Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 24

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Bai Zhi remembered, that when the dead Bai Zhi went to the mountain to pick up some wild vegetables last year. She saw some wild grapes on the road and picked them up. There were not many numbers of it. She was afraid that the Bai Family will take them all. So, she hides them under the broken house and waits for the evening to come, to eat and share them with her mother.

But, who knew that, while she was picking the wild grapes. A young boy from the same village saw her. And then rushed to Bai Xiaofeng to tell this news. The Bai Family almost turned upside down the broken house to get the wild grapes when they heard of it. They didn’t stop until she gave them up. For this, Old Lady Bai also punished her for almost half of the day.

The mother and daughter were still discussing how they will hide the eggs when Hu Changlin walked inside the cabin with a bowl.

“Are the two of you busy?” Hu Changlin entered the cabin with a smile. Obviously, he was in a good mood.

Bai Zhi immediately thought of a plan, she smiled and said: “Hu Bo, just now, Yingzi’s niang came and gave us some eggs. We don’t have a place to put it. Can we put it in your house? We also want to hide them from the Bai Family.”

Hu Changlin asked in curiosity: “Oh, she also gave you some eggs?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Yesterday, Hu Feng carried Yinzhi out of the sh.o.r.e. I also help Yingzi a bit, so her niang also gave us some.”

Hu Changlin handed the bowl in his hand with a smile, then said: “These things are also what she sent. I cooked some of them. You two ladies, eat this while it’s hot.”

Bai Zhi busily took the bowl, she was also planning to eat their eggs with Hu Family. So, there was no need to care for formality.

Bai Zhi’s eagle eyesight gradually moved towards the sunlight coming out from the clouds. Then, asked suddenly: “Hu Bo, what is the closest mountain here in our Huangtuo Village?”

Hu Changlin didn’t think much about her question. And just said: “It’s the Luoying Mountain. That mountain is very vast. There were a lot of giant trees all over the place. I also heard that from the other side of it, was the border of Zhou Country.”

With this discovery, Bai Zhi smiled: “If that is the case, won’t the Zhou Country can easily invade our Chu Country? They only need to pa.s.s through that mountain, right?”

Hu Changlin waved his hand: “Easy? How come it will be easy? Luoying Mountain is a very dangerous place. There were so many fierce beasts in there. No matter how many people went into the deepest part of it, no one came back alive. It is a legendary mountain of death. Even large army don’t dare to enter it.”

Bai Zhi frown her eyebrows: “So basically, no one dared to go in there?”

Hu Changlin shook his head: “No one dared to go to the deepest part of the mountain. But some people still dared to go to the outer part. Some of those people are hunters that want to hunt for preys. Some people go to find some medicinal herbs. After all, there were lots of good herbs in the mountain. Many doctors came in there before. But, because it was really dangerous, only a few doctors now came to collect some herbs.”

Zhao Lan saw Bai Zhi with a deep thought, so she asked: “Why are you asking these questions?” "

Bai Zhi replied with a smile: “Oh, I am going to pick up some wild vegetables and herbs that I could recognize. Lu Dafu said yesterday that he will help me to sell them in the pharmacy in the town.”

Hu Changlin swept his eyes to Bai Zhi’s thin body, then busily said: “Is that so? Hu Feng also said yesterday that he will go hunt in the mountain. He intended to help me plant the peanuts first this morning. I can finish it alone. So, you go and ask Hu Feng to take you to the mountain. We can be more at ease by doing this.”

Bai Zhi’s heart felt warm. Hu Changlin was a very good person. He always thinks about their safety. Without asking for anything in return.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 24

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