Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

14.) It Came! The Protagonist’s Event is Here!

We are sitting together harmoniously at a dining table.

This is the first floor of the Deppa’s family’s luxury inn that they manage, it is called “Brown Morning”.

Actually we can take the food to our own room and eat it there, but we decide to eat in this dining room that even the general people could use. There are a lot of guests beside us eating their dinner here, popping their eye out when they see students from the magic academy eating here, on top of that there is a purple line in our uniform which mean we are n.o.bles.

In one of the tables with Deppa and others surrounding him, there are a lot of maids giving their name to Vision, It seems they like him a lot.

I wonder what he did, because he gave me a big smile when he saw me. d.a.m.n you, how come you’re so popular. You just a poor n.o.ble now! You’re not regretting your actions at all!

[Slow–sama! Do you want to see the sword I received from Rokomoko sensei? Should I bring it here?]

He seems very happy after Rokomoko sensei bought him that sword.

From the moment he sits with us, he tries to tell us how wonderful the sword he just received is. I don’t understand it, even if you try to explain it using such strange gestures that looks like a weird dance, it’s impossible for me to understand it. So that’s why, don’t lie to me saying you’re not popular buuu-!

[But can you handle that sword? Aren’t there only a few n.o.ble who excel in sword technique?]

Martial arts and swordsmans.h.i.+p are the commoner’s specialty after all. In contrast, magic and theory are a n.o.ble’s art.

The rare commoner who can use both magic and sword is a priceless treasure. That’s why the magic academy was formed. It was to ma.s.s produce those rare breed who can excel on both magic and sword, that’s also why the magic academy easily accepts commoners.

[I can use it fairly well. Up till now I was only focusing all of my efforts to increase my magic power, but from now on I will train my sword technique and also how to harmonize both of them. Ah, Slow-sama, that meat is mine. You’re still on a diet, so for your own good so you can graduate from your piggy duke t.i.tle faster, as a friend I won’t let you eat another meat]


I glare at Vision. On top of never helping me when I run, now you s.n.a.t.c.h my meat in front of me! Look, follow Deppa’s example! He is always waking up early to join me on my run! Not just that, he make sure to ma.s.sage me after! It’s such a wonderful feeling! Whenever I remember that sensation I can immediately fall asleep!

[Slow-sama! This is the seaweed famous for people that in a diet!]

What… you too Deppa? Let me eat that meat.

[But I never thought that you Deppa, came from such a distinguished family]

The “Brown Morning” was evaluated as a high cla.s.s inn in Yolem. Most of its guest are influential commoners, but sometimes n.o.bles also come to stay in this inn.

There is a small gate placed at the entrance with two people wielding swords standing there as gatekeepers. The people that comes to this inn looks like remarkable persons, so for hogging the entire top floor for mine and Rokomoko sensei’s parties, I ask for your forgiveness.

However, we don’t need to worry about that since Dep

pa’s parents welcomed us with so much pa.s.sion. They never thought that their only son, on top of being a student in the Kurushu Magic Academy, got a n.o.ble as a friend. And when they learnt my name, their bodies trembled. But not long after, they beg me to give them a sign which should have, ‘We will do it seriously from now on’ written on it. It seems they want to use my name as a decoration when my name becomes famous one day. I even say to them that it’s okay to use it now but they refused. They said if they use it now, rather than make their business blooming, it will just make them go bankrupt. They are so cruel… Buu.

[Anyway, where did Rokomoko sensei go?]

[He said he wanted to go for a drink with some acquaintance, I think he will be back at night]

I hope he will still be sober when we met, well it can’t be help.

After that the great spirit-san informed me of the city’s safety.

Meanwhile Charlote whom actually loved to cook, is helping the head chef in the kitchen. She wants to use it as an opportunity to learn more. Looking at how enthusiastic Charlote is helping them cooking, the head chef was impressed by her and happily let her help them out. Yeah, I honestly got fascinated seeing that enthusiastic Charlote.

