Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 83

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Published at 16th of August 2019 10:08:48 PM Chapter 83

“According to our report, the giant lizard monster that appeared in New York a few days ago reappeared in Empire State High School in Queens of this city earlier today…”

According to witnesses at the scene, the lizard destroyed the school and injured many students…”

“By the time Police arrived at the scene and surrounded the school, the lizard monster had already disappeared . Let’s listen to the narrative of the witnesses on the scene . ”

“I swear, I have never seen such a large lizard! It is like a dinosaur crossed over from the Jura.s.sic World!!” A clearly frightened student said . It seems that this student has Influenced by crossed over novels .

“I think it has been mutated by radiation, New York’s chemical plants should be further managed!” This is an a.n.a.lysis of an environmental protection student .

“It must be a secret biological weapon of the government, I swear, I heard the lizard talking!” This is the guy who heard Dr . Connors call Peter’s name .

“Well, let’s interview some exciting students here . ” Hearing all kinds of speculations about the lizard, the host turned the microphone to several students waving excitedly at one side .

“It’s Spiderman! He defeated the evil giant lizard!”

“And Mirage Knight! Mirage Knight and Spiderman teamed up! They both dealt with the big lizard!”


“Mirage Knight! Mirage Knight!”

When the host handed the microphone over here, the students who had the privilege of seeing Peter and Lin Rui shouted enthusiastically in front of the camera . They look like Spiderman and Mirage Knight fans and no one knows where they were hiding during the battle .

“Oh… it seems that these are the fans of Spiderman and Mirage Knight . But is it true that the two New York Vigilante defeated the big lizard to save the people in the school?” The host didn’t expect a few of them to explode with such excitement . With such news, the host quickly took the microphone back and said .


“Oh, these guys are really not afraid of death . ” Lin Rui, who was watching the news on TV at home, laughed when he heard his cla.s.smates’fanaticism . He didn’t have time to pay attention to anyone beside him during the battle .

Buzz ~Buzz~

Just as Lin Rui watched the news on the TV, his cell phone on the table suddenly vibrated .


“Well? Is there any news?”

“Okay, I’ll be right there!”

Lin Rui, who received the call, simply said a few words to the person at the other end of the line and hung up . Then Lin Rui picked up his backpack and rushed out of the room . Because today Dr . Connors went to Lin Rui School and caused such a big scene not to mention the damage . Their school had to take at least a few days off to redecorate . It just gave Lin Rui enough time to do his own thing .


Half an hour later, Lin Rui, who hurried out, had arrived at their secret base . Here, Matt and Jack, whom he had not seen for several days were waiting .

What about Spiderman? You haven’t been hanging out lately?” Seeing Lin Rui coming alone, Jack suddenly asked .

“He has something to do . He’ll come when he’s done . ” Going to his sofa and sitting down, Lin Rui explains briefly . Peter is now taking care of Dr . Connors, who has not yet fully recovered from the aftereffects of the gene serum and he will not be able to make it for a while . “Let’s start with your recent discoveries, and we will call Spiderman when it’s time to act . ”

“Well, with Daredevil’s help, I managed to take complete control of Frankenstein Family, who had lost their leader and eradicate many of the family’s opponents . So these days we’ve been using Frankenstein Family’s channels to find information about Wilson’s forces and the Vampires . Finally, we got some important news . ” With a nod, Jack began to tell Lin Rui about their recent achievements . When it comes to Daredevil’s help to Jack, his lawyer status has helped a lot .

“Well? What’s the important news? You didn’t say anything on the phone . ” When he heard Jack, Lin Rui sat up straight on the sofa and asked seriously .

“It turns out that Wilson, whom you’ve been dealing with, is also doing business with the Vampires . Frankenstein Family and Vampire have worked together for more than 20 years, but Wilson’s gangsters don’t know how long they have worked with them . One of the last human trafficking deals you cracked down on should be between them and the Vampire forces, and one of the Vampires might be the one who attacks you secretly . ” Soon Jack broke a piece of big news .

“Kingpin and Vampire are also doing business . This guy really does do everything!” Lin Rui had to sigh at Jack’s words .

“And after the last Vampire and Frankenstein Family deal was destroyed by you and the police, Wilson’s power seems to have been completely hidden, and for the time being nothing has been revealed . But there seems to be a big move on Vampire’s side, and the New York police are also secretly deploying their forces to guard against those foolish Vampires . ” Jack kept revealing one news after another .

“New York police? Do they know that they are dealing with Vampires? Or are they just being used by the guys in Congress . ” Hearing, Lin Rui suddenly interjected .

“I don’t think they know . They think they’re dealing with illegal Mafia families . ” Shaking his head, Matt answered Lin Rui .

“I know that the guys in Congress won’t announce this situation . They should also want to use the pressure of the police to make Vampires buy blood from them just like before . But they don’t know that Vampires can’t be satisfied with that now, Otherwise, they won’t be able to form a business relations.h.i.+p with the Wilson and the Frankenstein Family for so many years . ” Frowning tightly, Lin Rui felt that this matter will likely to develop outside of their control .

“Yes, we also feel that this time Congress underestimated Vampire’s determination to break away from their control and emerge completely in the eyes of ordinary people . So we’re also looking for help from professionals, and we’ve got another piece of information . ” Jack apparently thought about it too, so they would be prepared in advance .

“Hmm? Professional? Who?” Lin Rui asked curiously as he heard Jack’s word .

“Blade, a very powerful vampire hunter . He has been fighting Vampires his entire life and he is the number one enemy of Vampires . ”

“Oh, I remembered, it seems like there is such a person!” At the reminder of Jack, Lin Rui finally remembered the half-Vampire Half-human Vampire hunter . Although Lin Rui has watched the Blade series in his previous life, He had long forgotten the main plot and some characters of the movie . He only knows that this Blade is a very powerful Vampire hunter .

“Now that Vampires are on the verge of rioting, it is necessary to seek the help of professionals . So we found Blade, but he’s not in very good condition now . ”

“What happened to him?” Since Blade is also a protagonist, he should not be dead or disabled .

“He was arrested by the police in Buffalo on charges of murder . However, we have investigated that this time he was caught in a trap that Vampires set against him . A guy pretended to be Vampire and was finally killed by Blade . On the other side, Vampires secretly recorded this kill and reported it to the police . ” Jack spoke of the news he had just heard .

“Why is every situation have to be so troublesome . So what do we do now, are we going to rob the prison?” First, he cursed his unluckiness and then he asked an important question .

“Looks like we have to . If we want to deal with Vampires, Blade’s help is a must . And since Vampires designed for Blade to be caught, then he may not be safe with the police . ” Nodded, Jack affirmed the jailbreak plan .

“Ahh! It’s really troublesome! Let’s rob this prisoner! I don’t want to leave any evidence . I don’t want the police to think that we the Vigilantes are bad guys!” Lin Rui finally agreed to Jack’s plan .

“Okay, so now we have to make a quick plan . ”

Then Lin Rui and others started planning their jailbreak inside the secret base . While Lin Rui was thinking about jailbreaking to save Blade, several Vampire hunters were also planning to rescue Blade from a secret organization in Buffalo .


Chapter 83 Blade

Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 83

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