfect Storm and a.s.sa.s.sin archer Six-Ways of Reincarnation.

The easy-going Black Mark ignored Falling To The Silence's stare which lowered to the point below the freezing point, he took out the food stored in the backpack to entertain everyone.

Food is the best way to connect feelings. There are Perfect Storm and Six-Ways of Reincarnation who somewhat still look stiff, however under the temptation of food they soon joined the ranks of “evil wolves”, they gobble up and eat as much as the Bobcat team members.

“Both of you here today not just to rub a meal, right?” Seeing that the food on the plate was wiped out while they're talking endlessly without getting to the point*, Black Mark inadvertently start to bring the topic to the right track.

(T/N : the actual sentence is 眼看盘子里的食物被消灭的七七八八 : Seeing that the food on the plate was wiped out seven seven eight eight. Seven seven eight eight (七七八八)  is spelled in pinyin as qīqībābā.
Which has meaning Adjective; 1. mixed ; a.s.sorted ; miscellaneous. 2. almost complete.
Verb: 1. to talk endlessly without getting to the point.)

“Actually, we came to ask the Bobcat team's reply.” Perfect Storm said with a satisfying face grabbed a bottle of juice and drank it happily.

“What reply?”

“You don't know? It's about accepting the VIP badge of the Killing G.o.d guild to become an ally of Killing G.o.d ah.”

“I haven't said that yet.” Fusu lightly coughed and interrupted Perfect Storm. He repeat the whole thing that Drunken Evil Of The Throne talked with himself. “I mean, I'm going to wait until the end of the individual game and ask for your opinion, it just so happen that the Killing G.o.d members also came to ask about this, what is your opinion?”

“Do you get ten crystal coins to guard one city? Getting this bill is enough to eat for half a year~ I did it!”

“Are you a robber?” Fusu gave him a look.

“I am originally a thief ah ~~~~” An Tong whispered a murmur.

“I have no opinion.” Black Mark shrugged. He has joined the Bobcat team anyway, he just following everyone.

“Me too.” Falling To The Silence naturally where Black Mark goes there where he goes, as for the hatred between him and Drunken Evil of The Throne… There will be plenty of opportunities! (This vengeful guy…)

“That's good, I have no opinions either! This way it has been settled down!” Fusu pushed his eyes and saying with smiling.

“That…” The tall Human Warrior was ignored by everyone.

“Ah, actually we still have unrequited request~” Perfect Storm's eyes aim at Falling To The Silence. If you can, let us look at the winner's prizes.”

After his reminder, they remembered their purpose gathering into Black Mark's tent in the beginning, they have encouraged Falling To The Silence to quickly bring the things out for everyone to enjoy.

Looking at Black Mark's expected eyes, Falling To The Silence gently smile, a silver long bow was taken out of the s.p.a.ce bracelet.

“Taomari Piercing A Heart bow!!!” Everyone's eyes are all stared. Immediately after that Falling To The Silence with a calm face pulled over Black Mark's hand, he pulled out a small dagger, p.r.i.c.ked a drip of blood bead on his finger, and then dripped the blood beads on the long bow's hard plug. Everyone's eyes are popeyed.

The system prompts: “The legendary artifact has already recognized the master.” The legendary artifact of the Orange Order, so casually gave away to others? ? ! !

Legend has it that the G.o.d gave the dwarfs a weapon, when the dwarves' glorious fall behind, the G.o.d's bow turned to the hands of the elves who were famous for their archers. After thousands of years, the G.o.ds fought, this G.o.d's bow disappeared on the road – this is a familiar story from the people who know the history of “Lost Temple”. But i did not expect that one day i could see this artifact with my own eyes.

Black Mark also did not dare to believe Falling To The Silence, but the latter leaned over to his ear and gently said: “Take it first,” dispelled the doubts in his heart. He took the bow, a series of identification shots up, he straight shot and found it on his hand that there is an orange line show up on the bow. “Taomari Piercing A Heart bow, growing weapons, endurance is increased by 5%, strength is increased by 10%, agility is increase 20%; weapon specific skills, ruling vector: Increases the attack power of the arrows by three times, skill cool-down for half an hour. Combined items: quiver: increase the shooting speed by of 5%, with the arrow recovery function.”

All the people present at the moment were speechless.

This… What is this abnormal weapon! ! ! It can be described as despicable. Not to mention the growth of the weapons index will increase with the improvement of the master's level. The skill of the ruling is enough to make people who goes to school on the mainland to learn crabs in the future!

It increases your attack power by three times ah! To know that the Drunken Evil Of The Throne's madnes is only four times higher, but he is still under the premise of completely given up the defense power. Although this skill has a half an hour CD (skill cool-down), however, how can the whole continent, in addition to the high-level boss, have something to resist the squad of the ruling + the combination of the arrows? ? ?


I suspicious of Six-Ways of Reincarnation…people…what da ya think? I remember from the prior chapter the two rotten female player fantasized about Six-Ways, Black Mark and Silence having triangle love. Would that be real??

Lost Temple Chapter 17

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