Lost Temple Chapter 18

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Not Edited

Finally~~ i survived~ it's worth because we can see the lovely scene eventually~~

It was so..so..long.. like 5000+ hanzi words.. So please enjoy it.


“That's awesome~” Six-Ways of Reincarnations enviously look at the Taomari Piercing A Heart bow in Black Mark's hands.

Seeing the other person speaking then stops, Black Mark put the silver long bow aside and asked: “Is there anything wrong?”

Being point out frankly by the other party, Six-Ways of Reincarnation's face was rarely red a bit, he pulled three feather arrows out of the s.p.a.ce bag —— the one he had secretly picked up at the end of the team compet.i.tion with A Ghost Dragging Knife. “I… I took it after the last game, i have been studying for a long time, but i still don't understand… I can't use this feather arrow either, so i will give it back to you…”

He was taking something and didn't tell, moreover this kind of behavior is suspected as stealing, it's even more despised, the more Six-Ways of Reincarnation say the more redder his face become, it's almost reaching the bottom of the bed(1). Suddenly, he's breaking the boat(2) and said in one breath, he then bowed his head to prepared to be nailed to death by the other party's Taumari.

(T/N: 1. almost reaching the bottom of the bed: means deeply/really shy; 2. Breaking the boat: is a Chinese idiom, which means not to leave the road; not to win the battle, and to make up your mind to do everything in the end. It's one of “The Art of War”, a famous war strategy in chinese history book).

“Pfffft~~ hahaha~~” There's no anger or fierce swords he has expected, Six-Ways of Reincarnations raise his heads and facing an irresistible smile on Black Mark's face. “This is my self-created skill, of course you can't use~~~ If you want to use it ~~~”, the tail of the words dragged on long, and a system dialog box pop up in front of Six-Ways of Reincarnation. “Black Mark will teach you skills, do you agree?”
He was muddleheadedly clicked agree, then Six-Ways of Reincarnation found a bunch of system hints in front of himself.

“Congratulations to you for learning the earth element of the ‘Broken Steel Arrow'”

“Congratulations to you for learning the wind element of the ‘Through The Cloud Arrow'”

“Congratulations to you for learning the fire element of the ‘Flame Arrow'”

“Congratulations to you for learning the water element of the ‘Iced Arrow'”

“Congratulations to you for learning the combat skills, ‘three arrows bursts'”

“Congratulations to you for learning the combat skills, ‘five arrows bursts'”

Black Mark took out a 100 feather arrows from his quiver and traded it to Six-Ways of Reincarnation. “There are twenty-five arrows on each of the four elements, you should take it first.”

After taking over the elemental arrow that the other party traded to himself, Six-Ways of Reincarnation's brain were completely awake, he was moved to tears, knowing that the average player's self-creation skills are not easily pa.s.sed on to others, even for teaching an insignificant skill they often charge with high tuition fees, otherwise masters who teach the apprentice will starve to death are everywhere.

Perfect Storm grabbed Six-Ways of Reincarnation's collar to hover over him and hugging him, whilst Falling To The Silence constantly ascending the murderous and chilling aura in between the laugh: “Sorry, he was so excited, I will take him back to calm down.”

Throwing the a.s.sa.s.sin archer who has been stunned by the joy out of the tent, Perfect Storm took five VIP badges out of the s.p.a.ce pocket and put them on the table. “With this, you can enjoy all the facilities of the Killing G.o.d guild, oh right.. Ten days later, the guild will leave to took over the mission to build the city, if you are interested in partic.i.p.ating, let me know. As you talk to Evil Of The Throne boss before, all the rewards are equally divided.”

After hurriedly finis.h.i.+ng the last few words, Perfect Storm immediately ran out of the tent, he doesn't want to be sliced into pieces by that person who has begun to brew his rage~~~

“Is that okay?” Looking at the Perfect Storm that hurried away, Fusu asked without worry.

