Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 248

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Bai Dazhu came back from the backyard and bitterly said: “Niang, why are we eating wild vegetables again? Can't you get something else to eat?"

Old Lady Bai's eyes squinted immediately at Bai Dazhu: "If you are so capable, why don't you get it yourself, and let us taste something else?"

Bai Dazhu then said: “Niang, you have money. Why do you let our family live such a hard life? Can't you take some of it so that we can buy foods?"

Mrs. Zhang and Bai Erzhu also walked out of their room this time. Mrs. Zhang took advantage of Bai Dazhu's words and said: "Big brother-in-law, are you really asking why we are so poor that we can't buy foods and only eating wild vegetables? Look at Xiaofeng, he eats an egg every day to nourished his body. But what about our Fugui and Zhenzhu? Fugui is still growing, but look at how big his body changed recently. If this goes on, his body will collapse."

When Mrs. Liu heard Mrs. Zhang mentioned Bai Xiaofeng's name, she became unhappy: "What do you mean by this second sister-in-law? What's wrong with my Xiaofeng eating an egg every day? He will become a big official in the future. If he won't eat something that can nourish his body, how can he learn? If he is hungry how can he think properly."

Mrs. Zhang knitted her eyebrows and said: "First sister-in-law, since you said it like that, then next year, my Fugui will also go to school. By then, he can eat an egg every day to nourished his body. Otherwise, the two of them will become fools, right? The two of them belong to the Bai Family. So, why Bai Xiaofeng can go to school, while my Fugui has to work? Why Bai Xiaofeng need to eat delicious food, while my Fugui needs to pick wild vegetables?"

Mrs. Liu sneered and yelled at loud: "Why? It's because my Xiaofeng is smarter than your Fugui. Even if your Fugui go to school, what can he learn?"

Mrs. Zhang almost fainted in anger, but she said: "So, it was originally like that. Since first sister-in-law thinks like that, then mark my words today. Next spring, I will send my Fugui to school. If you don't agree, then we will separate from this family. We will make our money and support ourselves. Why do we have to work and support your own son, when my son can't even eat enough foods!"

When Mrs. Liu heard the word separation, she immediately panicked and looked at the old lady.

Old Lady Bai stared at Mr.s Liu, she blamed her for talking too harsh. Mrs. Zhang was not Zhao Lan, who can easily be bullied.

“Alright, alright, you two stop talking nonsense. I haven't died yet, why I always hear this word separation. You two can't wait for me to die." Old Lady Bai coldly said.

Old Lady Bai was trying to persuade, but she actually looked at Mrs. Zhang's eyes. How can Mrs. Zhang not understand it? The anger in her heart fired up again. However, Bai Erzhu, who was beside her, busily said: "Let's not talk about this. Let's think first how our family will survive these days. Our wheat in the fields is still green. There is no rice at home. We haven't eaten much for a long time now. After a few more days, the weather will be cold, no wild vegetables will grow by then. So, what should we do?"

Bai Dazhu also said: "Niang, are you really going to let your family die from starvation? What is the use of saving money if we all die? Are you going to spend it or what?"

Old Lady Bai began calculating inside her mind. She does have some money left in her small box. But, that money is for Bai Xiaofeng's tuition fee. If they spent it now, how will they pay his tuition fee next year?

They can survive up until now because they can dig wild vegetables. But when it’s gone, what should they do?

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 248

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