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Snap, snap.

Ding, ding.

When the bell sounded, the anti-theft gla.s.s exhibition case made a slight noise and then slowly dismantled.

A hand reached into the case, lifted the jade out of the exhibition case and placed it on top of the case. A voice softly rang, “A dragon head with two phoenix motifs, a red colour like the soil. It’s good stuff!”

“Is it really worth $30 million USD?” A disbelieving voice came from the gallery door.

The girl, standing in front of the display case, smiled. She did not turn her head. Holding the piece of jade between her index and middle finger, she tossed the piece of jade in the direction of the voice. Slowly she turned around. “It’s a treasure from Western Zhou, what do you think?”

The other girl standing by the gallery door jumped up and caught the jade. Furrowing her eyebrows, she stared at the jade in her hand.

The girl, standing in front of the display case, was dressed in a white Etro jacket and slacks with a green silk scarf wrapped around her neck. On her face was a gentle but haughty smile, eyes sparkling like a starlit sky. At the same time, she exudes an easy-going and carefree aura.  The special aura she exudes can easily attract another person to her, even making them forget about her physical beauty.

“Gold can still be priced but jewels are priceless. This stuff is really worth the price. It can be sold to at least $100 million USD. Unfortunately, this jade has fallen into our hands and can only be sold for $30 million USD.” The girl with the jade took another look before slipping it into her pocket.

The girl wearing white smiled while shaking her finger. With a serious look on her face, she said, “No, no. Encountering us, it’s not worth a penny. However, if it meets the right person, it will become worth it.”

The girl standing at the door suddenly burst out laughing. They were skilled thieves. If they like something, all they would have to do is steal it rather than forking out money to pay. No matter how expensive a treasure is, in their eyes it’s not worth a penny because they have never needed to use money to buy it.

The girl in white glanced at all of the treasures on display in the exhibition gallery and shrugged. “Fortunately, the two of us here have professional ethics so you guys are safe this time.” Her rule was never to touch things that aren’t on the list. Even though the owner of all these treasures is probably not a good person but it doesn’t mean the treasures should belong to someone else.

This is the most famous gallery in New York. The exhibition showcases valuable antiques from all over the world. The total value of the antiques can buy a small town in China. The exhibition had installed security devices that are the most advanced in the world. There were surveillance cameras everywhere; however, the technology that these people are so dependent upon is also a point of weakness.

The girl in white was obviously a professional in her field. A minute for the average person may be too short but it was long enough for her to leisurely steal without worries. The bane of advanced technology is raw materials and resources. For example, a diamond stone could easily cut the gla.s.s with some sort of nanomaterial. This expensive piece of jade is truly too easy to steal.

“Li Xin, you only have ten seconds left.” The girl standing at the door took a look at her watch as she reminded Mu Li Xin who was inspecting the exhibition gallery.

“Sui Xin, ten seconds is more than enough.” The girl named Mu Li Xin smiled, sauntering towards the door.

The two girls, one dressed in white and the other dressed in red, easily walked out the exhibition gallery. Li Xin turned around and looked at the exhibition gallery in silence, her mouth slightly curved up at the corners. Then she raised her hand and slammed it into the wall with the sensor.

A shrill alarm sounded. A few minutes later, countless footsteps came running towards the exhibition gallery.

Sui Xin raised her eyebrows but did not speak up, as if she was very familiar with Li Xin’s actions. Sui Xin raised her hand and struck down on the back of a guard standing nearby, causing him to fall unconscious immediately.

Li Xin smiled. “The VIP guest is almost leaving and yet the host still hasn’t appeared, how rude!”

In a matter of moment, the best security team in New York flocked towards the largest exhibition gallery. The whole building was suddenly in uproar as people from each level crowded in and out in confusion and panic. It was a chaotic scene. Meanwhile, all the surveillance cameras in the building had stopped working. In the midst of the panicking crowd, n.o.body noticed the two beautiful girls comfortably exiting the building.

“What a useless bunch! And they were proudly exclaiming to be the best and yet, they let us infiltrate and steal so easily,” Sui Xin said the first thing they got into the red Ferrari convertible. She took out the jade to examine.

Li Xin had one arm on the driver’s door and one hand on the steering wheel. As the car sped on the road, her hair was blown up by the cool breeze. She was extremely excited. “In this world, is there anything that we can’t steal?” Advanced technology? She was the expert in stealing and technology! Combined with Sui Xin’s martial arts, there was nothing difficult for them.