With a cunning smile, Black Mark took out the Arrow Of The Underworld and swayed in front of everyone. “The cat does not teach the tiger to climb the tree~~~~~”

“Hey!! Do you still have anything else??” The words that obviously suppressed the anger came from behind, Fusu glanced at Falling To The Silence's face which started to overcast, flus.h.i.+ng an understanding smile towards Black Mark and screaming, he dragged Cold Wave and An Tong then pushed the door and left.

“Don't be so good to others.”

Black Mark's body was circled into the warm arms, and Falling To The Silence's sullen voice came from behind. Black Mark's lips couldn't help but smiled: “Are you jealous?”


The affirmative answer makes Black Mark completely laughed out loud “Don't you think that Six-Ways of Reincarnation's and your temperament are very close? Besides, you don't hate him, do you?”

The clear-eyed eyes of the a.s.sa.s.sin archer appeared in front of his eyes, and the blush that can't be suppressed when he admit that he has hidden Black Mark's arrow. Falling To The Silence feels like he really doesn't hate that guy, “Then don't be too good for him.”

Seeing the other party finally affirmed his own behavior, Black Mark hook up the corner of his mouth and turned around, he changed his posture from the back-to-chest hug into a face-to-face hug: “Now everybody's gone, are you supposed to give me an explanation?”


“What do you say?” The famous beautiful eyes are aiming at the Taomari Piercing A Heart bow at the side. “Why did you want me to use that weapon?”

“This.” Reluctantly freed a hand to pulled out the black machete from the waist and lifted it to the front. Black Mark see in a distance the orange line print of the knife on the right:

“Vega Storm, growing weapon, attack power increased by 50%. Additional skill 1, weak point detection: 10% chance to directly attack the opponent's weakness, one hit kill. Additional skill 2, tornado: there is a chance to make the enemy fall into the wind, can't be moved, the attack power is halved, the attack speed is halved, the defensive power is halved, and the casting speed is halved.”

It's more than the abbormal Taumari ah….

“What? It's also a very abnormal skill! But why is the second skill grayed out in the unusable state?” Black Mark was surprised. “Where did you get this?”

“I got it from the previous mission.” That time, his Bobcat team was completely annihilated, only he was spared by the superior skills and agile skills of endurance to escape, he finally insisted on the completion of the mission, he was transported to a safe area at the end of the breath, and the Vega Storm already put by his side recognized the master… But the secondary skill does not know why it has never been able to be used.

“Oh right, are you going to join Killing G.o.d's build-the-city mission?” Knowing that it must be a difficult abnormal mission, Black Mark does not intend to continue to ask the questions, so he changed the topic.

“It's fine to go and see it.” Since the other party has this question, it shows that he has been tempted, and since Black Mark wants to go, why doesn't he do it?

“If you go, you must prepare the supplies~ Our food, medicines and consumables…” Black Mark who licked their fingers and smashed their minds* did not realize that he himself had the conscious of being a “good wife.”

(掰着指头碎碎: licked their fingers and smashed their minds, idioms, if you found the meaning feel free to comment)
On the side Falling To The Silence, watching his slightly-distressed look, a smile slowly emerges on his face, occasionally look at him lost in thoughts, he reaching out to touch the soft silver hair “No need to hurry, I will help you.”

“Identify this first.”

Black Mark took over a piece of dusty wood from Silence and shot an identification, but it did not respond. Black Mark is somewhat surprised to know that his identification skill has reached the master level, and there is absolutely no chance of failure in identifying ordinary items. He can't believe it, and took a few more identifications, by the fourth time the blue characters appeared on the wood. “Elder Wood, raw material, can maximize the magic effect; item level: blue rank. Item quality : high quality”

It's the first time Black Mark seeing a blue-ranked material, this seemingly insignificant piece of wood is the best material for an arrow.

“Look at this again.” Falliing To The Silence handed over a white feather.

“The King of Eagle's tail feather, raw material, increases speed by 5% with a certain chance of paralysis with a lightning attack attached. Item level: blue rank, item quality: high quality.” It is a blue-rank material again, and the item attribute is more than abnormal…

Being struck by a series of shocks has already made his heart numb, at this moment Black Mark's face didn't show much emotion. “What are we going to do about this?”

