Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 261

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Zhao Lan's words gave Mrs. Liu and Old Lady Bai an idea. Seeing the wild man gesturing to Zhao Lan to go. They simply rushed forward and 'fell' on the ground, two steps away from Zhao Lan.

Old Lady Bai, who was half lying on the ground, began her grandiose performance.

“Ouch-oh-everyone, look at this, a daughter-in-law beating her mother-in-law. For heaven sake, my leg, my arm, my old waist. Zhao Lan, you are heartless. I am already in this old age, but you still can't leave me in peace and pus.h.i.+ng me to death? Are you that anxious to see me dead? Someone come, this daughter-in-law wants to kill her mother-in-law… …"

Awu stared straight at the old lady. He didn't expect that she will act like this. They haven't even laid a finger on her, right?

Mrs. Liu propped up her head and looked around. When her eyes fell on the construction site, she saw the worker looking at them, but no one came close. They only stood there and watched as if they were only watching a drama.

She's afraid that she can't count on those people, so she opened her mouth and said: "Niang, you hold them, don't let them go. I will go and find the Village Chief. Zhao Lan injured you. We can't pretend that nothing happened.”

Old Lady Bai admired Mrs. Liu’s quick thinking. This daughter-in-law finally opened her mind.

Mrs. Liu got up from the ground and hurriedly went to Village Chief Li's house.

While Old Lady Bai throws herself and hugged Zhao Lan's leg so that she couldn't go.

She knew it's impossible to borrow money from Zhao Lan, but she can't go back empty-handed. Bai Dazhu's legs must be cured, but without using her money.

Awu was about to pull the old lady away, but Zhao Lan hurriedly stopped him: "Don't touch her. It's better if you will stand farther away from her. You have seen it today, she didn't hesitate to use this method to get money from me."

Awu nodded his head and quickly stood a few steps away.

The next moment, Song Gong, walked closer to Awu with an empty bowl and whispered: "What's going on?"

Awu smiled and shook his head: “Cheating to get money. I and Sister Lan haven't touched even her clothes, but she fell in front of us. She kept insisting that we beat her and the other one went to look for the village chief. Can't they be more reasonable?"

Song Gong put the bowl back in the barrel and patted Awu’s shoulder: “Don't worry, so many people have seen it, how can they succeed?" Song Gong said and blinked at Awu.

Awu immediately understood the meaning of Song Gong. His heart finally felt at ease.

After a while, Village Chief Li was dragged by Mrs. Liu.

From afar, Mrs. Liu screamed at the old lady: "Niang, how are you? Are you okay? Hold on, Village Chief Li is here."

When Old Lady Bai heard Mrs. Liu's voice, she released Zhao Lan's leg and restored her previous posture, then continue her performance.

When Village Cheif Li walked closer, he saw Old Lady Bai lying on the ground. Zhao Lan was standing in front of the old lady.

Zhao Lan’s face doesn't look so good, her heart was very upset. She wanted to kick the old lady a few times, then settle this account and threw a few silver coins.

Zhao Lan took a deep breath. She must not let them succeed. Otherwise, they will use this method again in the future.

Village Chief Li frowned, then asked: "What happened? How did this happen?"

Old Lady Bai stopped crying and said: "Village Chief, you don't know how heartless Zhao Lan is. My Dazhu got injured. I came to this daughter-in-law of mine to borrow some money to treat Dazhu, but she refused. However, she not only refused to lend us money but also beat me. Look at me, I'm injured, I can't get up."

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 261

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