Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

13.) The Protagonist Arrives!

[Deppa–sama, for me, it really should end like that. Everyone is happy and n.o.body is grieving]

[Bu-but it should not go like that, Charlote-sama! To do that kind of thing all over again, it’s so pitiful! Leaving such regret in his heart, it shouldn’t end like that!]

[But if he didn’t, soon things would have led to more sadness…]

Why am I finding such a book discussion group between Charlote and Deppa the moment I woke up? And are they discussing a popular story in this country?

[Uh-huh. But I think it’s such a waste for the protagonist to hide his power! If it was me, I would use it to fight back!]

[Deppa-sama’s will is truly strong. I envy you a bit… I wish I had that kind of strong will]

[Yes! Because beside my strong will, I don’t have anything else! That is what my parents told me!]

I watched the scenery outside while hearing both of them talking to each other.

That single highway surrounded by forest is the only thing that is connecting this city of Yolem and the Kurushu Magic Academy.

I guess that one wagon I saw over there is delivering food to the school.

It was an adult and such a small child sitting in the driver seat. When we pa.s.sed each other, that kid waved to us.

When I was waving back at him, he became so shocked that he petrified.

Hoi, I beg you, please stop acting like that.

Was that because I am so fat? Or because I’m a pig? I’m sad you know.

[Slow-sama. Why did you laugh?]

Charlote is looking at me in wonder.

Even during the journey here, Charlote has never once slacked off. She always sit with an upright position inside the carriage. She is really showing her good upbringing even at this kind of place. And for Deppa, at first he was really tense inside the carriage, but now it seems he became more relaxed. What a good thing.

[This is the first time I saw Charlote having so much fun talking to someone]

When she hears that, her face redden.

[Dening-sama! Charlote-sama is really awesome! Her knowledge is really vast! She knows everything! From popular things right now to those old things, she knows it all!]

[…It’s because I have so much free time. But I never go outside by myself]

Yeah, it was really such a trouble just to bring this hikikomori princess to come out and join me in the eating compet.i.tion.

In the end, [I WANT TO SLIM! I want to be happy, AND WANT TO BE SLIM! In the eating compet.i.tion, to partic.i.p.ate I have to join with my girlfriend, so I need Charlote’s help to join the compet.i.tion, BUT I AM NOT SLIM! I AM A PIG for LIIIIIFEEE!!!!]

Well somehow that persuasion together with tears worked well to bring her out.

By then she saw me with an amazed face while I made such a racket.

[Well, we need to try our best together in this compet.i.tion. Whether I could become macho or not depends on how much Charlote can eat]

[I-I think that responsibility is too much for me…]

[I will help you of course! Let’s try our best together!]

I won’t lose no matter what.

I will take that second place, and I will get that weight reducing pill. For the sake of my plans I need to make some arrangements with the team w

ho will take first place. I won’t bother with the first prize, all I want is to win second place.

Isn’t it such a difficult task, can I even do it? YES I CAN. But it seems Charlote doesn’t have enough resolve yet.

While I’m exuding a lot of fighting spirit, uncle coachman told me it’s about time for us to go.

Sitting leisurely inside the carriage, I watch the green scenery outside the window. There are so many people walking in the highway, how lively.


Suddenly my body is trembling.

I feel a premonition, as if an unbelievable bad thing will happen.


From the window, I saw a pair of boy and girl pa.s.sing us by riding an unbelievable big horse together.

They are going to Yolem with such a speed.

It bring s.h.i.+vers to my spine whenever I imagine that there will be a clash between me and that disaster to successfully change me completely, from the black piggy duke to the white piggy duke.

[Finally, you’ve come]

My body is trembling in excitement.

The one who was controlling the horse is a boy with red short hair. Behind him clinging closely to his back, is a girl with extravagantly curled blonde hair.

[…The protagonist]

When I saw that blazing hot face of Shuya once more, I understood completely.

He is different than the mob character hero Shuya in the past.

That figure just now, heading full speed to Yolem with a smile in his face.

His overwhelming presence, the charisma which attracts people toward him, he didn’t have any of those in the past.

[For now, there is no way I will lose to you]

Alright, I will admit it.

I will admit it. My story won’t progress without you.

I will admit it. My story can’t let you become just a normal pa.s.serby.

But you don’t have place any more in my story.

But if you keep intruding in my story…

With this world as witness, show me your blazing hot resolve.

You, the protagonist!

