Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 249

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Old Lady Bai remembered what Mrs. Liu said before. Today, Bai Zhi had called people to dig out their melons on the ground.

Which means, that the melons Bai Zhi planted can now be harvested. All those unrelated people got some benefits, but their Bai family could only watch from afar.

Why should they only watch from afar? That dead grow up this big because she ate rice from their house, right?

Old Lady Bai made up her mind and said to Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu: "You two, go to Zhao Lan's fields tonight and get some melons back to the house."

After it was steamed, the melons can be eaten. And after sprinkling some salt, it will taste a lot better. The important point is, its better to eat melons than to drink rice soup. Moreover, their family can't even afford to make rice soup now.

Bai Dazhu didn't have any opinion. Bai Zhi's melons had long been on his mind. He originally thought to get some of it. His mother's thoughts coincided with him.

Bai Erzhu was a little hesitant: “Niang, do we have to go at night? Can't we go during daytime? I heard there are a lot of poisonous snakes in the field. The snakes usually come out at night. If my brother and I encounter snakes, won't it be the end of us?"

Old Lady Bai sneered:" So, what is your point? You just wanted to eat ready made food? I'm afraid that is not possible. If you don't want to go, let Dabao go instead, but you and your family will not eat dinner."

When Bai Erzhu saw his mother's angry, he closed his mouth. However, Mrs. Zhang felt bad: "If you won't ask for people's permission, that is stealing. You go on your own. Erzhu will not go. Besides, if you really encounter poisonous snakes or beast, you will lose your life just for a few pieces of melons."

Mrs. Liu pointed her finger at Mrs. Zhang: "That's what you said, alright? When Dazhu came back with melons, don't even try to eat one."

Mrs. Zhang coldly said: “If we're not allowed to eat, then we will not eat, it's nothing new." After that, Mrs. Zhang pulled Bai Erzhu and her children back to their room.


Inside their room, Bai Erzhu busily said: "Wife, you are so kind to me, I know you love too."

Mrs. Zhang looked at Bai Erzhu and said in an angry way: "I don't love you, I love myself. You are nothing but a useless husband. If you really encounter a poisonous snake in the field and get bitten, do you think your aging niang will take out money to cure you?"

Bai Erzhu blinked his eyes and pounder, his younger brother and father died because his mother was very reluctant to spend money to pay the doctor. And so, they died in vain. If his third brother was still alive, Zhao Lan will not leave. Those husband and wife were capable enough that they didn't experience hards.h.i.+p that they were suffering now. He only understood now how good it is to have Zhao Lan in the family. He never realize that before.

If only he knew that they will live like this, he will not agree for the mother and daughter to separate at that time.

However, it's too late to say anything right now!

Bai Erzhu shook his head and deeply sighed: "She might not. In the eyes of that old lady, only big brother exists, while I don’t!"

Mrs. Zhang coldly said: “At least you are not stupid enough take the risk. Besides, haven't you seen Bai Zhi's ability? If someone stole her melons, do you think she will not pursue it? If its someone else, she may let it slide, but if she learned that it was stolen by our Bai Family, I'm sure she will not let us go."

Bai Erzhu agreed: “Right, she and Meng Daren seemed to have a good relations.h.i.+p. If we stole her melons, she will not let it slide and she might really report us in the government this time."

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 249

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