Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 196

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Bai Xiaofeng is the future of their Bai family. In the future, he will become a big official. How can they let him starve?

Mrs. Zhang, who was behind Mrs. Liu, immediately turned a blind eye, bit deep inside her heart: You know that your Xiaofeng is hungry, but you didn’t know that my Zhenzhu and Fugui are hungry?

At this time, Mrs. Zhang didn’t make a sound. It’s not a good time to make a sound. There was no rice at home. The old lady was holding the money. The old lady always thinks of a way.

When they walked pa.s.s through a shabby old house, Old Lady Bai suddenly stopped and turned to look at the faint light in the house.

“It's very rare for that old man to be willing to light a lamp.” Mrs. Liu looked and followed the old lady’s line of sight.

Old Lady Bai said: “I heard that today, Bai Tieniu went to the town to buy rice. I don’t how much he bought. If I borrowed rice, will he lend me some?”

Mrs. Liu smiled and said: “Yes, he should be. Bai Tieniu has always been calling you second aunt before. If you borrow a meter stone of rice from him, he will definitely lend it to you.”

Mrs. Zhang opened her mouth and said: “Bai Tieniu’s eldest son fell on the tree last year. He went and looked for you to borrow money to treat his son, but you didn’t even say a single word. Later that year, their harvest didn’t go well, he came and looked for you to borrow some rice, but you didn’t lend him some.”

Mrs. Zhang sighed and added: “But at this kind of time, you’re thinking to borrow rice. Who doesn’t know the price of rice in the town has doubled? Who will lend you rice this time?”

Mrs. Liu stared at Mrs. Zhang: “How did you know when you haven’t try? Who knows, maybe, Bai Tineniu gives niang a face and lend her some rice? Will you just please stop pouring cold water here.”

Mrs. Zhang was too lazy to argue with them, she only said “Whatever, I will go back first. It’s good if you can borrow rice, but if not, buy it, you brought money with you, right?” After that, Mrs. Zhang turned around to leave. She was also hungry, she doesn’t have the strength to entangle with them. If they failed to get rice, she will bring her children back to her family.


After Mrs. Zhang left, Mrs. Liu went close to the gate and called for people.

The person who opened the door was Bai Tieniu. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Mrs. Liu and the old lady’s face: “You? Is there something?” This old lady has always looked down on his family. Since his father and second uncle pa.s.sed away, they treated each other like strangers. Even if they b.u.mped to each other on the road, they never said h.e.l.lo. People knew that they were relatives, but they didn’t know they treat each other like strangers.

Old Lady Bai squeezed hard a smile on her face, then said: “Tieniu, I heard you went to the town to buy rice?”

Bai Tieniu nodded his head: “Yes, the family’s rice pot is empty. I went to the town to fill it. Why do you ask?”

Old Lady Bai chuckled: “This is the case, today, Dazhu also went to the town to buy rice. On his way back, he met robbers. The rice and remaining money were robbed. He came back almost half-dead. Even right now, he was lying in bed.”

Bai Tieniu raised an eyebrow: “So? What does it have to do with me?”

Old Lad Bai chuckled again and said with embarra.s.sing tone: “It has nothing to do with you. However, we have no choice but to thicken our face to look for you and see if you can lend us some rice. After we harvest in our field, we will return it back to you.”

Bai Tieniu suddenly smiled, then laughed coldly: “You know what, second aunt. You haven’t changed at all, you still think everyone is a fool. Do you think I’m similar to my father and mother? Do you think your flowery words can fool me? Do you know the price of rice in the rice shop right now? But then, you were saying you will return it to me by autumn? Do you think, I, Tieniu, is such a big fool?”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 196

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