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House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 9 – Mo Fei’s Strange Feeling.

Jiangcheng is a large city with five districts and eight counties. Wuhu District, where Yang Yi lives, is a LC district1. Relatively speaking, that place has a great resistance to transformation, which also makes the slums like villages in the city have the place to survive.

But the newly developed Binhai District, by taking advantage of the favorable conditions of the bordering international metropolis Shanghai, and Jiangcheng’s support for the cultural and entertainment industry, has developed rapidly, and the house price is naturally nearly twice as high as that of Wuhu District, which has become the acknowledged wealthy area of Jiangcheng City!

Mo Fei lived in Binhai District, but she was very busy during this time, and spent most of her time in the company’s recording studio. Today, the recordings took until 10 o’clock in the night before they had to pack up their things and go home.

“Sister, drink some hot water, I also put some throat medicine in it.” Mo Xiaojuan handed the kettle over.

Mo Fei’s beautiful face is filled with weariness at the moment, but she shook her head, and with a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice, she said: “Juan’er, give me the phone, I’m going to call Xixi.”

Mo Xiaojuan reluctantly grabbed her bag and muttered: “She’s all over her dad. Why are you still calling?”

Mo Fei just rolled her eye at her, not having the energy to knock her head.

“Beep…beep…” Mo Fei dial Yang Yi’s phone, which she bought for him. When she thinks about it, she became angry. That man was like a donkey and refused to take it at that time.

Mo Xiaojuan has been saying “to cast pearls before swine”, because Mo Fei bought Yang Yi the best camera phone in the market. And Mo Xiaojuan herself was reluctant to buy one for herself. However, Yang Yi took the phone, but doesn’t use it. And sometime, when he goes to work, he left it at home, making him hard to find.

The phone rang for a while and finally connected. There was a crisp and cheerful call from the phone: “Mama!”

Mo Fei breathed a sigh of relief, her face showed a very gentle smile, which is rare. Mo Fei used to have the t.i.tle “Iceberg Song Queen”, because her appearance is very cold and her emotions are hidden in her heart. Even her fans felt that her smile is very rare.

“Xixi, why aren’t you sleep yet?” Mo Fei asked softly.

“I just came back from the amus.e.m.e.nt park with papa, then Xixi took a bath, and papa is now taking a bath.” Xixi reported like a little spy.

“Is that right? The amus.e.m.e.nt park.” Mo Fei frowned and said. “Did your papa take you to the amus.e.m.e.nt park today?”

It turned out Xixi got her accent from her mother!

“Yeah! It was fun!” She happily reported, “I sat on the Ferris wheel and saw a big airplane…”

Mo Fei listened absent-mindedly, and chime in from time to time.

She doesn’t have any opinion on Yang Yi taking Xixi to the amus.e.m.e.nt park, but is entangles with a question: Where did Yang Yi’s get the money?

You must know that the tickets for the amus.e.m.e.nt park are 200 and half the price for Xixi, which add up to 300! Mo Fei doesn’t care about this little money, but she doesn’t think Yang Yi can get so much money!

If Yang Yi have money, he shouldn’t be living a hard life that he can’t even afford decent clothes.

What’s even funnier is that Yang Yi is very stubborn. Mo Fei wants to give him financial aid but he doesn’t want it.

“Papa said that he would build a big amus.e.m.e.nt park for me!” Xixi can’t wait to help his father take credit and tell her mother about it. “It’s gonna be very big!”

This was also heard by Mo Xiaojuan, who was waiting for her. She laughed disdainfully and muttered, “He’s really good at flattering and coaxing the kid!”

Mo Fei’s idea is different from Mo Xiaojuan’s. She knows Yang Yi very well. She doesn’t know why, but she thinks Yang Yi seems a little different. But as to what’s different about him, Mo Fei can’t tell.

Mo Fei sighed secretly, feeling very complex, then she shook his head, and recovered her mood, and said to Xixi: “Is Xixi happy playing with papa today?”

“Happy!” Then Xixi thought of something, pouted her mouth and said gloomily, “But, but I woke up too late today, I haven’t played enough yet!”

Mo Fei asked, pretending to be disappointed, “Does Xixi not want to be with mama? Mama is sad!”

Xixi chuckled and said cleverly, “I want to be with mama. If mama can come, that would be the best!”

Upon hearing what Xixi said, Mo Fei felt warm in her heart. The little kid seems to be quite sensible! Perhaps children from single-parent families are more precocious?

At this moment, Yang Yi came out after taking a bath. While wiping his head with a towel, he asked aloud, “Xixi, who are you talking to?”

“I’m talking to mama!” Xixi, with her lively and delightful feet, stood on the bed, and with her small hands, raised the phone and responded loudly, “Papa, do you want to talk to mama?”

Yang Yi frowned and couldn’t help but be fl.u.s.tered. He didn’t know how to face Mo Fei. He has his own reasons for worrying, and also the influence of the original Yang Yi’s soul!

In Yang Yi’s memory, his feelings for Mo Fei are very complex. On the one hand, he cares about Mo Fei, because Mo Fei is the only woman he has ever slept with, and Mo Fei is the mother of his daughter!

On the other hand, Yang Yi rejected Mo Fei in his heart, and felt that they were not well matched. Moreover, Yang Yi himself thought Mo Fei had a prejudice against him and looked down upon him.

These complex emotions, to a certain extent, have affected Yang Yi’s judgment. He has not seen Mo Fei, so these unpleasant feelings remained.

“Forget it, papa still needs to wash clothes. Just continue to talk!” Yang Yi said to Xixi.

In fact, because the house is narrow, Yang Yi’s voice also pa.s.sed through the phone and faintly pa.s.sed to Mo Fei’s ear.

It was reasonable that Mo Fei did not want to talk to Yang Yi. The personality of the two before was really like fire and water! She was just wondering whether she should comply with the request of Xixi and say two words to Yang Yi.

And the result was that Yang Yi refused first!

I didn’t say no. Why did he refuse? Mo Fei almost got angry with Yang Yi!

“Well, papa is busy, mama should not be angry!” When the soft voice of Xixi pa.s.sed over, most of Mo Fei’s anger disappeared.

She shook her head with a bitter smile, threw Yang Yi behind her and continued to talk with her daughter.

No matter how small it was, like a lark, Xixi reported what she experienced that day to Mo Fei. And also told mama that papa would also tell her a lot of good stories.

This kind of things makes the strange feeling in Mo Fei’s heart stronger.

Is this the same clumsy and simple yet unreasonable Yang Yi?

“Sister, Sister!” Mo Xiaojuan cried several times before Mo Fei came back to her senses.

“Huh?” Mo Fei s.h.i.+fted her gaze back out of the window.

“Sister, what are you so dazed about?” Mo Xiaojuan complained, “People are telling you about tomorrow’s schedule!”

As if Mo Fei hadn’t heard Mo Xiaojuan’s complaint, she suddenly made a decision: “Xiaojuan, our meeting with Mr. Liu tomorrow afternoon, help me push it for the time being.”

Mo Xiaojuan was dumbfounded. She was puzzled and asked: “Why? It’s not easy to make an appointment with Mr. Liu!”

Mo Fei said firmly, “Why? I’m going to pick up Xixi!”

TN: It was written in the raw as ‘LC’ in English alphabet. So, for those who knows what this mean, please comment on it. Because I don’t know what it mean.1

House Dad's Literary Life Chapter 9

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