Those Sweet Times Chapter 46 Part1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 46 Part 1

Sitting inside the study room, Xiang Nuan suddenly had one thought.

“Xuezhang, don't you receive a scholars.h.i.+p every year? Why are you here in the all-nighter study room?”

“To make sure I'll get the scholars.h.i.+p.” Shen Zemu answered without delay.

It seemed that it wasn't easy being a high achiever.

Xiang Nuan was going to have her accounting final the next day. When she opened her book, Shen Zemu was being blinded by all the multi-colored highlight streaks on her textbook.

The colorful highlights at least proved that Xiang Nuan was quite serious with her studies. Then why did she come to pull an all nighter?

Shen Zemu was confused.

He soon found his answer.

Xiang Nuan's diligence didn't last long. As she turned the pages, the highlights on the book became less and less and more and more doodles showed up on the margins of the pages. The doodles included some of champions from Kings of Glory, such as Zhuang Zhou, Daji, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, etc……

Shen Zemu was reminded of the message posted by Xiang Nuan in her friend circle, “garbage game, destroys my youth.” Based on what he had observed so far, that message was truly her heartfelt feelings.

There wasn't too much material that needed to be memorized for accounting. However, there were many formulas to remember and she found calculating the answers to be somewhat troublesome. Xiang Nuan wasn't very sensitive with numbers. When she was choosing her major after pa.s.sing the college entrance examination, she didn't really know what she should study and just picked one of the more popular majors. She didn't have much pa.s.sion for nor ill feelings against business management. She approached all her studies following the rules of being a “good student”-- --just like when she was in high school.

In reality, she had gradually forgotten her “good student” att.i.tude about a month after she got into university.

Xiang Nuan figured that it must be because she had met Lin Chuyan. Some of his attributes must've rubbed off onto her since she played games everyday with him. She had turned into the same kind of person who ignored studying.

Lin Chuyan who was at the other campus this moment didn't know Xiang Nuan was mentally bad mouthing him. He felt rather bored while playing because Xiang Nuan wasn't there. In fact, to him, he enjoyed playing the game only because he had played it with interesting people, otherwise the game wasn't fun for him at all……

Bored, Lin Chuyan also picked up his backpack to go study with his roommates at the library. Zheng Dongkai and Maomaoqiu had gotten into an argument over the solution to one problem. Lin Chuyan leaned over to listen out of curiosity. He was able to solve the dispute in a few words.

Maomaoqiu sighed.

“I was wrong?” Lin Chuyan asked.

Maomaoqiu shook his head: “No. I'm just thinking that heaven's given you such talent, why don't you cherish it?”

“I've always cherished it.”

“How have you cherished it? You're so lazy, if you just worked a little harder……”

“You're missing the point.” Lin Chuyan argued: “Heaven is compa.s.sionate. It gives me some talent so I don't have to work too hard. If I try harder, be more diligent, I won't have an easy life then I'll have failed to live up to heaven's goodwill.”

Maomaoqiu was so shocked to hear the twist in Lin Chuyan's argument that he could only mumble: “Mom, I think I've run into some sort of cult.”

Those Sweet Times Chapter 46 Part1

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