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In a villa near the coast of San Francisco, a gentle-looking girl standing at the kitchen door said to the girl who was eating fruits while watching TV in the living room, “Li Xin, hurry up and go buy soy sauce. We’ve ran out of soy sauce.”

Li Xin curled herself up on the sofa and frowned. Initially she felt this villa, which was located near the coast, gave it a refres.h.i.+ng feeling with the cool sea breeze. Coincidentally it was also up for lease so she decided to rent it. Not to mention, the owner was also Chinese with a polite and amiable appearance, so she thought there wouldn’t be any troubles. However, this person was way too friendly to a fault. The owner, seeing that she was also of the same ethnicity, immediately treated her as a little sister, no matter if Li Xin liked it or not.

Li Xin looked at the sweet smile in front of her. The smile was so sweet and innocent that it was hard for her to reject. Nonetheless, Li Xin still didn’t forget to bargain. “I want to eat sweet and sour ribs.”

Xiu Shui burst into laughter. “Hurry up. If it takes you too long then don’t even think about eating.” After saying so, she dismissed Li Xin with a wave.

Upon Xiu Shui’s dismissal, as if she was a pet, Li Xin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She slowly got up from the sofa. She looked like a mess. Her t-s.h.i.+rt didn’t look like a t-s.h.i.+rt, blouse didn’t look like a blouse, a sleeve was torn in half and one hand looked as if it was chewed up by a dog like a toy. Her jeans was old and torn to the point even beggers on the street wouldn’t care to wear.  Around her neck was a long necklace with black and white beads. Despite the clothes looking shabby and mismatch, Li Xin made it work, wearing it with a carefree, confident spirit.

Xiu Shui couldn’t help but furrow her brows at Li Xin’s shabby appearance. “Li Xin, why are you dressed like that, what kind of style is. . .”

Hearing Xiu s.h.i.+u’s grumbling and feeling an impending lecture, Li Xin immediately sprinted towards the door. Xiu Shui has completely regarded her as a little sister. The moment she opened her mouth, there would be nonstop nagging. Li Xin has always been carefree. She wore what she liked and didn’t care what people say. Xiu Shui also understood this about Li Xin; however, sometimes it was simply too hard to keep her mouth closed.

Li Xin was near the front door when the bell rang. As she changed into her shoes, she said, “Your friend is here.”

Xiu Shui dried her hands and came closer. “It could also be your friend.”

Li Xin didn’t look up. “I don’t have friends.”

Xiu Shui was taken aback while Li Xin calmly stood up with an unaffected expression, as if what she just said was a mere comment on the weather. There wasn’t a hint of loneliness or sadness on Li Xin’s face.

Sensing Xiu Shui looking at her with a warm look, Li Xin crossed her arms, leaned her back against the wall and said, “Are you thinking that I’m quite easy on the eyes? If you like me, I also don’t mind playing for the same team.”

Xiu Shui narrowed her eyes. She turned her attention to the CCTV screen to see who the visitor was. Afterwards, she pressed a b.u.t.ton which opened the door, at the same time she grabbed Li Xin by the arm. The moment the door opened, Xiu Shui shoved Li Xin out the door, looking at her with a murderous look, “Hurry up and go buy soy sauce. Otherwise, don’t even think about eating sweet and sour ribs!”

Despite Xiu Shui’s glare, Li Xin merely shrugged her shoulders. Pitying her? She didn’t need pity. Friends are merely a term. It didn’t matter if she had friends or not. There was nothing wrong with roaming the world alone.

“Xiu Shui, long time no see.” A deep male voice filled with happiness flew in.

“Jun Qi, how come you’re so free today to drop by and visit?”

Hearing Xiu Shui’s joking yet disinterested voice, Li Xin turned around. A couple entered the house. The woman looked as if she had no bones in her system as she leaned into the man’s shoulder, appearing like a naïve, damsel-in-distress.

The man was about 6 feet tall with a pair of beautiful eyes and an angular face structure. The corner of his mouth was slightly curved upwards into an attractive grin. He wore a dress s.h.i.+rt and the first two b.u.t.tons were opened, revealing a glimpse of a firm, hard chest. His black hair was long up to the ears. Over all he was a very attractive man.

Having caught Li Xin’s staring, Jun Qi flashed her a smile. However, Li Xin merely glanced at them then walked past them out the door, completely regarding the two guests as invisible. With that type of flirtatious man, she was not interested in knowing. Seeing that Li Xin didn’t even give him a second glance, Jun Qi couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows as he watched her disappearing figure.

“Fang Jun Qi, what are you looking at?” Xiu Shui asked through clenched teeth, noticing that Jun Qi kept looking after Li Xin.

Jun Qi turned his head back. “Who’s that girl?”

Xiu Shui firmed her face. “You can stop it. Don’t even think about laying a finger on my people.” This guy had no sense of manners! He had absolutely no tact or consideration. The moment he opens his mouth, he wanted to know about Li Xin. He didn’t even spare a thought about the beautiful girl who was already in his arms and she was looking very unhappy at this moment. What a player!

Jun Qi laughed out loud. “I could. . .” He didn’t finish his sentence as the red Ferrari sped off.

Li Xin was in the driver’s seat, waving at Xiu Shui with one hand. She didn’t care to spare a glance in Jun Qi’s direction.

Jun Qi swallowed back the rest of his sentence and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t know if that girl was deliberately being cold or it was unintentional, it still made him upset. All these years, no woman has ever ignored him the way she did. That girl was quite interesting.

“Soy sauce, soy sauce. Where can I buy soy sauce?” After visiting a several shops and supermarkets, she still couldn’t find any Chinese soy sauce. Li Xin pressed on the gas pedal, driving along the coast.

“Mother f.u.c.ker! Beat them to death for me!”

There was a bloodcurdling scream up ahead.

Li Xin looked up at the scene. Not far from there was a silver BMW that had been smashed in. Behind it were several red, black, and blue race cars. Further ahead, two men were running away from several others who were sprinting at full speed, chasing them down. The gap between the chasers and the two men weren’t wide. Several times, the two men were hit from behind but they couldn’t afford to slow down. They could only dash forward.

Witnessing this scene, Li Xin suddenly let out a soft laugh. “Are the cars simply for display then?” Those cars parked behind definitely belonged to the gang of men. They could have easily chased the two men with the cars but have stupidly decided to chase them by foot. Perhaps they wanted adrenaline or were so confident that their legs were faster than the speed of a car.

Stolen Love c2

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