Falling to the silence sales lawsuit and he just made a mysterious shrug*. He took the Elder Wood and the King of Eagle's tail feathers, he pulled out the knife from the boot “shua shua” like doing juggling with several knives. A slender feather arrow with an occasional arc on it's whole body appeared in his hand.

(T/N: the actual words is 归于寂灭冲他卖官司一样故作神秘的耸耸肩: Falling To The Silence sales lawsuit and just made a mysterious shrug, donno the exact meaning but it's like “acting secretive”)

The system prompts “Creating process success, please name the weapon.”

Falling To The Silence knew that he had succeeded. Generally the system will not give the player the right to name the items, unless it was above the blue rank.

“Thunder's Wings”

“Thunder's Wings, Shooting speed increased by 5%, the magic effect is maximized, there is a chance that the Thunder attribute attack is an enemy paralysis, item level: purple rank, item quality: epic.”

The epic feather arrow… is really extravagant… Fortunately, the Taomari's quiver has an arrow recovery function, unless the feather arrow is damaged it can be used unlimitedly. Otherwise using this purple-rank epic stuff as a consumable item, every time shooting an arrow your heart won't be not bleed*…

(Your heart won't be not bleed: not an idiom but has other mean, because too waste to use those extravagant items repeatedly)
“You have been cut the best raw material for the staff into seven feather arrows, i don't know if Fusu would be angry to death when he saw it.”

“He does not use the staff.” Fusu is an extraordinary sorcerer of all the department, which means that he can use four elements magic at the same time. This is theoretically impracticable. The four elements have one-way principle. For example, Perfect Storm is pure fire master, he couldn't use even the lowest level of water magic at the same time.

The sorcerer usually pour the magic into the staff first, and then the magic increase through the staff and cast the magic to the fullest effect. Because the four-elements magic in Fusu's body coexist at the same time, there is no single staff that can adapt to the four powerful magical elements energy of the body, any staff will burst and break without exception. Later on, Fusu simply did not rely on the staff to cast spells. But the new problems appeared, because his magic impact is too strong a single shot can destroy the whole people in the city, at the last he has to find an ordinary wood with an enchantment stone (enchantment stone, generally used in combat skill fields or magic laboratories, it can suppress the power of magic to a certain extent and prevent the magic spillover from causing excessive damage.) This is originally the “wand” in Fusu's hand.

“Isn't Fusu an Ice Master?” He had never seen him use other spells.

“Hehe, how can a mercenary not leave a few cards for himself?”

… Sure enough, Black Mark once again concluded that none of the guys in the Bobcat team are normal “people”…

“I'm going to process the elemental arrow…” Silently turned a blank eye, Black Mark took out the Thunder's Wings arrows in front of him, and the white harp was pulled from the void bracelet. Gently stroke his fingers across the strings, and a magical element wraps around his fingertips.

It's the first time for Falling To The Silence watching the latter to create the elemental arrow, he curiously sitting and observing.

The system prompts “Congratulations to the player to upgrade the elemental arrow ——Armor Piercing arrows”

The system prompts “Congratulations to the player to upgrade the wind elemental arrow —— Split The Cloud arrow”

The system prompts “Congratulations to the player to upgrade the fire elemental arrow  —— Strong Flame Arrow”

The system prompts “Congratulations to the player to upgrade the water elemental arrow  —— Frozen arrow”

……Amazing. . . . It should be that Thunder's Wings can maximize the magical power. Um~ He left one feather without making a transformation, keep its original Thunder's attributes and the other one is for the Arrow Of The Underworld.

Black Mark pouting reluctantly take out the knife —— he has to bleed again…

“What are you doing?” Falling To The Silence asked with frowning his eyebrows, he grabbed the knife which Black Mark was preparing to stab at his wrist.

“Making an arrow ah~” Who makes his blood as an essential material? Black Mark broke away from Silence's hand, and slashed the knife to the wrist, the blood flowing to the strings of the harp, and a purple flame gathered at his fingertips. “The Arrow Of The Underworld needs my blood to be made.”

