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“Who are you?” The first woman demanded angrily.

The voluptuous woman retorted, “Who are you?”

“I’m Qi’s girlfriend.”

“You? How absurd! Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? Why would Qi pick someone like you for a girlfriend? To say that is an embarra.s.sment to Qi.”

As the argument intensified from a verbal war into a physical fight, Li Xin quickly moved away from the crime scene. Xiu Shui and Wu Sen moved away as well. Even Xiao Yun was scared, but he chose a safe corner and continued to watch the exciting drama unfold.

“Seriously this Jun Qi guy. I’ve reminded him so many times to not go around dating several girls at once. Something like this always happens. Doesn’t he feel troublesome? He really doesn’t know how to reflect on his behaviour.” Xiu Shui glared at Jun Qi who was standing calmly beside the two heated women going at it with each other.

Wu Sen faintly smiled. “When Mars and Earth collide, that’s when he will stop his trifling ways.”

Li Xin chuckled. Wu Sen usually had a stern and serious expression, but he was starting to learn how to make jokes.

Xiu Shui didn’t quite understand as she turned to Wu Sen. “What?”

Xiao Yun piped in eagerly, “When everyone in the world has died, who is left for him to flirt with?”

Xiu Shui was speechless.

“Say, what’s so good about Jun Qi that women are always fighting each other over him? Knowing that he’s a flirt and a player but they still want him. d.a.m.n it, why don’t have I any appeal with women the way he does?” Watching the two women fight each other because of Jun Qi, who was coolly sipping his wine, Xiao Yun felt it was unfair.

Wu Sen glanced over Xiao Yun. Taking a sip of his alcohol, he said, “It’s not like you just met him.”

Xiao Yun couldn’t say a word. s.h.i.+fting his gaze towards Jun Qi, he noticed Jun Qi was enjoying his wine while talking to the person sitting next to him, completely disregarding the two fighting women. Those two women didn’t pull him into their altercation either, as if he was someone to be cherished and honored. Xiao Yun shook his head and turned his head away. “We need to teach him a lesson, so that he knows he can’t do everything as he pleases. Besides, I will also have something fun to watch.”

Wu Sen nodded. “I think so too.”

The two men were of the same thoughts. It seems like Jun Qi’s behaviour was truly infuriating. Being too good-looking and attractive isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Li Xin couldn’t help but laugh. “It looks like we’re about to see something fun.”

The three others looked over to Jun Qi’s side. The men who came with the two women did not look the least bit happy as they surrounded Jun Qi. They felt very humiliated that the women they came with were fighting each other for some other guy.

“What do you guys think you’re doing?! Are you going to beat up people?!” The two women’s shrilly voices made Li Xin flinched.

Xiao Yun’s face darkened. “He’s impossible.”

As soon as those two women realized something amiss in the atmosphere, they immediately rushed over to protect Jun Qi. They were shouting, punching and kicking those men that came with them. How absurd!

Xiu Shui had cold sweats on her forehead as she turned away, pretending not to know. Li Xin, Wu Sen and Xiao Yun all pretended they didn’t know Jun Qi.

A while later, Xiu Shui spoke up, “And he’s still able to tolerate this?”

“Why not?” Somehow Jun Qi had appeared next to them, standing right behind Li Xin.

Xiu Shui pointed towards the two furious women. “You let them—”

“What does that got to do with me?” Jun Qi coldly interrupted. “I’ve never asked them to do anything for me. They willingly did it. I stood there calmly without losing my cool is already helping them save their faces.” Jun Qi was always polite towards women. Even if he had no impression of a woman, he won’t embarra.s.s them. However, this time they had stepped way out of line. It was to the point he couldn’t tolerate it and opt to ignore it instead.

Xiao Yun laughed loudly. “You are really. . .”

“h.e.l.lo there handsome.” Xiao Yun couldn’t finish his sentence as he was interrupted by another woman’s voice. Everybody looked up and saw a young girl dressing provocatively and winking at Jun Qi. Xiao Yun face-palmed and cussed. Even at this moment, there’s still a woman trying to hit on Jun Qi. Some things in life are simply unexplainable.

Jun Qi weakly smiled. “Sorry, I’m here with someone.” Saying so, he stepped in closer towards Li Xin. Even though he was a playboy, it didn’t mean he flirted with everyone indiscriminately. His standards were high. Even those two arguing women were utterly drop-dead gorgeous that not everyone could be compared to.

“How dare you touch my woman?!” The young female hadn’t said a word but a scary-looking man had charged forward and threw a punch at Jun Qi. Jun Qi’s face changed but he had fast reflex as he angled his body and successfully avoided the attack. Then he reciprocated the scary-looking man with a punch of his own.

“He has the nerves to touch our men! Everyone, attack! He thinks he can do whatever he wants in our territory then he’s obviously wis.h.i.+ng for death!”

All of the men and women who were standing behind the scary-looking man charged forward. Right at that moment, the two men who were the arguing women’s dates also joined in. Everyone started fighting, causing a ruckus. In the moment of chaos, they even broke chairs, tables and even smashed liquor bottles. Profanities and vulgar remarks blended in with the sound of people kicking, punching and shoving each other. It filled up the entire bar. Even the people who were initially bystanders joined in, wanting to be a part of the excitement and adrenaline. Screams and hollers mixed in with the house music. The disco lights flashed red and green, creating an intense and heated atmosphere.

Li Xin was sitting at the bar counter. Her eyes followed the chaos and mess. She softly chuckled. “This is the way it should be. If you want to fight then fight. You’re not a man if you talk so much nonsense.”

Wu Sen and Xiao Yun had complained a lot about Jun Qi, but the moment they saw someone attempting to hurt Jun Qi, they immediately lunged forward and fought off each and every a.s.sailant.

Xiu Shui was struck with fear and horror. Worriedly she held tightly onto Li Xin’s hands. Her eyes were glued to the three men as she anxiously shouted, “Stop it! What’s the meaning of this? Stop it!”

Li Xin tossed Xiu Shui a glare. Then she grabbed Xiu Shui and dragged her to the stage. They were outnumbered by the enemies. Not only did the three men have to defend the girls, they also had to take offense with their opponent. And yet, the moment she opened her mouth, Xiu Shui had unknowingly told the enemies of their weakness. Should Xiu Shui be considered naïve or foolish?

Stolen Love c8

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