Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 25

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“How can that be? How can you plant peanuts alone? If you insist, I will also go to the field and help you plant peanuts. Although I can’t move my right hand, I can do some work with my left hand. I can help you somehow.” Zhao Lan busily said.

Hu Changlin refused, but couldn’t stop Zhao Lan. In the end, he could only nod his head and agreed.

The people in the village work in the field to live. They work all day long. If the family was living in a good condition, they will bring some dry foods with them. Once they felt hungry, they will eat some of it. But, if the family was really in a poor condition. They will let themselves hungry for a day, they will only eat at night. Most villagers only eat two meals a day.

“Niang, Hu bo, me and Hu Feng will bring you foods at noon.” When Bai Zhi thought that her mother and Hu Changlin will work all day long, she doesn’t want them to feel hungry.

Zhao Lan immediately waved her hand: “No need, I don’t feel hungry when I work. You don’t need to bring me a meal.” Right now, they don’t have anything aside from those dozens of eggs. She wanted her daughter to regain some of her health, so she wanted her to eat them alone.

Hu Changlin wanted to agree with Bai Zhi if she was really willing to do so. But, when he remembered the empty rice jar at home. And remember that all the crops in the field have just been planted. Hu Changlin could only close his mouth.

Bai Zhi had some thought in mind, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. She just watched her mother and Hu Changlin left the house. Then, she took a bamboo bag and left with Hu Feng.

Along the way, Hu Feng walked in front of her without saying a word. He never even turned back his head. As if he was going up to the mountain alone.

Hu Feng's footsteps were fast. A small c.o.c.kroach-like her was really having trouble to catch up. Her two legs were small and had some injuries, so each step she took was painful.

“Hey, Hu Feng, can’t you wait for me?” Bai Zhi was very tired, so she simply sat down on the ground. She gasped for breath and refused to get up: “I can’t walk, you go on your own first.”

Hu Feng finally stopped and looked back at her. His handsome eyebrows were tightly knitting together: “You don’t have enough physical strength, but you insist on going up to the mountain? Just go back home and forget it.”

This was obviously a challenge and it’s quite useful!

She lived for 23 years in her previous life. She became an orphan at an early age. She didn’t get the love she wanted from her parents. She lived a bitter life. But, did she give up? No, she fought by honing her skills in the field of medicine. And with this, she changed her life and destiny.

Now in this strange world, although her body has changed, she was still Bai Zhi. She will never give up. She must do everything she can to change not only her fate but also the fate of the people she cherished.

Bai Zhi stubbornly climbed up and looked at Hu Feng’s eyes, then lifted an eyebrow.

She gritted her teeth while swallowing the pain she felt and keep up with his footsteps.

Hu Feng also seemed intentionally slowed down his footsteps, so that she won’t struggled like before.

On the side road, there were some villagers working in the fields. One of the big guys jokingly said: “Hey, Hu Feng brought a little girl with him. From afar, it looks like he brought his little wife with him.”

“Yes, yes, I must say, Hu Changlin is really clever ah. Bringing Zhao Lan and Zhi’er to his house to live in is clearly a good deal. Zhao Lan is an expert worker in the field, while Zhi’er, although she was still young, her beauty is like a water G.o.ddess. After two more years, she’ll definitely be as beautiful as a flower jade. How many silver dowry Hu Changlin had save in this marriage ah?”

“That’s right, that Old Lady Bai doesn’t know the depth of her madness. If Zhao Lan and Zhi’er stayed in Hu Changlin’s house for good. Their Bai Family’s fields were only waiting to be drowned by the gra.s.s.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 25

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