House Dad's Literary Life Chapter 10

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HDLL Chapter 10 – Little Girl’s Innocent Wishes


The sound of the old iron gate broke the early morning silence of this building in the village.

Yang Yi opened the big iron gate and walked in from the outside.

He was wearing a tank top, his strong muscles were bulging out of his tank top, and thin sweat beads washed his slightly dark skin like olive oil.

However, there’s something out of place. He was carrying a large bag of small dishes. It looks like O’Neill wearing a floral dress. Don’t even mention how awkward it is!

After entering the room, Yang Yi first looked over to the bedroom, and saw that Xixi was still sleeping soundly on the side of the bed. He just pushed on the quilt and exposed his little b.u.t.t wrapped in his pants, which gave him a slight sigh of relief.

After all, he took the risk of leaving the girl at home and buying food himself.

Whether in his previous life or in this life, Yang Yi’s work schedule is very regular, and because he practiced internal strength in his past life in killer camp, he only needs less than five hours of sleep every day to stay energetic.

Early in the morning, before dawn, when the sky was not yet bright, Yang Yi got up, did jumped rope and grabbed the dumb bells to exercise for one hour (having no other choice since the house is narrow and with limited equipment), and then went for a run to buy food, which he did not dare to delay for too long.


Today Yang Yi did not prepare Chinese style breakfast for Xixi. He planned to change his craft, so he made sandwiches which seemed simple but complicated.

This sandwich is not the kind of cheap goods that can be bought at a convenience store!

Yang Yi is very picky about ingredients. Toast, b.u.t.ter, bacon and veggie ham were all high-quality goods at the supermarket in the imported goods section, which he bought last night when he was shopping with Xixi.

And eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and so on are fresh vegetables he just picked back from the vegetable market!

Bacon, ham and eggs fried in b.u.t.ter, along with lettuce and tomato slices, are laid on triangular toast coated with b.u.t.ter, and then sandwiched with the other half of the toast.

The little girl’s mouth is not as big as the adults. Yang Yi made it thin, especially the toast. Yang Yi almost cut it into transparent thin slices. After stacking them, he pressed it gently until it was only half a finger wide.

But a small amount does not mean cutting corners. Each layer is carefully thinned, to ensure diversity and to ensure that it’s small! With Yang Yi’s craftsmans.h.i.+p, this rich sandwich tastes absolutely not worse than what the senior chef makes in a grand hotel!

The most intuitive feeling is when Xixi eats it with her face overflowing with happiness!

When the little girl was called up by his father, she got up only a little bit.

Yang Yi took the fluffy little girl to wash her hair. After pa.s.sing through the living room, she saw the sandwich on the table. She thought it was the bread that she didn’t like, and she was about to cry with her small mouth.

However, when she took the first bite, she could not stop!

“The sandwich made by papa is so delicious!” Xixi cried out with her mouth full.

Then, before they finished their meal, the little girl took another bite. The delicious juicy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and other fillings’ tastes were like blooming in her mouth.

Too delicious! She didn’t even care about drinking the yogurt that she liked to drink!

“It’s delicious! Papa, I want to eat sandwiches again tomorrow!” When Yang Yi was was.h.i.+ng the dishes, Xixi was so happy like a small oriole singing happily in the forest. She ran over and held her papa’s legs, and said in a spoiled manner: “Okay? Okay?”

Yang Yi thought about it, but shook his head and said sadly, “Tomorrow is no good, your aunt will come this afternoon to pick you up.”

He added, “When Xixi comes to papa next time, papa will cook delicious food for you!”

Really! Yang Yi know a lot of recipes. He wants to show off to her daughter!

However, the little girl was somewhat sad. She grabbed her father’s pants, pouted her mouth and said, “But why can’t papa live with mama and Xixi? Xixi likes to eat the food that papa makes, and mama will like it too!”

Yang Yi’s movements stagnated. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. He really didn’t know how to answer the little girl’s words.

In silence, Yang Yi washed the last bowl in his hand, wiped his hands, squatted down, hugged and kissed the sad little girl, and rubbed her nose against her small face.

Xixi’s skin is very tender and delicate. In the past, Yang Yi preferred to express his affection with his daughter in this way, but at that time, Yang Yi was not used to shaving every day, and sometimes it made the little girl scream.

Fortunately, the present Yang Yi, not only brought his disposition of being picky and a perfectionist in the past, but also treasure his present “peerless beautiful face”. Every morning, he shaved his beard clean, and Xixi did not need to be tormented.

Yang Yi looked at her daughter’s begging little eyes, sighing gently, and said, “The situation of your papa and your mama is very complicated. Papa don’t have the final say if papa and mama will be together. Of course, your mother also has her own difficulties.”

Of course, this is just a consolation. Yang Yi actually doesn’t think much of his relations.h.i.+p with Mo Fei. Although he is no longer the inferior and stubborn Yang Yi before, will Mo Fei change her view on him?

From another perspective, can he accept Mo Fei?

What kind of people are in the entertainment industry?

In Yang Yi’s past life, however, knows a lot about the inside story. There is no shortage of broken matters in the entertainment circles, such as people separating and getting back together, and people having affairs.

Yang Yi may be interested in music, but he likes cla.s.sical music, songs with connotative lyrics, and not singers.

Xixi is still very clever, she put her hand around her father’s neck, and gave him a big kiss. And then comforted her father: “Don’t be sad papa, Xixi likes papa!”

Yang Yi couldn’t help but laugh, reached out and rubbed the head of this sensible little girl.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, there was knock on Yang Yi’s big iron gate.

Yang Yi, who was lying on the bed, turned over sharply. He frowned and looked at the door. In the morning, he took Xixi out to play and came back a little late. The little girl is still taking a nap.

Yang Yi doesn’t need to take a nap, but who made the little girl so clingy?

Fortunately, Xixi slept soundly and didn’t wake up.

But who on earth came to the door?

Yang Yi gently closed the bedroom door and walked over.

The big iron gate was opened with the harsh rubbing sound. Yang Yi was surprised to see a tall and slender white-collared beauty wearing big standing outside the door.

Although the big cover half of her face, there is no doubt that she is an absolute beauty!

Her face is somewhat thin, but is it not the kind of snake face. On the contrary, her chin is somewhat rounded, which looked like the fairy face of Liu Yifei without baby fats.

With this face, even with, Yang Yi can feel the exquisite contours of the other party, the softness of the lines, presumably she will be more beautiful when she takes off her

And her figure is not bad!

House Dad's Literary Life Chapter 10

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