Sui Xin laughed out loud. “That’s right. As long as the two of us are partners, we can even enter the White House without a problem.” After her laughter died down, she turned to Li Xin with a serious expression. “If you don’t do this job anymore, then what are you going to do in the future?”

Li Xin smiled faintly. “Do whatever I feel like doing.”

Looking at Li Xin’s calm exterior, as if even if the world collapsed it wouldn’t affect her, Sui Xin shoved the jade into Li Xin’s hand and smiled. “Don’t be lazy. You take responsibility for delivering this treasure to the final destination. After this, we are free.” She patted Li Xin’s shoulder.

Li Xin immediately decelerated the speed. The car didn’t even stop yet but Sui Xin had jumped out of the car and landed on the ground. Her curly hair floated in the wind. Her action was graceful and elegant. Combined with her beautiful appearance, pa.s.sersby couldn’t help but to whistle appreciatively, especially the men.

Sui Xin didn’t turn her head and said to Li Xin, “I’ll contact you later.”

Li Xin nodded and stopped the car fully. She stepped out and said, “Remember to be careful.”

Sui Xin waved her hand then disappeared into the crowd of people on the streets. Li Xin watched the figure of the female who has been her partner for many years. Not once were they ever apart from each other. She leaned against the car and smiled.  From now on, they finally have complete freedom and independence.

A strong breeze blew up Li Xin’s hair, taking along with it the scarf around her neck. Li Xin s.h.i.+vered as she stared at the green scarf floating freely in the wind.

Suddenly, a black Cadillac appeared on the road in the opposite direction, moving at a very fast speed. The green scarf coincidentally flew into the Cadillac. As the car pa.s.sed by, Li Xin caught a glimpse of a pair of cold eyes that was also staring at her before looking away.

Li Xin shrugged her shoulders. It’s just a green scarf anyway. If it’s lost then it’s lost. She hopped back into the Ferrari, started the engine and sped off in the opposite direction as the black Cadillac.

A few days later, in a castle-like mansion in Rome, Italy’s capital city, there was two middle-aged men sitting in the study room.

One of the men, who was about 40 years old, played with the bullet in his hand as he said, “Li Xin and Sui Xin has never disappointed me. They are definitely our precious treasures.”

The younger man smiled and nodded. “They truly didn’t disappoint our teachings and training. Right now they are ranked fifth in the world and have helped us make so much money.”

“They did not waste our efforts in raising them. . . haha!”

The two men laughed loudly.

“Boss! Boss!”

The 40 year old man heard the noise outside his study room and furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure. “What is it? Don’t you know the two of us are talking?”

The person standing outside the study room said in a scared voice, “A package was delivered from Li Xin.”

The sound inside the room became calmer. “Come in.”

With a happy face, the older man reached into the package and took out the piece of jade. He observed it for a moment then nodded his head. “Well done! This is the first time I’ve seen a jade from the Western Zhou period. Li Xin and Sui Xin has not disappointed at all.”

The other man also stared at the jade. “I’m starting to like Li Xin. She’s truly our precious treasure. In my opinion, if we want her to stay beside us forever then we should. . .”

The older man laughed. “You have the same thoughts as me. She has the skills. From what I see, she will be able to find $50 million within two years to buy back her freedom but I don’t want to lose control of her. Wait for her to return and we shall start on the plan discussed earlier.”

A wicked laughter filled up the entire study room.

A while later, the older man discovered there was also a letter inside the package. As he opened up the letter, he laughed happily. “I wonder what Li Xin has up her sleeves? She even sent us a letter. . . Huh? What’s this? That b.i.t.c.h!” His facial expression darkened immediately as he punched down on the desk, causing the wine gla.s.s to tip over and shattered into pieces on the ground.

The younger man saw this and curiously grabbed the letter. “What is it?”

Inside the letter, there was also a cheque for $100 million USD along with a message: “The cheque for $100 million is in the Swiss bank. This is the amount we have negotiated for Li Xin and Sui Xin’s freedom. From now on, the two of us have nothing to do with you.”

The younger man’s expression also changed for the worst.

“Very well, Li Xin! You want to fly? It won’t be that easy for you. This isn’t a place where you can leave when you want to leave.” The older man grabbed the $100 million cheque and screamed for his underlings.

Stolen Love c1

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