[I know, I know, I know! I know that all those brave people a.s.sembled in that town want that beauty medicine for themselves! But I won’t lose!! I, I will, I will become the s.h.i.+ning crimson blade of Daris! I won’t lose!! I won’t let anyone beat me to it!! I will be the one who wins the eating compet.i.tion, and after that, that medicine shall be MIIIIIIINEEEE!!!] (stupid Shuya)

That figure is moving fast towards Yolem.

His horse is seen running madly while entranced by that hot charisma.

Even all the pa.s.serby walking in the highway were taken aback seeing that. That Shuya must have the charisma to attract all those people now.

What an amazing voice he used there…

[Eh, Slow-sama? Why are you laughing?]

I am also one of the partic.i.p.ants in that compet.i.tion.

The first place will get a medicine that will make your skin silky smooth.

It was an item that was popular in several different countries, it will immediately sold out whenever it was on sale. From a normal village girl to even n.o.bles, it’s an item everyone wanted in their life.

I was thinking to give it to Charlote in case I won the compet.i.tion.

Ahh, right.

I completely overlooked this outcome.

I never think I would be meeting you guys in this event.

I think that a man like you, a beauty medicine or a weight reduction drug will not interest you.

But it is indeed something you want, my FORMER fiancée!


[Let’s go, Shuya! The thing I want is there! The medicine that will make my beauty go to the next level is in that Yolem city! It’s an item that is really fitting for a beautiful adventurer like me!! Aaaah, I need to get that item no matter what!! Shuya! Hey, Shuya! Make it go faster now!]

[Oi, stop it! Moving around while riding a horse, is dangerous! I don’t understand what you asked me to do so suddenly!]

This boy lives in the second floor of the boy’s dorm, and is also the illegitimate son of a baron.

He was always a hot blooded person.

His trademark is that blazing red short hair of his.

Who was it that called him that first? Hundred shots, hundred bulls-eyes, The Fire Diviner.

I’m just saying, just stop becoming the main protagonist and instead be a fortune diviner.

It will be interesting seeing fortune diviner as the main protagonist.

I shove my face outside the window and as I feel the wind, I can still see the back of the protagonist.

[I know, I know, I know!! Something is gonna happen! Something is gonna happen in Yolem! Something is s.h.i.+ning brightly there! Is it a future rival, or my future companion?! I know it all! I know the beauty medicine everyone wants is in Yolem, I KNOW IT AAAALLL!!!] (stupid Shuya… again)

Ah, right.

This is not just my story.

[Haha! I have finally begun living in that side!]

Shuya, after seeing your glittering face and the sweat you’ve spill, I realized one thing.

In the story up till now there is only the piggy duke, me, there. There is no story telling about the main protagonist at all.

[My true story will start from here on]

For me to become a protagonist without an obstacle is so selfish.

Shuya Nikeln!

I know this is your story about working together with the great fire spirit to save the world!

But the wind in my heart is beginning to coil around.

The piggy duke’s heart started shouting.

Our heart started shouting.

This is my story with Charlote.

I’m feeling elated while watching your back, distancing yourself from me.

I’m not that lonely dark piggy duke anymore, I won’t hesitate to ask for help.

[Charlote, Deppa! Lend me your strength! I can’t lose… I don’t want to lose, I won’t admit losing only to that guy! In the eating compet.i.tion I won’t lose to that guy no matter what, and I will have a complete victory over him!!!]

I stare at this princess, the princess I swore to protect her till the day I die.

When we met for the first time, I swore a vow in the name of world destruction and the raging winds of the great spirit Alt Ange. The vow I said that day was, “—-I will absolutely protect this kid till the end”

And one day my vow and my wish will become one.

“I want to make you happy, Charlote”

[I don’t think Slow-sama will lose when he is this serious. And if you need my power to do that… I will give you my power without hesitation! I am the attendant of Slow-sama after all…!!]

[Slow-sama! Ah, I’m sorry for my over familiarity Deni… No, Slow-sama! Let’s win it! Whether it is magic or this eating compet.i.tion, you won’t lose! After all according to Vision-sama story, you are already the strongest!]

Finally I have become just like a protagonist in an anime, I can feel the starting line that will be coming soon.


For this transformed white piggy duke there is no way I can lose.

This is my own story, this is my time to rise!

For now I will win that eating compet.i.tion! I will show to you, no, I will show you, Shuya! I will show you I was ten times better than you!

My stomach is infinite! Now bow to this fatty piggy duke!

Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 13

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