Well, if we leave it to the great spirit-san, things can’t be more peaceful that they are right now.

I stealthily moved my hand to take the meat nearest to me, but Vision s.n.a.t.c.hes it just before I could take it… Buu…

[By the way, I saw Sarkista’s princess on the city. She is a famous adventurer, and if I remember it correctly, isn’t she Slow-sama’s fiancée?]

[EEHHH?! The princess as a fiancée!? Is that true?!]

The only person who lives in the fifth floor of the girl’s dormitory in The Kurushu Magic Academy, the princess of the Republic of Sarkista.

I the past she seemed so proud to be the fiancée of the wind wonder child, me. But when I started turning into a pig, she didn’t wanted to marry me anymore, so our engagement was canceled.

[…A beautiful adventurer, heee]

The reason she call herself like that and is always seeking out how to become more beautiful is probably my fault.

When we got close in the past, it seems she had some inferiority complex towards me. She then declared to me, that she would become the most beautiful woman in the world, so I could be proud of calling her my wife.

So it was the backlash of that day, and since I became the piggy duke she always scornfully called me Slow the pig. At that time, I was combing her hair from time to time just after she finished her bath, how sad.

It’s as if our engagement only brings her bad memories.

[When Slow-sama becomes no longer a pig, will you consider engaging with her again?]

[No way in h.e.l.l. Oi Vision, you sure eat a lot even though you paid nothing of it, and also your mouth can sure say some really bad things lately. Okay, I have decided, you will be the second generation piggy duke from now on]

Once again I move my hand to the meat. Ah, he s.n.a.t.c.hed it away again. Buu…

[For Slow-sama this seaweed is enough]

[Oi you Mr. poor guy. You sure can say whatever you want lately aren’t you?]

Where is the Vision who said he admired me? Gone now.

[Please think of my feelings who must carry all your belongings while you rehabilitate. And you need to charge up your power, so you can win the eating compet.i.tion after all]

That mountain of food is gone so fast.

While holding back my tears, I begin storing my power for the eating compet.i.tion. (Ed: I HUNGER!)

…No, I really want to eat. In front of me, these guys looks like they are enjoying the food so much! And weren’t all this, things I bought with the gems I have!? Don’t make it look like it’s your own money! d.a.m.n it, bit by bit a dark feeling starts to seep from inside me. Ah, the dark piggy will come back again… Nn?

[… Ah- sorry, I will go back first to my room, there is something I need to do]

Some spirits told me that they have a message for me from the great spirit. It said Rokomoko sensei just got back.

I will talk about my interaction with the wind great spirit-san from now on.

Its requests are simple.

I can show up in the front stage. But the wind great spirit, Art Ange, has to be by my side. And also it strictly instructed me to keep Charlote’s secret hidden as we always do.

Well, I’ve expected that.

After we were done with our talks, the wind great spirit went to Charlote’s room while saying, ’I want to laze around nyaa~, I’m so sleepy nyaa~’.

Good grief, such a self-indulging great spirit you are.

Where is your dignity that you’ve showed in the past? Gone?

Late at night when everyone had fallen asleep, I leave my room.

Now, Rokomoko sensei was alone in his room. He reeked of alcohol when he came back, so I think that he would be still sleeping now. There are only five rooms in the top floor of the “Brown morning” inn, and we both hog them all for ourselves.

After preparing myself, I knock on the door to sensei’s room.

[Okay~. Who is it-, I am drunk-. I’m dizzy you know-]

He heard me. He seems to be in a good mood. But, he’s really drunk right now.

[It’s me. Dening]

[Dening? Which Dening?]

[The pig]

[Aaah, wait a sec-]

Not long after that, the door opened up.