“Not allowed!” The temperature surrounds quickly lowered by the low voice, although the sound did not rise, but it also shows that the owner of the voice has reached the edge of rage, Falling To The Silence s.n.a.t.c.h the feather arrow as if will break it, scared Black Mark swooped up and rescued the precious Thunder Wing from his hand.

“My blood is already flowing. If you're going to break it wasn't i sacrificing in vain, do i have to give up*?!”

(T/N: 前功尽弃 is idiom which meant: to waste all one's previous efforts; all that has been achieved goes down the drain)
“Don't hurt yourself!” The blue eyes still burned with a blue flame. Falling To The Silence thought about it and then added it, “or i will break all the arrows.”

… Black Mark rolled his eyes* in the heart, he quickly sweared by the heaven: “This is the last time, isn't Taumari there? All the feather arrows can be recycled, no need Repeat it again~”

(T/N: 白眼: literally means white eyes, is a phrase which means to give a supercilious look; roll of the eyes)

“The last time?”

“Last time! I promise!” Carefully took this finished Arrow Of The Underworld into the quiver, Black Mark's eyes aimed at the last unmodified Thunder's Wing. Originally he was going to make this into an Arrow Of The Underworld either, but —— looking at Falling To The Silence's still-overcasted face —— Let's just forget it….

What magic is good to attach? Magic… magic. . . . .

Correct! That one! Black Mark's eyes lightened up, he grabbed the harp and the golden light gathered at the fingertips at once, slowly there was a spot-like fog which condensed on the feather arrow.

“Let's go! Silence, let's go and see my new invention~~~” He grab the Taumari in one hand and the other hand pulled Falling To The Silence's hand, Black Mark rushed outside of the tent and put the newly-processed Thunder's Wings in the Taumari and aimed at a nearby tree and shot the arrow. It was amazing that the Thunder's Wing did not hit the target, but fell at the foot of that tree, and propped up a s.h.i.+eld-like protective wall at the landing.

The system prompts “Congratulations to the player Black Mark to comprehend the new skill Light Arrow.”

After lasting for ten seconds, the protective wall gradually disappeared and then the Thunder's Wings “Shou” returned back to the Taumari's quiver.

“This, this is the defensive system!” Black Mark was too excited so he hugged Falling To The Silence and incoherently gave him a big kiss on each cheeks, knowing that although a Sorcerer or Knight can use magic barriers or s.h.i.+elds to protect themselves, but there is no simple s.h.i.+eld magic that can be used on others in the game. —— There is only one priest who countlessly needed, and the priests can make a protective cover with countless enchantments. —— But the premise of that thing is that there's one hours enough to get them to cast their spells….

“Not bad~~~” Falling To The Silence also smile, if he can enjoy this kind of initiative throwing-hug every day, he is willing to support the other to study new skills~~~~~ “What is your prize?” He just focus his attention on the Thunder's Wings and Taumari, and forgot what the reward Black Mark got as the third winner in the Individual compet.i.tion.

“This” Black Mark stretched out his right hand, on his index finger there was a black silver ring with a thorn pattern, “Summoning Ring, can randomly summon a demon from the Abyss of h.e.l.l to sign a master-slave contract. Level: Purple rank, Item Quality: Epic”.

“What did the summoned come?” The purple rank items should be very good, but the “random” has a lot of uncertainty, which means that you may be calling a powerful demon lord or an ordinary little devil…

“Not yet, i don't even know how to call, i have tried many ways.”

“Is it? Well, then let it be.” Falling To The Silence indifferently say, Black Mark's ability is not weak, plus there won't be any danger if he was beside him, that ring is dispensable to them.


It's just kissing cheeks and hugging…. But felt like eating so many sugar… So sweet~~~~~ my hard work is worthed.

Seriously..this author really likes literature so much.. Why did she/he should use so many idioms… gosh…. But it makes me learn a lot how difficult translating is, even if oneself using a machine, but it's enriched my english vocab more.

Lost Temple Chapter 18

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