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Xiu Shui frowned. She really didn’t want to interact with this group of guys. As she looked for Li Xin in the crowd, she made sure to keep a distance between herself and the guys.

“If you don’t appear, Xiu Shui is going to be taken advantage of.” In a corner of the bar, Jun Qi observed Xiu Shui’s discomfort as he explained to Wu Sen with a grin.

The moment Xiu Shui entered the bar, Wu Sen had already recognized her. He hadn’t expected to see her at this bar. As he watched those guys surrounded Xiu Shui, making her anxious and uncomfortable, Wu Sen’s face darkened and he promptly stood up.

“Wait, look.” Xiao Yun, who had his back towards Xiu Shui, climbed onto the the sofa’s armrest and pulled Wu Sen back, signaling him to look in Xiu Shui’s direction instead.

“Just one drink, Xiu Shui. At least have this one drink and give us some face.”

Xiu Shui looked at the two guys before her with a conflicted expression. Biting her lips, she accepted the drink. Since they personally asked, it was difficult for her to decline. She didn’t notice the strange look in the two guys.

“So thirsty!” The gla.s.s hadn’t even touched Xiu Shui’s lip and was suddenly s.n.a.t.c.hed away from her grasp. It was emptied in one gulp. Seeing that it was Li Xin, Xiu Shui grinned. “Are you hot?” At the same time, she signaled the bartender for a gla.s.s of ice water.

Li Xin’s mouth curved up as she spoke to the two guys in front of Xiu Shui, “Sorry I drank your guys’ drink.”

The two guys looked at each other and burst out laughing. “No problem. It’s even better than you didn’t reject it.”

“How stupid! How can she just carelessly drink it?” Watching Li Xin gulp down that drink, Jun Qi’s face turned black as he stood up and walked towards her.

Xiao Yun and Wu Sen looked at each other, exchanging raised brows.

“I thought you’re very capable but it turns out you’re just an idiot.” A cold voice spoke up, speaking over the loud dance music.

Li Xin furrowed her brows.

After finished talking to her, Jun Qi turned towards the guys. “How dare you touch my people?”

The guys looked at one another then smiled perversely. “None of us have laid a finger on her. However, Young Master Qi, we’ve done you a deed.”

“Who were you thinking of fooling?” Wu Sen was already standing beside Xiu Shui.

The guys stiffened up. “Sorry, we didn’t know these two girls were already taken. Young Master Sen, hope you have a good time tonight.” They cued each other with a wink and started to walk away.

“What are you afraid of? It’s such a rare opportunity for everyone to hang out together. Just stay and party hard,” Li Xin interrupted them from leaving. Apparently, it seems as if Jun Qi and Wu Sen were powerful people because even these rich guys had to show them respect.

As soon as the invitation left Li Xin’s mouth, the rich guys looked at each other then glanced at Wu Sen and Jun Qi. They let out a forced laugh.

Smiling, Li Xin waved her hand in the air. The server, who was standing by all this time, came over with a round of alcohol. With a smirk, Li Xin said, “Thanks for your guys’ help today. Xiu Shui can’t hold her liquor so I will drink in her stead. I’ll drink first.” Li Xin poured back the alcohol, emptying the contents. The guys looked at one another, smiled as they all picked up a gla.s.s of wine and drank it. Li Xin smiled sinisterly. Confirming that they’ve finished the drinks, she turned her attention elsewhere. Meanwhile, the rich guys laughed and excused themselves towards the dance floor, hoping to find an escape.

On the other hand, Li Xin had her back towards them as she lowered her voice and whispered a few words to the server. The server nodded happily then left.

“Li Xin, you’re so evil.” Xiao Yun finally appeared. He had been hiding at the corner of the bar and watching the fun scene. Coincidentally he had overheard what Li Xin said to the server.

Li Xin merely shrugged her shoulders and didn’t retort.

Standing on the side, Jun Qi asked, “What is it?”

Seeing that Li Xin had no intention to keep it a secret, Xiao Yun went ahead and told everyone what he had heard. When Li Xin was still on the dance floor, she had already seen those guys forcing drinks on Xiu Shui. With years of experience on the streets, Li Xin had correctly guessed what their intentions were. Therefore, she had immediately prepared a plan to deal with them.

The alcohol that those guys had consumed was spiked ten times more than what they had given her. This bar had many types of women. Whether those guys were going to be beaten up or minced, forced to compensate a huge sum of money or infected with some sort of disease, it had nothing to do with Li Xin. She was merely giving them a gentle reminder.

Jun Qi furrowed his brows and looked at Li Xin. This girl wasn’t a fool but she was surely wicked. Only Li Xin would come up with that kind of trick. Standing beside Xiu Shui, Wu Sen touched his chin but said nothing.

“Li Xin, are you okay?” Finally understanding the situation, Xiu Shui looked at Li Xin with panic.

In response to Xiu Shui’s worried and regretful countenance, Li Xin simply smiled. “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.” Despite growing up abroad, Li Xin had read Chinese literature before. Knowing there are tigers in the mountain but still volunteer to go is an idiotic thing to do. Of course, she must be capable to handle the situation in order to drink that gla.s.s of wine. There was no way Li Xin was going to sacrifice herself for someone else.

In this crowded and noisy place, n.o.body took notice of the small pool of liquid next to Li Xin’s foot.

“Hey, isn’t that Qi? Qi, where have you been? Why didn’t you look for me?” A whiny voice flew into the scene causing everyone to shudder.

Li Xin and Xiu s.h.i.+u lifted their heads and saw a flirtatious woman. She shoved the man beside her off and rushed over towards Jun Qi excitedly. She hooked her arms around Jun Qi’s and pouted. “Qi, I miss you so much yet you didn’t look for me at all! So mean!”

Li Xin had gooseb.u.mps all over. One look at the woman and it was obvious she was the experienced type. However, she was acting as if she was innocent and naïve. Suddenly Li Xin felt contempt towards Jun Qi. What was wrong with his eyes? Out of reflex, she scooted further away from him, the further the better. Li Xin also caught Wu Sen and Xiu Shui’s scornful looks. They were also horrified as they quietly turned away and picked up their alcohol. Only Xiao Yun was interested and kept observing.

Jun Qi looked at the pretty but whiny and clingy woman on his arm. He truly did not remember this woman. When it came to beautiful women, he had plenty. He changed girls as if they were his clothes, which was why he couldn’t remember this particular woman. Nonetheless he maintained his gallantry, playboy persona. “Gorgeous, I–”

“Qi, is that you? Oh my G.o.d, I’ve been looking for you for so long. G.o.d really has eyes to let me run into you today!”

Jun Qi didn’t get to finish his sentence as another beautiful and voluptuous woman rushed towards him like an arrow and clung to his other arm.

Stolen Love c7

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