Those Sweet Times Chapter 17

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 17

Xiang Nuan: I don’t want a divorce. I haven’t even signed the paper yet.

Xiang Nuan: I’m only saying that Zhuge Liang looks good in this game,
not the guy’s skill.

Xiang Nuan: Don’t get upset, alright?

She got no response. Lin Chuyan didn’t even make any sound on their
voice chat. Xiang Nuan whispered: “It can’t be? Did you actually get mad?”

Lin Chuyan spoke: “Log onto the game.”

Xiang Nuan went back to the game and saw his invitation to team up.

She accepted and said: “I thought you were mad at me.”

“No.” His voice was a bit low, a little unsteady, as if he was…...

They soon got matched up with other Gold level players. Xiang Nuan
instantly chose Zhang Fei as her champion. She resisted and struggled
in the beginning to play Zhang Fei, but each time Lin Chuyan persuaded
her. Later on she would choose him the moment they began to save
herself the usual arguing.

There wasn’t much use wasting words.

Besides, even though Zhang Fei was ugly, it was still a very useful
champion. As a tank support, Zhang Fei had well rounded abilities and
worked well with other champions.

After making her choice, she waited patiently for the rest of the team to
choose their champions.

Lin Chuyan didn’t choose Sun Shangxiang right away. Xiang Nuan was
wondering and noticed that he had chosen Zhuge Liang.

“Ha!” Xiang Nuan snickered.

Lin Chuyan didn’t say anything, it was silent in her earphones.

As they waited for the game to load, Xiang Nuan discovered that Lin
Chuyan not only bought Zhuge Liang, he even bought a skin. Now his
champion was wearing the star trek commander uniform and running
around with his long legs.

Xiang Nuan: “Now, can I say Zhuge Liang is handsome?”

She could hear his delighted laughter in her earphones, it was brisk,
charming, and so pleasant to the ears: “Yes, you may.”

Xiang Nuan thought that Zhang Fei first got hooked up with his sister-in-law
and now would work as a pair with Zhuge Liang, making him look like a
social b.u.t.terfly of the Shu Kingdom…...Uh, never mind, she decided not
to think too much into it.

She moved Zhang Fei behind Zhuge Liang. After only moving a short
distance, she heard Zhuge Liang speak: “Your low IQ is contagious, get
away from me!”

Xiang Nuan: “......” Such a unfriendly line?

Lin Chuyan laughed again, his voice tinted with a sense of victory.

Xiang Nuan: “You’re on your own. I’ll go look for Lu Ban.”

The Bot on their team was Lu Ban, a pitiful champion. Almost all the
champions in the game could bully him. He was indeed in need of
protection from Zhang Fei.

Lin Chuyan got familiar with Zhuge Liang’s abilities after playing a few
unranked normal matches.

Zhuge Liang was a champion who used his pa.s.sive ability to fight. His
pa.s.sive ability was called “Thunderclap”-- --Whenever Zhuge Liang hit
an enemy with an ability, he gained 1 charge of Thunderclap. After reaching
5 charges, he could summon 5 lightning bolts that shot out towards nearby
enemies one after another. If he used his ultimate to kill an enemy, he would
automatically gain 5 charges and the ultimate would have a reduced cooldown……

Zhuge Liang seemed to be a powerful champion.

Though Lin Chuyan felt good about the champion, Zhuge Liang’s abilities
weren’t that friendly towards a new player. The first ability, Ion Blast, was
easy to miss, meaning that he would miss out on a charge. The second
ability, Lightning Strike, required Zhuge Liang to be near the enemy in order
to hit the target. Zhuge Liang was a mage without much protection, it was
dangerous to be too close to an enemy champion…...The only good thing
about this ability was that he could teleport, very useful for running away.

In any case, the player needed both skills and experience to be able to
handle Zhuge Liang well.

Lin Chuyan only played two normal matches before going with Xiang
Nuan into a ranked match.

Then, he turned intelligent Zhege into an uneducated Zhuge.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t bear to recall the process. Anyway, by,
they had dropped from Gold back to Silver.

Xiang Nuan quietly sent over a divorce certificate of Zhuge Liang and
Zhang Fei to Lin Chuyan.

During the week, the roommates of Lin Chuyan, with the help of their
past experiences of playing similar games, used less than 3 days to
reach Gold.

Lin Chuyan coldly glared at them.

The roommates s.h.i.+vered: Sorry, we shouldn’t have!

Those Sweet Times Chapter 17

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