Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 260

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However, there was nothing left in the barrel, not even a small piece… …

The same thing to the other barrel, there was no leftover of porridge.

There was no leftover. Because Zhao Lan let Wu Jiang and Li Cheng brought the remaining steamed buns and porridge to their home so that their wife and children could also eat.

Zhao Lan frowned and looked at the two: “What are you doing? Are you robbing our things?"

Mrs. Liu coldly sneered, she threw the thin cloth that she was holding on the ground and said: "What robbing? Can't you see that there is nothing left inside these barrels? What am I going to rob you?"

Zhao Lan didn’t want to argue with Mrs. Liu. She doesn't want to look ugly in front of so many people.

She turned her head to Awu and said: "Awu, let's go back, just ignore them."

Old Lady Bai glared at Mrs. Liu, she blamed her for losing temper regardless of the situation and not considering the consequences. They will ask Zhao Lan for money. They haven't got the money yet, but she loses her temper first. Isn't this the same as blocking their only way?

Old Lady Bai smiled at Zhao Lan and said: "Lan'er, just ignore your sister-in-law, she always had a bad temper, don't mind her. Come over here, I have something to tell you."

Old Lady Bai stretched out her arm to pull Zhao Lan to the side to talk.

However, Zhao Lan avoided the old lady's hand and coldly said: "I have nothing to say to you."

Mrs. Liu pointed her finger at Zhao Lan and said: "Zhao Lan, you shouldn't forget how to be grateful and righteous. If it weren't for the Bai Family, can you live like this today? Can Zhi'er grow so big and safe? Now that Dazhu is in trouble, you mustn't let him die!"

Forget what?

How to be grateful? And righteous?

Zhao Lan wanted to laugh. It's just, she has no interest to talk with these two people. She doesn't want to talk to them. She just sighed and said to Awu: "I will go back first, can you push the cart alone?"

Awu busily replied: “Yes, you go back first, I can do it alone."

Zhao Lan was about to go, but Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu quickly stopped her. Old Lady Bai opened her mouth and said: "You can't go, Dazhu broke his legs and waiting for us to get money to be saved. You can't ignore him. Last time, when you broke your arm, we spent 2 silver coins to cure you, right? Oh right, not 2, it's 4, it's 4 silver coins. Don't you dare to say to you have forgotten about it."

Zhao Lan coldly stared at Old Lady Bai: "I haven't forgotten about it. I also haven't forgotten how my arm was broken and how my daughter almost died in the hands of you two crazy women. You’re here to ask for money? Do you think I'll give you a penny?"

Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu were both shocked. They had never seen Zhao Lan looked so indifferent like this. Her cold face made them felt suffocating.

On the side, when Awu heard those words, he immediately fired up in anger. He didn't expect that Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi, who were so kind, will suffer so much hards.h.i.+p in the hands of these two evil women.

Old Lady Bai reached out her hand to grab Zhao Lan's arm, but Awu stretch his arm and pushed the old lady: "Just speak, why are you grabbing people?"

Mrs. Liu hurriedly helped her mother-in-law, who was almost overthrown by Awu, then shouted: "Who are you? Why are you b.u.t.ting in with our family's business?" She then looked at Awu with meaningful eyes: "It seems Zhao Lan now dislike Hu Changlin, who is old and useless, so she got herself a younger man, right? Are you her new man?"

When Awu heard this, his anger reached its peak. He rolled his sleeves and took a step forward.

Zhao Lan rushed to stop Awu and said: "Awu, just ignore them, they always like to say these unscrupulous words. If you touch even only one of their finger, they will pretend to be sick and say they need to lie in the bed for a month."

Zhao Lan's words gave Mrs. Liu and Old Lady Bai an idea!

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 260

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