Those Sweet Times Chapter 46 Part2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 46 Part 2

Doing calculations always made Xiang Nuan sleepy. After studying for a short while, she started to yawn.

Shen Zemu checked the time on his watch. It was a bit too early to get sleepy.

Xiang Nuan took out a can of coffee from her supply bag. Noticing that Shen Zemu was looking at her, as if he wanted to have a sip but was too embarra.s.sed to ask. She pa.s.sed the can to him.

She was glad that she had bought several cans.

Shen Zemu took the coffee and opened it. The pull tab was sometimes hard to use on these kind of cans.

Then Shen Zemu returned the can back to her.

Xiang Nuan realized he had misunderstood her intention. Though she didn't really need to be pampered like this, she was still impressed by his gentlemanly conduct. She pushed the coffee to him with a smile: “Drink it. I have more.”

“I'm not sleepy.”

“If you get sleepy later, be sure to let me know. I have a lot more of these.”


As Xiang Nuan lifted the can up to drink it, Shen Zemu suddenly stopped her: “Wait.”

“What's wrong?”

“Isn't it too cold?” He pointed at the metal can, remembering the chill when he held it.

“It doesn't matter. I'm healthy.” Shen Zemu pulled the can out of her hand while she was still talking.

He put the can in a mug, then went out to get some hot water.

The coffee quickly warmed up after being immersed in hot water for a short time.

Xiang Nuan wiped off the water on the can and then held it between her hands. The warmth spread from her palm into her heart.

She smiled at him: “Thank you, Xuezhang.” Her bright eyes reflected the lights inside the cla.s.sroom, making them s.h.i.+ne even brighter.

Shen Zemu lowered his head: “En.” He flipped his textbook as if nothing had happened, though it seemed that he was flipping the pages way too fast.

After drinking one can of coffee, Xiang Nuan didn't feel any boost to her energy. She got up to go outside to get some fresh air. She believed that the reason for her drowsiness was from lack of oxygen since there were too many people in the same room.

Though Shen Zemu was looking down at his book, his attention was elsewhere.

After Xiang Nuan left the room, a male student walked over, looking rather suspicious. He walked over to Xiang Nuan's seat and swiftly stuffed a note into her book.

Shen Zemu was fully aware of the whole incident.

After the student left, Shen Zemu took out the note from the book and gave it a glance.

…...Hehe, young men nowadays, it was going to be finals soon and they still didn't miss the opportunity to pick up girls. They deserved to fail their finals.

Shen Zemu tore the note into four pieces with a stone face, then put the torn pieces into his pocket. There was no hesitation or shame in his actions, as if what he had done was nothing but righteous.

A female student came by with her books in arms and bashfully asked Shen Zemu: “Shen Xuezhang, could, could I sit next to you?”

…...Hehe, young women nowadays, finals were coming up and they still didn't miss a chance to pick up boys. They deserved to fail their finals.

Shen Zemu kept his expressionless face and shook his head: “I'm afraid not.”

The girl appeared to be saddened by the rejection. She took a look at Xiang Nuan's seat and asked Shen Zemu: “Shen Xuezhang, are you really going out with Xiang Nuan now?”

Shen Zemu pursed his lips, neither admitting it nor denying it.

The girl understood and left with a broken heart.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 46 Part2

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