Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 82

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Published at 16th of August 2019 10:08:46 PM Chapter 82


“Congratulations to the host for completing a hidden quest: Solving Dr . Lizard Crisis . This quest Reward: 5000 Reward points . The reward has been issued and you can check it carefully . ” Just after Lin Rui and Peter blocked Dr . Connors’ crazy plan, a systematic voice suddenly sounded in his mind when he returned home . He unexpectedly completed a hidden quest .

“Ah! There is such a good thing!?” Lin Rui, who was suddenly given five thousand Reward points, was a bit confused .

“System, what’s this hidden quest about? When I helped Tony defeat Obadiah before, I didn’t complete any hidden quests? Lin Rui quickly calls the system when he failed to understand the mechanics of the hidden quest .

The system that hasn’t appeared for a long time still appears in an instant at the call of Lin Rui and quickly floats to his consciousness .

“Hidden quests are quests that don’t appear in the mainline quests, but they will always be there . Quests like those I issued to you before can also be considered as hidden quests . ” Without much nonsense, the system explained the hidden quest to Lin Rui faintly .

“As for why you finished the hidden quest this time and not the time when you helped Tony, it was because you didn’t stop Obadiah last time, you just stunned him at the last moment . The damage caused by and to Obadiah is a foregone conclusion . So, naturally, there is nothing hidden quest . ” Aiming at Lin Rui’s second problem, the system also gives an explanation .

“Oh, that’s a good reason . After all, according to the original plot, Obadiah would have been blown up by the Arc Reactor at that time . ” With a nod, Lin Rui accepted the reason .

“It seems that if I want to get involved in the original plot in the future, it’s better to solve it before it happens . ” Knowing how the hidden quest was accomplished, Lin Rui has made a plan to complete the hidden quest later .

“That idea is good, but you would not get the results you want every time you get involved in the original plot, ” Hearing Lin Rui’s plan, the system gave a light reminder .

“Ohh~ do you mean something unexpected will happen?” Lin Rui’s eyebrows jumped when he heard the system’s reminder .


“This kind of things can only be understood by you . I can’t tell you much . However, if you want to avoid some unexpected situations, you can improve your own strength . As long as you are strong enough, even if there is something unexpected, it can be under your control and that will be no accident . ” The light on the system’s body fluctuates as it answered Lin Rui question .

“OK, I know . After so many things, of course, I know that my own strength is the most important . However, I still envy Tony, those Iron Man Armors are really too good . Systems, can I still choose the path of technological growth?” After answering, Lin Rui also mentioned Tony’s Iron Man Armor and his vision of the road to technological growth .

“Yes! Anyway, it’s your choice . ” Originally, Lin Rui had just asked the question casually and he didn’t expect the system to give a positive answer .

“Really!” After hearing the system’s answer, Lin Rui asked again excitedly .

“Of course, as long as you have enough Reward Points to exchange for those technological things, nothing is impossible . Aren’t there some blueprints in your hands for the design of E Grade Aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p? You can see how many reward points are needed for a complete blueprint design . ’ Under Lin Rui’s inquiry, the system reminds him faintly of the blueprints .

Under the system’s reminder, Lin Rui quickly pulled out the complete blueprint of E Grade Aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p from the System Shop .

“Haha, it’s not very expensive, just 2,000 Reward points . With the original part in my hand, I can buy it at 1500 Reward points . ” Seeing the price tag on the blueprint design, Lin Rui who was a little worried, relaxed .

This is an Aeros.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p design, although only at the lowest level, but for the current Earth, It is a technology that is ten years ahead of its peers . As long as Lin Rui has such a Wars.h.i.+p in his hand, he will be a boss-level character .

“So, what are you going to build it with? It’s just a blueprint design . If you’re going to exchange directly from the system, I suggest you go and see the exchange price . ” Seeing Lin Rui’s excitement, the system calmly reminded him .

“Er! ~ Let me see . ” Lin Rui quickly pulled out a complete E Grade Aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p from the System Shop .

Soon, Lin Rui had a very sci-fi Aeros.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p in his mind, which looked like a shuttle and was dark and silver in color . However, after sweeping the price of the E Grade Sky Wars.h.i.+p, Lin Rui fell into a long silence .


Grub! ~

“Five… 50,000 Reward points…!” After swallowing his saliva, Lin Rui slowly reported the price of the wars.h.i.+p, a figure he could not afford now .

“It’s not very expensive, I think the System Shop gave you a discount . ” When Lin Rui was shocked, the system said quietly on the side .

“Hold on… this is the price after the discount?!” Lin Rui doesn’t want to say anything more for now .

A little refreshed, Lin Rui waved his hands quickly, and he pulled out all the items about technology products in System Shop .

“D-cla.s.s Aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p design blueprint full version, worth 3,000 Reward points . A complete D-cla.s.s Aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p exchange price: 100,000 Reward points!!”

“Cla.s.s C…, five thousand Reward points . Complete… 200,000 Reward points!!”

“Cla.s.s B…, 10,000 Reward points . Complete…, 500,000 Reward points!!!”

“Cla.s.s A…, 50,000 Reward points . Complete…, One million Reward points!!!!”

“Ah! Why is it so expensive?!!” Just a simple sweep of the price of the Aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p, Lin Rui was ready to collapse . Moreover, this is just the price of a single Wars.h.i.+p . If Lin Rui wants a Wars.h.i.+p group, he feels that he can’t finish it in his life .

“What do you think? The last time you converted a laser gun, you spent 800 Reward points . Do you think technology products are so simple?” Seeing Lin Rui, who has been driven mad by these prices, the system said lightly . The laser gun mentioned in the system was the last thing that he used against the Level Four Mutant of the Frankenstein Family . After using it once, Lin Rui put it in the secret base and did not give it to Peter for research .

“This is no way to live! Who can afford these prices?!” Although the price of this ready-made product is certainly not cheap, To Lin Rui, they are still unacceptable .

“Don’t forget, this is the Marvel World . The local tyc.o.o.n here relies on technology, and the variation is the main theme of this world . Do you think you are Tony Stark?” The system silently reminded Lin Rui . Sometimes it is difficult to get out of the dead-end once you get into the dead end . The system doesn’t want Lin Rui to get into it .

“The local tyc.o.o.n relies on technology and the Variation is the main theme . Am I Tony Stark? Hey?! I didn’t think of it!” Hearing the obscure reminder of the system, Lin Rui suddenly thought of something .

“What do you think of?” The system asked, pretending not to know .

“Local Tyc.o.o.n! Although I am not one but Tony is! Although the Reward point required to redeem a full aeros.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p is too scary, the price of the blueprint is still within the acceptable range . If I redeem the complete blueprint and give it to Tony, with his financial support and his technical mind, it should be possible to make these Wars.h.i.+ps!” After a systematic reminder, Lin Rui figured it out .

“This is a good idea, but how do you guarantee that Tony won’t leave you alone after getting these blueprints?” the system then asked .

“Oh~ Yes, I don’t seem to have many bargaining chips right now . So, this thing needs to be well thought out . ” Lin Rui thinks it seems unrealistic to think so much now . “But, System, did you know about this from long ago?”


“Nothing . ”


Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 82

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