He really is drunk, sensei’s face looks really red. Ugh, he reeks of alcohol, even his stepsare unsteady, no doubt he really had a blast early. More importantly, he only knew it was me when I said pig! What the h.e.l.l was that?! This is why I need to become slim faster! It has been three weeks since I started my diet! My size has become one smaller than before, it won’t be long before I can wear the ma.s.s produced uniform! The biggest one that is! It is almost time for me to graduate from a pig!

[What is it, Dening? I’m really dizzy right now, we should do it tomorrow-]

[Rokomoko sensei. You said it before in cla.s.s right?]

[Ahh, what is it?]

With unsteady feet sensei is looking at me.

[Remember this, 30 times. Sensei, you seems to know what my answer is]

Well then, shall we start the discussion? But it must be right, because it is the thing I did myself.

[…Hee, Just like what that old man said]

When Rokomoko starts laughing, the air around him changed immediately. He took out his cane from his cape. Did he just chanted a spell at me…? What, did he just used magic in this place?! I also try to take out my cane to counter him but is not good, it’s already too late! Tch, I can’t even use Art Ange’s power in this place.

[Ohh, water and earth, become the sacred mud! Bind that cheeky brat! Mix Bind!


My movements became completely sealed with that combination of earth and water magic.

Since I’m bound with this kind of spell, I can’t do anything if I don’t have my cane with me.

I glare at Rokomoko sensei. He just scratched his head roughly while he sighs a bit. It should be me who should do that. I always do things nicely sensei.

[d.a.m.n, you woke me up while it’s still dark outside. I know you are a student but if I go easy on you it would be dangerous for me. This is just an advice, Slow Dening. By all means, don’t solve everything with magic. I’m actually grateful for your help, for what you did to those reckless students in cla.s.s. As a man I owe you a lot. But, that thing and this are different. I’m sure you will answer my question with enthusiasm, yeah]

[…You sure could do it sensei… No, this is not just your power alone]

d.a.m.n it, this is dangerous.

I taste a bit of the royal knight power.

This is not just a normal Mix Bind. He probably took many hours to strengthen this magic combination between earth and water, so it could specially capture a wind magic user like me. But, this is not just sensei’s power alone. A powerful water spirit is lending him power. As far as I know there is n.o.body that could use such a strong water spirit in Kurushu Magic Academy.

…No, there is one person, someone comes to mind.

Come to think of it, there is a rumor saying that the headmaster was the one making Rokomoko sensei work for the academy even though he was a royal knight.

[First a word from the headmaster. I was entrusted with a message from that old man]

d.a.m.n it, I can’t get out of here. Was Rokomoko sensei coming back drunk, just an act? It’s as if he was waiting to catch me off guard. But, it’s still amazing to make me careless.

Sensei is saying ‘ah… ah’, like testing some voice. Buu, it reeks of alcohol. Sensei, so even if you’re drunk you don’t lose your consciousness.

And then, the headmaster is sending me a message? Why he is doing that?

[[The number one trouble maker in the history of the magic academy, piggy duke. No, the degraded wind wonder child, Slow Dening]]

Eh? It didn’t sounded like headmaster’s voice at all sensei. That man’s voice’s is a bit higher than that. But, I know I have quite a record in Kurushu Magic Academy. But, the number one problem child in the history? That’s dangerous isn’t it? Somehow, it seems my image became that of a problem child. Is it that because there is a bet about my recovery, so most people want to somehow see me fail.

[[Let’s just cut into the case. Throw away your facade, let me see the revival of the wonder child—]]


Once again I’m filled with the feeling to come back to my former self!

As I thought, the headmaster was someone who will watch very closely the figure of the world most troublesome child that had his wing clipped.

Why did I think that? It’s because when most people were against my entrance to the magic academy because of my extremely bad reputation, only he agreed to accept my enrollment.

[[—–as the headmaster, I want to offer you to let me take you to a higher stage]]


T-this is…!?

Isn’t this…

…The protagonist’s event?!!!


Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 14

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