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The stage lights were turned off.

Li Xin sat down next to the musical instruments. Observing the chaotic scene below, she had on an alluring smile as she grabbed the drumsticks and hit it against the drum. The noise was amplified throughout the bar. The drumming rhythm was intense and powerful. It was fast and ferocious, provoking everyone’s hot-blooded temper.

With a pale face, Xiu Shui looked at all the crazy people off stage. She quickly tugged on Li Xin’s hand. “What are you doing?”

Li Xin grinned. “I’m creating an atmosphere for them!” She was a fearless girl to begin with, thus there was no reason to not partic.i.p.ate in the thrilling activity going on.

Off the dance stage, Jun Qi kicked a guy across the floor then turned to face Wu Sen. The two of them exchanged a look and smiled. When Li Xin dragged Xiu Shui up to the stage, they had both seen it. Apparently, Li Xin didn’t think it was crazy enough so she had to add oil to the fire. Her fierce drumming was an encouragement to everyone, making them even more excited. Jun Qi surveyed the bunch of hot-bloods around him. He was annoyed he couldn’t do anything to Li Xin.

“Li Xin, are we just going to leave and ignore them?” After a while of playing the drums, Li Xin had grabbed Xiu Shui and dragged her through the crowd of hot-blooded people and escaped out of the bar. On the other hand, Xiu Shui kept looking back.

Li Xin furrowed her brows. “Whoever started it has to deal with it. If you want to go back, I will send you back in.”

In front of Li Xin’s serious expression, Xiu Shui bit down on her lips. It was a pandemonium in there. To go back inside was simply looking for death. Not to mention, this issue was caused by Jun Qi. Nonetheless, Li Xin had a hand in it too as she had helped fan the growing fire. Yet Li Xin was able to calmly leave.

Xiu Shui simply her head.

The two of them got into the car. They saw the police cars speeding towards the bar with the sirens on, wailing loudly. Then the police rushed into the bar. Meanwhile Li Xin pressed down on the gas pedal as the car flew forward. Just then, a metallic sports car sped by Li Xin’s car. Li Xin studied it carefully then burst out laughing. As it turns out, the person sitting inside the metallic white sports car was none other than Jun Qi. It seems like they weren’t that stupid after all. They knew how to retreat quickly.

Under the moonlight, the outstanding red and metallic white sports car sped down the road.

When the two cars were side-by-side, Xiao Yun shouted enthusiastically, “You’re quite something, Li Xin. You didn’t even care to say a word of good-bye and left. If it wasn’t for Jun Qi’s keen eyes, we would’ve been abandoned by you.”

The night’s breeze blew up Li Xin’s hair, making her look even more beautiful and radiant. Li Xin nonchalantly spoke up, “Am I that close with you guys?”

Xiao Yun was so angry he couldn’t speak a word. In other words, Li Xin was saying there was no need for greetings because they weren’t familiar with each other.

Facing Xiao Yun’s infuriated look, Li Xin softly chuckled. “You guys should thank me for dragging Xiu Shui out instead. If I didn’t do that, you guys wouldn’t be able to fight without feeling burdened. Therefore, you guys have no rights to make a comment.”

While Jun Qi was driving, he was also listening to Li Xin. He was irritated but it was also the truth. Jun Qi glanced at Li Xin and asked, “What is the meaning of ‘close’?”

Li Xin didn’t bother to look at Jun Qi and replied, “There are some people who just met each other and are the best of friends. There are also people who have known each other for all their lives and still aren’t close.”

Wu Sen instinctively glanced at Jun Qi. He still had on a charming smile but his eyes were bright. Wu Sen knew the meaning of that expression. It was the look of a predator for its prey. Unfortunately, this particular prey wasn’t an easy target to hunt down. They were still casually conversing when there was the sound of car engines rumbling deeply from behind. Simultaneously Li Xin and Jun Qi steered their car to the side, allowing a whole bunch of sports cars of varying colours to speed past. There was the sound of laughter and conversations, whistling and hollering.

Xiao Yun looked at the group of cars that had pa.s.sed. He coldly scoffed.

“It’s those people.” Wu Sen’s expression became stern.

Just as Wu Sen finished talking, the sports cars suddenly made a U-turn and came back.

Li Xin immediately braked the car and parked beside the sidewalk. Propping her elbow on the car, she was prepared to watch another episode of drama.

“Isn’t that Xiao Yun?” A piercing voice spoke up. Several cars surrounded Jun Qi’s car, trapping his car in the middle.

Xiao Yun firmed his face, stood up and said crisply, “So what if I am?”

A man stepped out from the only yellow car in the group. He stood with his back leaning against the door and laughed boisterously. “You fool, San Francisco is our territory. You think you can come and go as you please? It’s not going to be that easy.”

Xiao Yun sat up on the door of the rolled down convertible, right behind Jun Qi. He scrutinized the man from head to toe and laughed mockingly. “You loser, you have no rights to talk to me. You lost but didn’t want to admit it. Not only that but you decided to be sly and pull a few tricks. Your grandpa has the nerves to come here then that means I’m not afraid of your gimmick.”

The man’s expression changed for the worst as he listened to Xiao Yun’s blunt words. Clenching his fists, he gritted his teeth. “Don’t be rude just because I’m showing some politeness. I’m going to ask you one more time, are you going to join? If you’re not going to join then don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Carefully observing from the sideline, Li Xin was able to roughly understand the situation. Xiao Yun had probably won over those guys in a car race, which was why they wanted him to join their team. Unable to get him to join, they turned to underhanded tricks.

Li Xin suddenly looked down on those people. Li Xin didn’t think there was a need to talk it out, just beat them up already. Consequences could be dealt with later. It wasn’t as if they were diplomatic people. This was simply wasting time and not resolving anything. Li Xin had totally forgotten that the three guys, who were trapped in the middle, were people she was acquainted with. Yet she wasn’t thinking about helping them, instead she wanted to watch the amusing scene. She was a typical detached and heartless person.

“So what if you’re not polite?” Xiao Yun wasn’t able to say a word when Wu Sen coolly interrupted.

Only he had the power to do whatever as he pleases in San Francisco. They had the nerves to talk about territory in front of him. These people were really thick-skinned in a foolish way.

Stolen Love c9

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