Those Sweet Times Chapter 45 Part4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 45 Part 4

Something called a guilty conscience had awakened deep down in Xiang Nuan's soul.

She had put all her effort into the game and neglected her studies. She even copied other's homework. Now, it was finals! If would be shameful if she failed any of her!

Xiang Nuan decided that she couldn't fail a single cla.s.s!

She uninstalled Kings of Glory from her cell phone immediately and started studying for the finals.

After uninstalling, she sent out a message to her friends: Garbage game, destroys my youth!

Lin Chuyan asked her: What happened to you?

Xiang Nuan: I'm going to have finals. / ( T o T ) / ~ ~

Lin Chuyan: Pat head.

Xiang Nuan: Aren't you nervous? You have finals too……

Lin Chuyan: Our are super easy.

Xiang Nuan: Go away you shameless human being, don't speak to us fairies.

Lin Chuyan: ……

-- --

During finals week, the school provided study rooms for all nighters.

Nanshan University was a reputable school and most of the students were diligent in their studies. But there were always some students who would wait till the last minute to cram.

The school discouraged students from staying up all night and in the past closed the study rooms at night.

But a few years ago, one student went off campus by himself to a 24 hour restaurant to study all night and never came back. His whereabouts were still unknown.

After the incident, the school, out of security concerns, arranged for some cla.s.srooms to stay open overnight.

The Yuanchi campus was located at the north of Nanshan City. It was in the suburbs that had been developed recently. When the school started to build the campus, the land wasn't very expensive yet and the school could afford to build large buildings to accommodate more cla.s.srooms. There were plenty of seats in the overnight study rooms and so students didn't have to arrive early to get a seat.

After dinner, Xiang Nuan went to the market to buy snacks for her upcoming all nighter. Then she went to the cla.s.sroom in high spirits.

She saw Shen Zemu in front of the building.

Shen Zemu was fiddling with a shared bike. He nodded to Xiang Nuan when he turned around and saw her.

“How are you, Xuezhang.” Xiang Nuan greeted him but didn't stop.

Shen Zemu glanced over the plastic bag in her hand. The bag was the cheap kind from the market, transparent enough for him to see what was inside. He could see some snacks and drinks. The drinks were all red bull and coffee for keeping her up through the night.

Shen Zemu gave up on the bike and stretched his long legs to follow her inside.

Xiang Nuan suddenly noticed a figure walk past her, it was Shen Zemu.

“Xuezhang, you're going to the study room too?”

“En.” Shen Zemu heard her question and slowed down to walk next to her.

Xiang Nuan was ashamed to tell Shen Zemu that she was going to the 24 hour study room. To her, it would imply that she hadn't been studying. It would be too shameful for her.

Her wish to hide the fact that she had to spend the night before finals in the all-nighter study room didn't come true as both of them stopped at the door to the same room.

Xiang Nuan scratched her head. It turned out Shen Zemu was in the same boat as her, ha…...

Those Sweet Times Chapter 45 Part4

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