Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 197

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The smile on the old lady’s face was hardly visible: “Tieniu, in the end, we are family. Even broken bones can still be attached with the help of tendons. Second Aunt treated you badly, but that is because second aunt has no other choice. Who in this village don’t know how difficult we live? We never had enough money, so I have never been helpful to you. Today, second aunt was forced to come to you due to helplessness. At ordinary times, second aunt never ask you for help, right?”

Bai Tieniu coldly snorted: “I asked you to help me for two times in this life. But second aunt, did you ever help me? Forget it, its all in the past, I have no time to talk to you about these things. To make it short, it’s impossible to borrow rice from us, but because you are my second aunt. If you are willing to pay, I will be able to accommodate you.”

Old Lady Bai’s heart was filled with anger, but she cannot take it out. Who told her to come in here earlier?

“Then tell us, how much is one meter stone of rice?” Mrs. Liu asked.

“One meter of stone?” Bai Tieniu’s voice increased a lot and spoke with a bit exaggerated tone.

“I can’t afford to sell one meter of stone. I went to the town today, but only bought 2 buckets of rice. If you want, I can sell you one bucket for 2 silver coins. I will not include my travel expenses, after all, you are my second aunt, right?”

Mrs. Liu's voice immediately increased: “What? 2 silver coins for a bucket? Why don’t you just rob us?”

Bai Tieniu’s face sank and said in an angry way: “Liu Guihua if you think you have such a great skill, why don’t you go to the town, and see who still sell a bucket of rice for 2 silver coins. Believe it or not, you won’t be able to find any.”

There were suddenly increased in the number of refugees from the south. Everyone knows that when these refugees came, the price of rice has also increased. Because of this, some people began to stock foods, even those people who have no money borrowed money just to get some rice. Even the rice shops were having a shortage of supply. Well, getting out of stock was a normal thing.

However, such an event has never happened before, everybody knows this.

So, this old lady coming to borrow rice is simply crazy.

Old Lady Bai frowned and said: “2 silver coins for a bucket, that is too expensive. In the past, you can buy a meter of stone for 2 silver coins.”

Bai Tieniu coldly sneered: “In the past? Is it past now? Alright, if you don’t want to buy, then just go. I will not delay you.”

After he finished, Bai Tieniu was about to close the door. Seeing this, Old Lady Bai’s heart skipped a beat. She rushed to stop him: “Buy, I will buy, give me a bucket of rice.”

If it was an ordinary day, she will not buy rice even if she dies, but at this moment, she was really hungry. If she will not eat a meal today, she will not have the strength to get up tomorrow. Besides, the price of rice keeps increasing. Even if she let things pa.s.sed tonight, it’s impossible for her to buy cheap rice tomorrow.

Bai Tieniu’s lips curved into a smile, this smile of him have a bit trace of being proud.

“Well, you wait.” He turned around and went inside the house. Not long after, he came out with a cloth bag, amounting a bucket of rice.

He didn’t rush to give it to the old lady, he stretched out his empty hand and said: “2 silver coins, give it to me first.”

Old Lady Bai chuckled: “We are family, can you spare us tonight? I will give it to you tomorrow.” ”

Bai Tieniu shook his head: “I don’t believe you. If you hand over the money, I will hand over the rice. No further discussion.”

This trick of this old lady has been used to most people in the village. Many people have eaten big lost because of this. It would be stupid if Bai Tieniu still believes her.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 197

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