Hard to Escape Chapter 29.1

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In my haze of pain, I was fed a pain reliever.

The pain seemed to disturb my thinking. My consciousness felt like it had left my body and floated to a faraway place. Amidst the head-splitting pain, I heard numerous noisy disputes that lacked order and sense. Scene followed scene.

"Her leg has already endured numerous injuries. A fall like this is a catastrophe for her. You still want her to have a nerve block injection and continue dancing? This might be the last performance of her dance career! Is it worth it? It's just a recital. Is there a need to risk it all?" I heard a familiar voice speaking French in an incredulous tone.

"She'll be fine." It was the cold, detached female voice. "She is different from the both of us. She is flawless. She'll be fine."

In my head, a pair of whirling feet were spinning continuously. The feet were powerful and beautiful. They moved with precision, as if they were numb and couldn't feel anything. However, I felt pain by just looking at that beautiful pair of feet. I wanted to scream and awaken from this semi-conscious state.

"If it hurts, don't bear it." In this daze, a calm, steady voice sounded. It was tender, yet strong enough to capture my attention, drawing my consciousness back to my body. The turbulent, black tides of memory ebbed. I felt my hand being grasped in another's palm. It was large and warm.

"You aren't headstrong at all. You're already too quiet and well-behaved." I felt another hand brush my sweat-soaked bangs aside. "You can be even more headstrong. You don't need to apologize to anyone."

I clenched the hand that was grasping mine and soundlessly slept through another night.

The next day at ten minutes past noon, I slowly awoke. I saw Wu Ke's anxious face by the bedside. Roses filled a vase by the head of the bed. The air carried the faint smell of cologne.

Wu Ke visibly let out a sigh of relief. "You've awoken. Luckily it was only the ligament. You'll be fine after you rest for a while. You scared me back there on the stage. Your method was practically insane. Even if you are gifted, you can't just squander it like that."

I smiled apologetically at her and clenched my hands. It was as if I could still feel the remnants of warmth from last night.

It was Yin Li. His cologne was the one I had gifted him. Such a sly man. He knew I didn't want to see him, yet he always reminded me of his existence. He had such propriety, I couldn't bring myself to dislike his behavior.

I rested for nearly a month because of this incident. In this month, I could only diligently watch Frank's DVDs as if my life depended on it. I rehea.r.s.ed every move in my mind.

Soon it would be the casting call for “Only I Dance”. I didn't have much time left.

However, once I confidently appeared again in the studio, something unexpected occurred. Wu Ke started teaching me spins and leaps—continuous fouettes, graceful spins, and pirouettes. Though she was patient this time, I was unable to maintain my balance for long.

When I spun quickly, I always felt dizzy and saw stars. The control I had over my body greatly decreased, making my movements look ungraceful. Rather than dancing ballet, it looked as if I had deliberately went on my tiptoes, lifted my leg, and turned. And even if I performed a decent pirouette, I would still need to rest a moment before continuing with the next move. I was unable to link everything together.

"You should use your b.u.t.t and knees to absorb the force on your toes when spinning. Your spine must be perpendicular to the ground. You must maintain your center of gravity! Don't panic, and don't let your eyes wander."

I was unable to focus my eyes on a point. I always lost focus and unconsciously looked to the mirror to see my body's movements. I became anxious and irritable. The fall made me cautious; I became hesitant due to what had happened.

And at this time, Yin Xuan apparently came to find me.

She arrived in the afternoon, wearing a pair of sungla.s.ses that hid her expression, and sat quietly in the parlor. When she saw me enter, she removed her sungla.s.ses. Behind them, her face was sallow yet she still seemed as prideful as ever.

"I don't know what you said to my brother, but he apparently wants me to withdraw from 'Only I Dance.'" She lifted her head and stared at me. "He requested that I stop all activity in the country. Previously, HT Inc. planned to release a biography to a.s.sist with the marketing of the movie. He rejected that too. He even didn't let me attend any domestic ballet compet.i.tions!"

I stared at her quizzically. "But the 'Only I Dance' production team hasn't said anything about swapping out actors. And what does this have to do with me? This is between you and your brother."

"Precisely. I'm just here to inform you that I won't be withdrawing. My brother and I are two different people. Even if he froze my bank accounts this time to force me back to France, I won't give in."

Yin Xuan spoke through gritted teeth but still controlled her tone of voice. "I came to say one last thing. I only ask that you let my brother go. Don't continue taking advantage of him." Perhaps because she was bringing up Yin Li, her expression softened. "You think he doesn't know you're still dancing? He knows every time that you get hurt! I'll admit, you're capable. You were capable before, and you still are now. My brother can't even watch you dance. He doesn't have the heart to! I don't know how you did it, but the one who wronged you is me. Whatever retaliation you have in mind, direct it towards me. Stop tormenting my brother."

Yin Xuan always acted so righteously. My temper was stirred up and I coldly laughed. "Don't worry that much. I've already got in touch with the French police and their side has begun investigating that year's car accident. As for your brother, his behavior is of his own volition. If he wants to come and be taken advantage of, that's not up to me."

Hard to Escape Chapter 29.1

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